Hosting Raja Review : Pricing, Features, Pros, Cons & Expert Advice

I seriously don’t understand why people tend to make a huge fuss out of foreign web hosting providers these days. It has become surprisingly convenient for users to abandon their native web hosts in lieu of hot-shot companies from overseas.

I’ve tried so hard to grasp how any Indian could purchase a foreign web hosting package at double the prices, even though an Indian web host would provide the same package with better quality at highly affordable rates?

How is an Indian provider better than a foreign host, you ask? Well, even though a foreign web host has a global coverage, it is only going to serve excellent performance if one of its datacenters in located in India.

Indian web hosts are convenient as they have their servers scattered all over the country so the performance and uptime can be more fast and efficient.

Sure, the Indian web hosting industry is all grey. Amid all the competition and fraudulent companies, it has become excruciatingly difficult to come across an Indian web host which is reliable, trust-worthy, genuine, while also being fully capable of meeting each of your hosting requirements.

I have used a lot of web hosting packages on my websites. So, believe me when I say this; after trying at least a dozen Indian web hosts, you stumble across one that is perfect for your website.

Hosting Raja is one of the perfect ones.

Hosting Raja Intro

Hosting Raja is an Indian-origin web hosting provider which excels in offering premium hosting solutions to small, medium, as well as large websites and businesses. The company has been in the hosting industry for a few years, thus it has successfully made a name in the Indian market.

It has an impressive clientele which consists of well over 1,50,000 thoroughly pleased and satisfied customers. Some of their projects include News11 Live Chanel, Nagpur Railway Police, Karnatak State Apex bank, IIM Raipur, and many more.

Hosting Raja Trust

A hosting company should be trusted by every single user. Hosting Raja has set its priority in customer support to ensure free-flowing of communication between the team and users. As a user, I believe Hosting Raja has taken customer service and contentment to a whole another standard.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at Hosting Raja’s amazing set of features-


#1. Speed and functionality

The first and foremost thing a consumer tends to look in a web hosting package is speed. If the servers are sluggish and slow, the websites hosted on them are going to be heavily impacted by the lag. In result they will perform at a snail’s pace and irritate your viewers.

A web host must offer blazing-fast servers to ensure maximum performance for the websites. Hosting Raja prefers SSD over HDD drives as they are faster and more efficient. The servers are a perfect mix of SSD drives and 15K RPM, the combination which results in remarkable speed.

As far as the CPU is concerned, Hosting Raja optimizes the latest technology available to man. It currently operates on E5-2620 V4 Intel dual processor with16 cores and 32 threads, along with the JS/CSS compression that result in faster loading of pages.

#2. Website Security

Security is the biggest concern of any web hosting customer. It is common knowledge that if you own a website, you pay extra attention to the security and take preventive measures to protect it from any attacks.

Hosting Raja is known as one of the safest web hosting providers in India. The servers are protected with the best anti-DDoS solution available in the market. The standard of security is undoubtedly getting more intense with each day. Hosting Raja’s servers also support RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, and 10.

#3. Free domain and SSL certificate

SSL certificates have become crucial in today’s day and era. If your website is deprived of a SSL certificate, Google will discard it just as one of the many irrelevant sites. In order to make your website more significant on search engines, Hosting Raja is offering SSL certificates free of cost.

After all, it would have been a major bummer if you found out your web hosting package doesn’t even include something as basic as SSL certificate, and that you have to pay extra for it.

Not just SSL, but Hosting Raja is also offering one free domain name for startups. You no longer need to exert yourself with domains; Hosting Raja will grant you a perfect one which fits smartly with your business.

#4. Excellent 24/7 support

When it comes to pleasing the customers, Hosting Raja steals the limelight. Assisting customers and sorting their queries with utmost patience is a responsibility not many web hosts can live up to; but Hosting Raja lives up to it well.

The team of Hosting Raja consists of proficient individuals who are dead-set at providing the best hosting experience to the users. The team replies to your questions kindly and maintains a perfect balance of being professional and friendly at the same time.

Hosting Raja’s customer service is available to you throughout the day and the team isn’t known to respond right away, but once you get a reply, you hold their attention until your query is sorted.


Web Hosting
Hosting Raja has three web hosting plans; Starter, Silver, and Gold. These plans can be availed at ₹45/mo, ₹85/mo, and ₹161/mo respectively.

Hosting Raja Pricing (Review)

Premium Web Hosting
Hosting Raja has three unlimited hosting plans; Unlimited, Premium SME, and Premium Corporate. These plans can be availed at ₹204/mo, ₹226/mo, and ₹287/mo respectively.

Hosting Raja Premium Plans (Detailed Review)

VPS Hosting
Hosting Raja’s VPS hosting starts at just ₹549/mo.

Dedicated Servers
Hosting Raja’s dedicated servers are starting at ₹3299/mo.


  • 99% uptime response
  • CMS support for Magento, Drupal, WordPress, OpenCart, etc.
  • RAID secured servers
  • Cache optimized and Inbuilt cache
  • PHP 7.2 and MySQL 5.6 support


  • Support takes at least 5-6 hours to respond

Final Verdict

Well, this sums up our detailed review of Hosting Raja. Truth be told, it is one of the most powerful and reliable Indian hosts in the market as of 2019. I’ve had the pleasure of coming across it’s services and after hosting my website with the premium plans, I have no intension of migrating to any other web host anytime soon.

In my opinion, Hosting Raja is definitely worthy of a shot. It has everything a decent hosting provider must have; speed, uptime, support, and affordability.

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