FPTraffic Review – Grow Your Facebook Page & Monetize with FPTraffic

You might have wondered multiple times. How people get tons of likes and engagements on their Facebook pages? In case you know digital marketers who have many FB pages, you may be spellbound by the way they manage those.

Have you ever wished for a magic wand that turns yourself into an FB page managing expert? Don’t worry! I have got one named FPTraffic.

FPTraffic Facebook Page Managing Tool Review

You know it! It is almost impossible for only a single person to manually manage all the many pages he has. That’s where the importance of FPTraffic kicks in.

As all the reviews I published go, let’s have a look at the features first.

FPTraffic Features

Features of FPTraffic

Of course, there are many features I can share about FPTraffic. What you will read below are the significant ones.

#1. One-Stop Place for All Your Facebook Pages

I know what you may think now. You have got Facebook Page Manager app for that. Then why should I recommend this one?

Truth be told, FPTraffic arranges all your pages in an uncluttered manner that you love. Moreover, you can add unlimited pages unlike most of the other third-party page managing solutions.

The UI designers have done the job pretty well to come up with a convincing interface for the tool.

#2. Direct Image Finder

How do you post images on Facebook? First, you find the images from a web source, and then you publish or schedule the post, right?

Apparently, you need to visit multiple sources to get the job done. What if you want to do everything from a single dashboard? Well, FPTraffic is here. It has got an API, which looks for images from Tumblr and Bing. So, you can find it from the page managing interface and publish whenever you want.

#3. Post Scheduler

You know you should keep the Facebook page active. The issue arises when you can’t spend much time in front of PC updating your page. That’s where FPTraffic keeps your hopes up.

When you finish adding all your pages on FPTraffic interface, you can directly schedule text posts or it is possible for you to find relevant images and publish them onto the pages you administrate. On the other hand, FPTraffic allows efficient scheduling as well.

So, you need to look after the pages only once a day or week given that you schedule the posts for the time you being offline.

#4. Page Stats in a Comprehensible Manner

Everyone, let alone digital marketers should analyze the statistics of their work to figure out the return on investment and the areas where more work is needed.

FPTraffic presents the page stats in an understandable manner. They arrange every detail in a table in which you can find the number of new fans, page views, etc. on a day-by-day basis.

The best thing about FPT is they update the stats very often that you won’t see any difference between the stats on the official Facebook website and the tool’s dashboard.

#4. Increase Your Subscribers with Giveaway Tool

You love giveaways and freebies, don’t you? So do your Facebook audience. You can increase the number of likes, engagements, and even the number of subscribers using the giveaway tool of Facebook.

Creating a giveaway isn’t a hassle. You have to select the FB page, enter the URL of the page, give the name of the gift, an image of it, and the steps needed to enter the Raffle. Once the giveaway goes up and running, FPTraffic will give you the list of people, who completed all the steps you determined. Then, you can choose a random winner.

The best thing about the giveaway tool is you can link your Aweber account with it to get the subscribers out of the dashboard to engage with them outside FPTraffic.

#5. Reach out to Maximum People using Inbox

You know what a newsletter is, don’t you? Most of the blogs have a newsletter, which when subscribed to, you get notifications on email about their new posts.

You can set up a similar one using a tool on FPTraffic dashboard named Inbox. Your fans won’t feel you are spamming their inbox. FPT will only send a single email per day. That one includes the insight of all the posts you do that day.

You don’t have to pay anything extra to send emails or grow your subscriber base. Once you sign up for FPTraffic, it will do everything to make you an influencer in your niche.

#6. Free Facebook Tips and Tricks

FPTraffic has a blog where they regularly publish the methods to make the most of Facebook. You can refer to the guides getting posted there to get maximum engagements, post likes, and obviously, monetize your fans.

FPTraffic Guides

I hope you don’t want me to tell you that the Facebook fans can be monetized.


You need to pay $10 per month to use FPTraffic. What do you think? Is it expensive?

Taking the features into the consideration, I don’t think FPTraffic is an expensive one. What do you think? You can share your thoughts in the comment section below.

  • Giveaway Tool
  • Decent pricing
  • Free tips and tricks
  • Direct image search feature
  • Easily available page stats
  • Nothing as such
Final Verdict

Do you want to make money out of Facebook? You know you should grow a solid fan base to get started with it, don’t you?

If you don’t have many hours to spend on Facebook, you must sign up for FPTraffic. It will never make your Facebook page a deserted place. Moreover, you can increase your fans, post engagements, and subscriber count with the help of different tools inside it.

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