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The most tempting phase of making a purchase has been, and will always be, buying a cheap but reliable product. There is absolutely no quarrel that one will without a doubt opt for a comparatively inexpensive alternative. I mean, everyone loves cheap services and products!

Similarly, while looking for an adequate web-host, an appalling thing for an individual will be the enormously priced hosting plans. For instance, let’s assume that someone successfully finds a suitable cheaper web-host, however its stumpy quality and unsatisfying features will make your head hurt.

Many may think that it is almost unfeasible to land upon a web-host which is not only cheap but supreme in serving utmost quality as well. That’s where we stroll in to strike you with the realization that you are very much mistaken.

Intro of Hostinger

Hostinger has been widely acknowledged for great value for money (see e.g. this definitive guide), endowing world class websites with no limits PHP, mySQL, cPanel & no ads.

Hostinger is one of the only few web-hosts to ensure complete freedom with web hosting platforms provided for over 29 million users in 178 countries and 15K sign-ups every day, that is, one client in just five seconds and 20000+ clients in a single day.

Everything from a successful business or a popular website, Hostinger carries challenges out for their clients with such ease, all thanks to their enticing functions.


Hostinger Hosting Features

#1. Top Notch Shared Web hosting

Like we keep saying over and over, inexpensive yet high quality hosting is made collectively achievable through Hostinger’s premium cloud web-hosting technology. For over a decade, they have provided world class website hosting with PHP, MySQL, FTP and 99.9% server uptime guarantee.

#2. Free Domain Name

Hostinger is not only recognized for being one of the cheapest domain registrars but it is also a fully certified ICANN member. A custom domain name and unlimited website hosting are granted by the means of the all-in-one package. Personal free domains are integrated with every Premium & Business web hosting plan.

#3. Cheap WordPress Hosting

Satisfy your needs and give the most reliable WordPress hosting a go for a small price. Due to the Hostinger’s premium cloud based adaptation, latest PHP7 and NGINX and many other renowned technologies are easily accustomed, which is the result of the top class speed and performance. Hostinger’s custom built Super Cache WordPress hosting software optimizations and new generation SSD hardware is what makes it so unique.

#4. Unlimited Web Hosting

Nearly endless SSD disk space and website bandwidth is surely the most enticing feature endowed by Hostinger.

#5. Easy to Use Website Builder

Hostinger’s website builder is really cool and easy to use. You can choose your template from their hundreds of well-designed website templates, the cost of website development will most definitely be cut in half. Bootstrap a trendy, chic and cost effective website on your own, sans the technical knowledge and get to business in no time.

Hostinger Website Builder

#6. Specialized live support

One of the key features of Hostinger is that they are available to their clients every minute of every day. Hostinger’s in-house support system is always enthusiastic about aiding their clients 24/7 live.

#7. One-click Installers

Hostinger’s One-click installer is that awe-inspiring wonder that does all website installations with a single click. The One-click installer provided by Hostinger is proved to be the cheapest and easiest approach for launching your favorite hostings like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, OpenCart, Prestashop, and hundreds more with a simple yet solo click.


The biggest advantage, along with the splendid quality and reliability of Hostinger, is that it’s effectively inexpensive. There may be many cheaper web hosts in the business, however, Hostinger is difficult to beat. Since smart saving has become necessary for today’s market, they help their smart clients in doing the same.

#1. Shared Web Hosting Plans

Hostinger’s website hosting plans range from $2.15/mo to $7.95/mo.

Hostinger Shared Web Hosting

i) Single Web Hosting
Hostinger’s Single Web Hosting costs $2.15/mo, the cheapest, however, it only grants with 1 website, 10 GB Disk space, 100 GB bandwidth, one MySQL database, FTP server and 1 Email Account with this package. It is fairly adequate for smaller projects and businesses.

ii) Premium Web Hosting
Hostinger’s Premium Web Hosting costs $3.49/mo. It provides almost unlimited web hosting plan with unlimited number of websites + SSD disk space + Bandwidth + MySQL Databases + FTP Users + Email Accounts and easy website builder, not to mention a free domain name.

iii) Business Web Hosting
Hostinger’s Business web hosting plan costs $7.95/mo and it is the best unlimited web hosting plan for multiple stable businesses and sites. The foremost features of the Business web hosting plan are limitless Number of Websites + SSD Disk Space + Bandwidth + MySQL Databases + FTP Users + Email Accounts and Easy Website builder + 5x WordPress Optimized Speed + Free Domain Name (with annual plan) + Daily Backups + Deluxe Live Support + 2X Processing Power & Memory + Free SSL Certificate to secure customer data & increase SEO rankings.

#2. VPS Hosting Plans

Hostinger VPS Hosting Plans

Having to share your web server resources can get pretty exhausting. Although, Hostinger’s Linux Virtual Private Servers aka VPS Web hosting plans range from $4.95/mo to $75.55/mo. Take your deeds into your own hands with the most dominant VPS web hosting that provides cloud infrastructure, dedicated server space, full SSH root and much more impressive attributes.

Hostinger mostly runs great promotional offer, so you must checkout hostinger coupon codes before purchasing any plan.

  • Free website builder
  • Full PHP and MySQL database support
  • 5 times optimized WordPress hosting
  • 100% full file control via FTP & cPanel
  • Platinum BitNinja DDOS Protection ensured
  • SSD website hosting for website speed
  • I didn’t find any drawback in Hostinger, do comment if you find any cons in their services.
Final Verdict

Hostinger has launched over 24,894,152 websites live and every single one was carried out with a lot of ease and excellence. There is undoubtedly no other web host in the market which provides such tremendous features and low pricing plans. With 24/7 live support system, and many enchanting features. Hostinger is one of the foremost web-hosts which is very unlikely to be beaten.

Looking for a cheap & stable web host? I would say, Hostinger is one of the best web host I ever used. I am sure you won’t regret.

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