FoxyUtils Review – The Ultimate PDF Toolset for Free

Don’t you know what the popular document format is?

Yeah, it is Portable Documents Format aka PDF.

Creating a PDF file is not a walk in the park especially when you want to do it by converting a word file.

Sometimes, you have to convert PDF to different formats.

I know different tools are available for the above processes. But switching between different software is tedious. And when it comes to PDF toolsets, almost all of them are paid.

Don’t worry! I have got something to cheer you up.

About FoxyUtils

FoxyUtils was started as a continuation of Merge PDF. The amount of positive response Merge PDF got made the people behind it come up with a collection of Portable Document Format tools.

FoxyUtils Review 2016

Today I am going to review FoxyUtils to find it’s legible or not.

Features of FoxyUtils

Are you ready to check out the features of FoxyUtils? Here we go!

#1. A Dozen of Tools

As I said earlier, you don’t have to use multiple tools if you go with FoxyUtils. They have about half a dozen PDF services for you. The fairly good number of tools makes it easy for you to stay at one place and avoid the inconvenience of going back and forth in case you want to do multiple PDF tasks again and again.

Their tools are:

  • PDF to Word
  • Word to PDF
  • PDF to Excel
  • Compress PDF
  • PDF to JPG
  • JPG to PDF
  • PDF to ePUB
  • ePUB to PDF
  • Merge PDF
  • Split PDF
  • Unlock PDF and,
  • Split PDF

Isn’t this a lot?

FoxyUtils Features

#2. No Downloads

Do you think FoxyUtils is a desktop app?
No, it’s not!

Software can cause multiple issues in compatibility, admin access etc. But being a collection of web apps, FoxyUtils knocks the socks off the competition with no such problems.

You can visit their website and use accordingly. It may take a while according to the size of the file you upload.
If you use computers in café or library, you will really need this toolset. No downloads, no installs, just the plug and play!

#3. Available for Free

I know a few of the PDF toolsets with a lot of in-app services. But almost all of them come with a price tag on it.
Not all of us can buy paid computer software. That’s where FoxyUtils gets the significance. They have made everything available for free.

Yeah, you heard it right! You don’t have to pay even a single penny to use all the twelve tools. No trials, no demos, no payments at all!

You can visit their website, choose the tool. There you go!

#4. Chrome Add-ons

If you want to have another convenient mode to carry out PDF operations, you can try out their Chrome extensions. Unfortunately, they haven’t rolled out plugins for all the browsers that you will have to be disappointed in case you are not a Google Chrome user.

The links to download pages of browser extensions are not available on the homepage. You can view them on the top-right portion of tool pages (like PDF to Excel, Word to PDF etc.).

The add-ons minimize the number of steps involved in the conversion. Downloading it will give you a dedicated button for the purpose. So, the task will become direct.

#5. No Sign-ups Required

When I heard about FoxyUtils for the first time, I thought it is paid. Once I came to know it’s free, I supposed at least a sign up is required. But I was all wrong!

Though they have login and signup links on the website, you don’t necessarily have to be their registered member to use any of the tools listed above.

Then, why do they need us to sign up?

For processes involving files of large sizes, you have to log in. Say you have to use PDF compressor. If your file is over 200 MB, you should be a registered user to finish the process.

#6. Security is at its Best

You have to transfer files between your computer and their server. If the transfer is not encrypted, chances are your files can be stolen.

But it doesn’t happen as all the transfers are encrypted with a secure https connection. Moreover, they don’t keep our files. FoxyUtils iterates that they keep on deleting the users’ files once the output is delivered.

#7. Supports Multiple Languages

You can clearly see a drop-down menu on their website with English as the default selection. Clicking on the same will uncover the entire menu with 10+ languages.

If you feel it awkward to use the website in English, you can select a convenient one from the list. As the website is improving, you can expect support to more languages in future.

#8. Environment- Friendly

Though the entire services are free of costs, they do care about environment a lot by donating a tree to Plant A Billion project for every 5000 operations.

Their website has a few ads, which never blocks users’ convenience. I think that’s the only way (other than donations), they get some monetary weight.

Pros of FoxUtils
  • Free of costs
  • No signups required
  • About a dozen tools
  • Availability of browser add-ons
  • Secure transfers
Cons of FoxUtils
  • Being a collection of web apps, you can’t carry out the process offline.
Final Verdict

What do you think now?

Isn’t it the best free PDF toolset?

If you ask me this question, I can’t help but favor FoxyUtils. You are getting twelve PDF tools without spending even a dime. Spending time with their services by converting files revealed me that the tools are worth our time.
So you can definitely try them out without any hesitation. The only defect is not-available-online issue. But I don’t think it will affect you much.

So why are you waiting? Just visit FoxyUtils website now and bookmark the same for future uses.

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