Hide All IP VPN Review – The Most Lightweight VPN Available Today

You know what a VPN is, don’t you?

Whenever you want the maximum online security, or you want to stay anonymous for obvious reasons, you must seek the help of a VPN service. It helps you protect your online privacy by masking your identity, mainly your IP address.

Many countries impose certain limitations on the internet users like P2P ban, website blocking etc. Moreover, some services aren’t available on specific countries too. On both the cases, you can make use of a VPN service to get rid of these limitations.

Here I am going to review a VPN service; that is Hide All IP.

Hide All IP Review (Intro)

Truth be told; I accidentally stumbled on the website of Hide All IP. Honestly put, it isn’t much elegant. Still, I went on downloading the software. And here the review comes.

Hide All IP VPN Review

First, I want you to read the impressive features of Hide All IP.

Features of Hide All IP

The following are the impressive features of Hide All IP that I found.

#1. The Lightweight VPN Ever

For your information, I have used more than half a dozen VPN clients in the past. Most of them go beyond 20 MB in size. Considering the features they offer, I thought it is impossible to compress everything into a much smaller size.

But now I know the compression is possible. Hide All IP weighs only a few bytes over 4 MB. And, it includes tons of features as well. So, you won’t have to wait so long after hitting the download button.

Moreover, it doesn’t take much time to finish the installation as well.

#2. Availability of a Portable Version

I hope you are familiar with portable software versions. In simpler terms, portable software versions eliminate installation from the picture. You can run any software using portable versions without installing them.

Hide All IP has a portable version that you can load into any removable media device. Once you copy the file into it, just plug the device into a computer and access the VPN (Hide All IP).

#3. Changes Your IP Address

If you ask me what the biggest threat for your online privacy is, I can’t help myself from saying IP address (Internet Protocol address). Sneakers can unveil your identity with the help of your IP. That’s why you must hide your IP address when you indulge in something sensitive.

Here, Hide All IP doesn’t hide your internet protocol address. Don’t worry! But it does serve the purpose.

Instead of hiding, it gives you a fake IP address which fools the people who try to trace your online activities.

#4. Encrypt the Data

We all know the fact that our ISP monitors the online activities we do. That’s how the governmental authorities arrest the people who do cyber crimes.

In case you don’t want them to know what you do online, the best method is to install a VPN service. Once you establish a VPN connection, they won’t get an idea of what you do.

Here in this case, Hide All IP encrypts both the incoming and outgoing data packets using two different encryption methods; RC4 and RSA 1024.

These helps you keep your activities onto yourself that no one can peek into your doings.

#5. Zero Logging Policy

Some VPN services record the activities of their customers. It will create major issues when they hand over such details to a security agency. I know some VPN providers who proclaim about zero logging and do the exact thing behind the scene.

But here, Hide All IP works completely on the anonymous basis with zero logging. All they store is your account details and payment information.

#6. Remote DNS Lookup and WebRTC IP Leak Prevention

A VPN uses a third-party DNS to stay away from the monitoring of ISPs. But sometimes, your browser forgets you have a VPN setup that it directly connects to your ISP’s DNS server. It will create privacy issues. Hide All IP has no such errors as it has remote DNS lookup.

WebRTC is a technology used in real-time communications. One can uncover the IP address of users even with a VPN service. But WebRTC IP leak prevention helps you stay safe in this regard as well.

#7. 30 Days Money Back Policy

A money back policy ensures our money will not get wasted in case we don’t like a service. Hide All IP offers a money back policy lasts for a whole month.

You can also make use of their three days trial period. I hope it is enough to test their service. Moreover, the first month can also be seen as the trial period.


There are not many pricing packages unlike other VPN services. You have to pay $29 to use their service for a year. You will get unlimited email support and online privacy for that price.

Hide All IP Pricing

The website says they support more than forty- five payment methods that you can use.

  • 150+ servers
  • Lightweight
  • 3 days trial period and a month money back policy
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Zero logging
  • Supports TCP and UDP based apps
  • The timer to periodically change your IP address
  • HTTP tunnel technology
  • Availability of portable version
  • Safe browsing technology
  • Automatic suggestion of suitable servers for gaming
  • The UI could have been even more elegant
Final Verdict

According to me, it is one of the best VPN services ever considering the price, lightweight nature and cost to features ratio.

You can avail a trial period of three days. So what are you waiting for? Just download the software and start using it. I am sure that you will purchase it once the trial period ends.

If you have any queries regarding Hide All IP, don’t forget to scribble down the same into the commenting section down below.

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