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You are tired, aren’t you?

You want the best web hosting. Since there are hundreds of options available, you got confused. So, what should you choose?

Here in this article, I am reviewing a not-so-popular hosting provider, named Fresh Roasted Hosting. Let’s have a look at whether or not it can satisfy a customer.

Fresh Roasted Hosting Review

Fresh Roasted Hosting is an independent hosting solution headquartered in Harrisburg, US.

Features of Fresh Roasted Hosting

The following are the features you get by purchasing FRH.

#1. Free Domain

I know you expected this. Free domain has become a custom of hosting providers. Most of the people with a shoelace budget go for shared hosting. Means spending $15 per year for a domain may look expensive to them.

That’s the reason FRH gives away a free domain. You can choose any domain you like. The best thing about getting a domain from Fresh Roasted Hosting is that you won’t have to juggle between different websites to manage both your hosting space and domains.

For basic plans, the company provides an annual free domain. When it comes to higher plans, they will give it away free forever.

#2. Free SSL

You know what SSL is. Yeah, Secure Socket Layer. When you visit sites with SSL, you will see a secure badge near the address bar of the browser. Google Chrome has started displayed unsecure label for the sites without SSL as well.

I prefer all my sites to have an SSL certificate. If you want your site to be truly secure, you have to spend tens of bucks every year for each website.

What if you get it for free? Yeah, FRH gives it free for you. They don’t make it available to you for free with all the hosting plans. When it comes to shared hosting, you get the chance to grab a free SSL certificate with the most advanced plan only.

#3. Unlimited Domains and Email Addresses

Not every one of us can buy a new hosting plan whenever we start a new site. For the same reason, we try to host multiple websites using one plan. I have seen many people getting stuck due to the fact that they purchased hosting, which didn’t allow them to host more than a single site.

Don’t get yourself into the same trouble. If you have a plan to host multiple sites using only one hosting plan, you can blindly purchase FRH. You can host unlimited sites whatsoever.

A custom email address is the symbol of digital professionalism. For example, [email protected] looks much more professional than [email protected]. It may look silly to you. Trust me, a lot of people give value to the professional email address.

Most of the hosting providers don’t allow unlimited email addresses. You don’t feel it has any problem in the beginning. But as your team grows, you need many email addresses. Then, the lack of such a feature will create an issue. Luckily, Fresh Roasted Hosting allows you with unlimited email addresses.

#4. All-in-One Hosting Services

Suppose you want to switch your hosting. If your site gets significant daily hits, you may not like going with a shared hosting plan. There arises the need for an advanced hosting that has the capability to withstand your traffic.

Don’t worry! FRH has shared, virtual, semi-dedicated, dedicated, and reseller hosting. So, you can choose one plan according to your requirements and the budget. Once you feel the necessity to upgrade your hosting, you can go with a higher plan without hoeing a tough row.

In case your plan doesn’t gift you a free domain, you can purchase one from Fresh Roasted Hosting too.

#5. Easy-to-Use cPanel with One-Click App Installers

You might know that the cPanel or control panel is the toolbox of your website. You can manage your hosting, email addresses, and do much more with it.

Fresh Roasted Hosting comes with an easy-to-use cPanel. The features are organized in an easy-to-pick manner. So, you don’t have to wander around aimlessly whenever you want to do something on it.

Inside the cPanel, you can find a one-click application installer. Once you use that, you will find about 250 web apps to be installed including WordPress. The installation doesn’t need an expert hand; neither does it take too much time as well.

#6. SSD Storage

We are living in a fast moving world. Nobody likes sluggish things. The same applies for web hosting too. You have to make sure that your hosting provider does justice to the price they charge by giving you with a fast server.

FRH uses Solid State Drives instead of regular Hard Disks so that your visitors never feel like they wait to get your site loaded.


For a hosting provider, pricing varies from service to service.

Fresh Roasted Hosting Review (Pricing)

Shared hosting plans start from $4.99 per month and it can go up to $14.99 for the most premium plan.

When it comes to VPS hosting, the beginner plan costs you $14.99 per month. They have five different plans in the same category.

The semi-dedicated hosting plan, superior to VPS initiates from a price of $24.99 per month. The fourth and the most advanced plan will cost you $69.99.

Dedicated hosting begins with a plan of $159.99. Even though they have four readymade plans, you can contact them to get a custom one.

If you want to make money selling hosting, you can go with their reseller hosting. It only has the price of $9.99 for the lowest plan. They have multiple plans for this.

You can transfer your old domain to FRH or register new ones too. They follow the standard pricing for the domains.
Four different SSL certificates are available. The first one has a price of $19.99.

  • Free domain
  • Unlimited domains and emails
  • Different types of hosting
  • Free SSL
  • SSD storage
  • Easy-to-use cPanel
  • Round the clock support
  • No money back policy
  • Shared hosting is a bit pricey considering the specs
Final Verdict

So, what did you decide?

Do you want a hosting provider? Are you disappointed with the ones you use earlier? Why shouldn’t you try a new one?

Give FRH a chance.

They have got impressive features as you read. So, you will not regret it.

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