Hootsuite Review 2016 – Ultimate Social Media Management Tool

Social Media, I think everyone heard of it, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for creating Facebook, which has been a storm on the internet. Social media is a tool or a platform in which all of them share their ideas, knowledge, feelings, etc. in their virtual communities. Some of the social media platforms are Facebook, YouTube, Stumbleupon, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest there are many more.

Social media has raised many eyebrows by its interface for contact and exchange of information along with a platform for business advertisements and campaigns. Many Internet marketers see social media as an opportunity to enhance their growth. By using social media effectively, you can be an overnight star. Remember Psy from Gangnam style video with record-breaking 2 billion views. This is the perfect example where you can be anywhere in this world, but if you use social media perfectly, then you can turn to be a superstar.

What is Hootsuite ?

There are numerous social media platforms in internet world, and all are important and constitute something or the other to a particular network. You can’t miss out on a single social media platform. Managing all these numerous social media is a burden in this time constraint life, so here is a platform (precisely a tool) which will make these works with social media easy and hassle free.

hootsuite review 2016

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Hootsuite is a Social media management system or tool (SMMS/SMMT) which will manage all your social accounts on a single platform. This will be pretty helpful for managing all your social networks and the works related to that like scheduling a message, measure ROI, etc. Hoot suite will let you connect to over 35 popular social networks and all these from a single panel.

Features of Hootsuite:

hootsuite review 2016

i) Engagement:

User engagement is the one thing which will gain you more followers to your social account and will, in turn, increase your sales and conversion rate. You can see many top brands will respond to queries when posted in Twitter that will make that brand much more responsive solving queries and which, in turn, increases the user engagement. Hoot suite engagement will help you to cover audience all around your social profiles and will help you to reply them all with a single click and also track the progress, with an option for pre-written responses and scheduled messages.

hootsuite review engagement feature

ii) Analytics:

You have announced something in your social profile and how you know about the statistics of how many of them saw that announcement and how many engaged with them and how many clicks? With Hootsuite social media analytics will measure all your core analytics related to everything you will do in social media profiles. So, now you can track all the user activity of different social media platform on a single screen.

iii) Apps & Security:

In HootSuite dashboard, you can install extensions related to your work and monitor them from one single dashboard. This is a handy feature which will allow you to handle more from a single panel. Mail chimp, Survey Monkey, are some of the Apps associated with HootSuite.

Security is primary in every aspect and hoot suite will make sure that your social media accounts are secure and avoid hacks or prevents malicious files from uploading. HootSuite handles all these factors correctly.

iv) Mobility:

You can access HootSuite from your PC and also from your Smartphone. They developed App for Android and IOS devices. You can now use this social media management tool from your Smartphone, which will make sure you don’t lose anything related to your social life even when you are on the move.

Sign up for a Free 30 day trial of Hootsuite Pro

Plans & Pricing:

There are 3 plans associated with HootSuite. Free, Pro and Business Plan.

i) Free Plan:

The free plan is handy, but as it is free, it will come with some limitations. It will be associated with 3 Social Profiles and some Basic Analytics Reports with Message Scheduling features to it. For individuals who are starting out this will be helpful and as your journey of Internet Marketing goes on you can shift to premium plans.

ii) Pro Plan:

Pro Plan is for Entrepreneurs, owners & consultants who wants to increase their social reach in their field. With Pro Plan, you will have access to Up to 10 Social Profiles and 1 Enhanced Analytics Report with Bulk Message Scheduling and can associate with 1 Team Member and will be given access to Premium Apps.

Free 30 day trial is available for this plan.

iii) Business Plan:

Business Plan is for the larger community with features like Up to 50 Social Profiles and Real-time Analytics with Content Management Admin, which can be accessed by 5 Team Members along with Social Media Certification and Vanity URL with 24/7 Priority Support and Set-up & Training.

The trial period is 30 days and that too only for PRO plan, so you can work it out.
hootsuite review


  • Can manage all social profiles
  • You can schedule updates (tweets, posts, images, etc.)
  • Can be accessed from mobile through Hootsuite Mobile App
  • Social media analytics can be known.
  • Excellent support and tutorials.


  • Can cause some image problems while posting in Facebook.
  • Takes some time to get used to interface and terms.


Hootsuite offers you more handy features that you need to maintain your social media profile active and interesting. This tool will be helpful to start-ups which are fighting for their place and to increase their reach but need some time to learn about the features.

Still Hootsuite provides that ooze to your social media, so this will make it pros overcome cons and will reduce your work burden in social media.

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