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One of my readers commented that it had been a while since I have written a new web hosting review. This got me to thinking and indeed, it was time to write one. I have experimented a little with four web hosts over the last couple of months. Two of them were downright rubbish and the other was pretty decent.

However, there was only one web hosting provider which stood out to me and I even renewed my package with them before it ran out. The web hosting provider goes by the name of GlowHost. I’m sure you must have heard of it on other review sites.

I’m not going to lie; I don’t usually stick to one host for long as most of them are always keen to disappoint me. There are only very few providers with which I host my websites and blogs. It’s a good thing I found GlowHost when I did. The quality is top-notch and premium hosting performance is yet to let me down.

Let’s just get on with GlowHost’s review, shall we?

GlowHost Intro

GlowHost was founded in 2002 and after being in the web hosting market for well over 16 years, they have a lot to offer. From small blogs to large businesses, GlowHost provides premium hosting solutions to websites of all nature and sizes.

It is considered one of the most renowned US-based hosting companies and has over 18 datacenters located all across the world. The cost-effective approach of making the website experience more remarkable and steady is what makes GlowHost better than an average host.

‘Ordinary’ is not something the team believes in. Instead, GlowHost leaves no stone unturned and pulls every string possible to provide utmost satisfaction to the users.

Without further ado, let’s discuss the features GlowHost offers:

GlowHost Dedicated Hosting (Detailed Review)

#1. 100% Network Uptime Guarantee

Of course, the first and foremost thing one should look for in a web host is the uptime response rate. You wouldn’t want to purchase a hosting plan with a standard web host and then uncover that your site wouldn’t even open.

Why does that happen? Well, the server on which the provider hosts your website is responsible for keeping it online too. If the server is down, then it’s no surprise that your website will be offline as well.

GlowHost’s team states that it guarantees a 100% network uptime SLA as well as other guarantees. These guarantees are also backed by an industry-leading 91 day money back policy.

#2. Excellent support

The support has to be one of the things I liked best about GlowHost. I was impressed with their support before I even purchased the hosting package. I had a little query in mind regarding the installation and whether it would suit my website or not. I decided to contact the team and was pleased to notice that they replied within minutes. After being hosted with them, I paid heed to their average response time. Whenever I had a query, I immediately hit them up. The highly professional team always tends to reply back within 20 minutes. Their response time is lower than most expensive web hosts I’ve tried in the past. GlowHost definitely had me in its favor thanks to the support.

#3. Exceptional Network

GlowHost has 18 data-centers in locations such as the USA, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, and many more. The scattered data-centers all across the globes easily qualifies for providing excellent speed. The compliance and uptime security is pretty decent in all data centers and each of their servers are monitored strictly. Other than that, GlowHost also has Cloudflare’s CDN solution enabled which allows GlowHost’s servers to produce lightning fast loading speed and brilliant uptime. They offer Railgun included as well.

The servers are never offline and, even if there is any question, GlowHost has multiple redundancies in place including data, power, and cooling. This ensures your site is up and running – always.

#4. Instant migration

If you’ve ever had to switch hosts before, you’d be aware that it’s not always pretty. Migrating your website from one host to another means removing your entire data from one server and planting it over another one. Not to mention the fact that many web hosts tend to mess with the migration, with some data being lost in the middle.

GlowHost takes care of the entire process of migration, from top to bottom. I was anxious about transferring my files with GlowHost. I wasn’t fortunate enough and have seen a few migrations go drastically wrong. The last thing I wanted was to lose my data.

GlowHost safely copies all the files, emails, databases, etc and transfers it all to its own servers without so much as a nuisance.


GlowHost Pricing (Reviews)

Shared Hosting
GlowHost’s shared Hosting is starting at $4.95/mo.

Dedicated Hosting
GlowHost’s semi-dedicated is starting at $49.99/mo. GlowHost’s fully dedicated servers are starting at $129/mo.

Reseller Hosting
GlowHost’s reseller hosting starts at $24.95/mo.

Business Hosting
GlowHost’s premium business hosting starts at $49.99/mo.

Elastic Site
GlowHost also offers Elastic site hosting which boasts that same features and power as a virtual dedicated server but without the management headache, starting at $13.49/mo.

  • 1. 300+ pre-installed apps
  • 2. EPA certified green power partner
  • 3. Free McAfee Secure
  • 4. Free migration
  • 5. Free SSL certificate
  • 6. CloudFlare CDN
  • 7. Easy-to-use cPanel
  • Not the cheapest host
Final Verdict

Hands down, there are other web hosts out there with much more enhanced and state-of-the-art technologies. Those web hosts, however, are ridiculously expensive. There’s no point of paying a fortune when you can get the same premium hosting solutions at more considerable prices at GlowHost.

I’m not saying GlowHost can fit into the category of being ‘cheap’, per se. Though when you take into account their amazing uptime and blazing-fast speed, I’d say they’re surely better than their competitors. After being in the hosting market for a very long time, GlowHost has a lot to brag about.

The support is brilliant and the response time is surprisingly pleasing. You get free migration and SSL certificates, the servers are lightning-fast and the security is pretty rigid and blocks DDoS attacks quite naturally.
GlowHost definitely comes amongst the top 10 web hosts I’ve ever tried. Do give it a try and let me know what you think.

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