Growcer Review : Multivendor Grocery Ecommerce Platform

Sitting at home and believing that your favorite, trusted, and nearby grocery store owner will deliver what you need for the coming week is a luxury thought. Yet there are people working towards realizing this vision. Businessmen today understand what the situation and times demand and setting up grocery marketplaces such as Instacart, Good Eggs, el Grocer, The Fruit Box, that bring our own neighborhood retailers online.

If you are among those who have made up their minds of launching such a grocery marketplace, you have landed on the right page. I will review here a product that caught my attention with the solution it provides and the outcome it promises.

Growcer is a hyper-local, multi-vendor eCommerce grocery platform that is an answer to all your queries for launching an online grocery business. The turnkey solution is an immediate launch-ready software that helps bring to prominence and realization the vision and ideas of entrepreneurs and businessmen looking to enter into the online grocery marketplace league.

With Peapod, Cornershop, Arabind and FreshDirect fast becoming popular household names, and with the dynamics shifting more and more towards e-commerce, the demand for marketplace solutions is at the top of the list. Groceries and everyday household goods are the most sought after to be ordered and received at home.

Growcer offers a complete package with buyer and delivery mobile apps, distinguished features like multi-cart, multi-currency, order tracking, commission calculations, and many more, that make management and execution an easy affair. So if you are looking to become a marketplace owner who can bring on-board offline grocery retailers giving them a new channel to connect with their customers, Growcer is your one-stop solution to achieve your destination.

We will talk about our product and how it is best suitable to start an ecommerce grocery business.

Targeted Audience: Entrepreneurs, SMBs, Large enterprises, VPs of logistics/ operations, and other stakeholders in the retail industry.

Growcer Intro

Growcer is an online grocery marketplace software solution built by FATbit Technologies. The company is known for its catalog turnkey software and e-commerce solutions catering to various domains and industries. Their solutions have been solving pain points like online store & website development, inventory management, CMS, admin handling, logistics & deliveries, and marketing & branding. Rich with these features, their software solution, Growcer, for launching online grocery retail or marketplace, has been making a great impact.

Growcer is the turnkey solution that accelerates go-to-market, launching the business in minimum time. Saving on your personal efforts and speeding up the entire set-up and marketing efforts, Growcer is a go-to solution for realising your grocery marketplace vision.

Let me take you through the features of this hyper-local marketplace solution.

Features of Growcer

Growcer comes to its owner, packed with a multitude of attractive features that tend to make the entire process of launching a grocery marketplace, a piece of cake. Sophisticated and efficient features for each stakeholder, admin, seller, buyer, and delivery staff, along with mobile applications for both seller and buyer, make Growcer a solution of choice for any prospective online grocery business owner.

A detailed peek into the features, stakeholder-wise will definitely bring you on-board with the reason why this product is gaining popularity.

#1. Marketplace Owner Features (Admin)

Marketplace Owner Features (Admin)

The marketplace owner or the admin of Growcer receives a complete solution, ready for launching a systemized grocery marketplace. The pay once and own-it-all solution is one of the best options to set up your marketplace with. As the admin, you get more than what you expect.

Complete control of all activities along with a systematic view of the analytics on your platform to help you make informed, quick, and better business decisions.

Growcer offers these features to the admin or the marketplace owner:

Growcer Multivendor Grocery Platform

  • Product Catalogue System
  • Seller Approval & Management
  • Reports & Statistics
  • Currency Management
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
  • Delivery Staff Management
  • Commission & tax management
  • Multiple revenue channels
  • Subscription packages management
  • Multiple levels of administrative access
#2. Seller Features

Growcer Seller Features

The seller or the vendor on the marketplace is the primary factor contributing to the success of any online business. When you launch your grocery marketplace with Growcer your sellers are awarded distinguished features that help them connect with their customers better and with much more to offer. Creating a channel that enhances the business for them as well as improves the quality of service they provide to their customers is possible with Growcer.

Some of the key functionalities available for the seller are:

  • Shop Management/Vendor dashboard
  • Order Cancellation/Refund Requests Management
  • Pin Shop on Map
  • Subscription Plans
  • Wallet Management
  • Banner ads
  • Delivery slot management
  • Bulk import/export
  • Reports
#3. Buyer Features

When anyone chooses to order their groceries and everyday home supplies through an online channel, the first thing that crosses their mind is to reach out to a local retailer, for prompt services. With Growcer, they get to define the area within which they wish to shop for their groceries, choose stores of their choice, and shop form any store within that boundary. A dedicated buyer’s mobile app allows them to further explore better, expanding their reach and convenience, every time they pick up their phones to shop.

Some unique features that make Growcer powered marketplaces a favorite among buyers are:

  • Multi-cart
  • Click and Collect
  • Growcer Detailed Review

  • Delivery Schedule
  • Growcer Review

  • Order Tracking
  • Auto-detect user location
  • Product search
  • Guest-user checkout
  • Order substitution
  • Multi-currency
#4. Delivery Staff Features

Every person joining a grocery marketplace as a driver enhances the spectrum of services offered by the admin as well as the vendors to the customers/shoppers. Sorted and convenient functionalities that help manage roles and responsibilities better, as well as enhance efficiency make Growcer a definite marketplace launchpad. The drivers can now choose their orders within a defined radius, view all details so as to plan better and update the status to keep aware of the progress of everyone involved in the process.

Features that keep drivers efficiently managed with your marketplace professionally sorted are:

  • Profile Management
  • Define Radius
  • Route Navigation to Sellers’ & Buyers’ Location
  • Delivery Order Management
  • Multilingual
  • Accept or reject the order
  • Click and call to both sellers and buyers
  • Dashboards
  • Convenience of operating
  • Order cancellation
  • Push notifications
#5. Mobile Apps for Buyer & Delivery Staff

Mobile Apps for Buyer & Delivery Staff

Buyer Apps
Marketplace solutions have uplifted the experience and definitely added convenience to people’s lives. Especially amid the pandemic, when people felt insecure going out to shop for their groceries, online ordering and home deliveries were a breather. Growcer as a grocery marketplace solution offers ready-made buyer and driver mobile apps.

These apps add to the value of the solution with promptness and improved management. Location detection, listing buyer details, route navigation and many more such attractive features that scale up the marketplace operations and services. The users, sellers, buyers as well as the drivers are all well equipped and part of a stable marketplace ecosystem, delivering satisfaction at all fronts.

#6. Marketing Features

As you launch your business as a grocery marketplace owner, the first thing you want to do is spruce up the marketing so as to spread the word. Growcer powered marketplaces offer to execute various models for marketing for admin as well as for vendors.

Among the different marketing propositions available like giving sellers the opportunity to display their products and store banners on the marketplace home page, Growcer offers marketing models that help enhance business visibility.

Become an Affiliate: Bringing on-board marketing affiliates who can promote your grocery business is one of the engagement models that could add marketing assistance. They help bring more people onto the marketplace, explore sellers and their offers, finally engage and shop there.

PPC Module: The PPC module contributes to marketing as well as revenue generation. As the admin or owner of the grocery marketplace, you would definitely want to be a part of the success. With store banners on your marketplace homepage, everyone who lands on the portal is inclined towards availing the attractive offers. As soon as they click the banner to view, as per subscription plan or agreement between the admin and the seller, an amount gets credited to the admin from the vendor’s account/wallet.

These modules not only support your revenue stream, but add to the popularity of your platform for applying different approaches.

#7. SEO Features

Growcer comes equipped with built-in SEO management features for the business or marketplace owner to easily begin the digital marketing journey as well. With shortcuts to manage meta tags, URL rewriting, google tag manager, blog integration and many more such features. SEO related activities can be carried out on the platform itself, without any third party support needed, making you independent on all parameters.

Other Benefits of Growcer

#1. Customizable : Being a turnkey solution, ready to launch online grocery businesses, Growcer holds immense scope to be totally customized into a marketplace of your choice.

#2. Scalable : Begin with a pint and scale up to a complete pitcher is Growcer’s moto. It provides you the leverage to begin your business with a minimalistic approach and expand as per traction and demand.

#3. Free Technical Support : The product with such proficiency and developed on an entirely client-centric approach comes to you with a year of free technical support. Aiding entrepreneurs with a smooth launch and vendor on-boarding is one of the key reasons to walk the path with Growcer.

#4. Lifetime Ownership and Self-Hosted Solution : Unlike other grocery ecommerce software on the shelf that come with subscription, operational, and cloud hosting charges, Growcer is a turnkey solution hosted on the server of your choice with complete ownership.

#5. 15+ pre-integrated APIs (apart from it- others can be integrated at an extra cost) : A fully loaded solution infers to being ready for different applications and different functions to be integrated. Growcer has more than 15 APIs integrated, playing a vital role in the smooth running of the online grocery marketplaces launched on it. There is still scope of more functionalities that can be added to enhance the experience of users coming onto the platform.

#6. Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency : A global product, Growcer sets up businesses capable of transactioning multiple-currencies and communicating in multiple-languages. This supplements the existing features and allows it to maintain a local touch for consumers around the globe.

Other than grocery platform, the solution can also be used to start:

Not limiting its application boundaries, Growcer can be customized into doing a lot more for a variety of ideas like setting up businesses for pet food, vegan food, nutritional supplement e-commerce, beauty & personal care products, and online meat & seafood delivery also.

Final Verdict

When looking for a solution that will help you set up a grocery marketplace that shall serve people the way a local neighborhood grocery store should, Growcer is a definite pick. From healing pain points related to admin control, catalog and product management along with enhancing the last mile delivery, Growcer comes as a complete grocery ecommerce platform.

So if you are on the path to build an online marketplace that has the locals’ favorite and trusted grocery retailers on board to supply their everyday home essentials at their doorstep, Growcer is undoubtedly your one-stop-solution.

You can get a personalised demo from the sales team of Growcer or can explore it yourself.

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