Ether Mailer Review : Pricing, Features, Pros, Cons & Expert Advice

Did you know that e-mails are core features which could help companies to build their customer base rapidly? Email marketing is, as a matter of fact, a crucial step companies take in order to lure their clients and make them aware of their services.

If one creates a very relevant and smart email, it could entice the customer when they read it. However, email marketing isn’t as easy as it seems. You have to edit emails and send them to appropriate contacts. It gets really tough since if you seem too persuasive, your email could end up in Junk, or worse, in Spam.

You need an elegant tool which develops smart emails and sends them to the targeted audience. You need to spread exactly the right message for your business and I couldn’t come up with a better solution than Ether Mailer.


Ether Mailer is a powerful online email marketing tool which is renowned for creating effective and professional newsletters with much ease and superiority. It helps you boost your sales by attracting just the right customers in just a few simple steps.

Ether Mailer Review (Integrations)

Ether Mailer is a company dedicated to helping both small and large sized businesses from all over the world. Their services are cost-friendly and ultimately effective. This tool is specially designed for companies which are aiming to initiate vast and highly successful campaigns.


Ether Mailer Review (Features)

#1. Drag and Drop Editor

The most resourceful feature offered by Ether Mailer is definitely its Drag and Drop editor. It makes the tough job much even easier for you. You will just have to add content blocks which are useful to you and you will see positive outcomes coming in rapidly once you’ve mastered designing campaigns.

It is effective for showcasing your products or services in the most accurate way possible with all the relevant content that is right for your sales.

#2. Contact Import and Management

Ether Mailer’s import feature is just brilliant. It allows you to add thousands of contacts to your mailing list in a few mere minutes. Through this feature, you can easily import, upload, and manage your subscriber list steadily. After all, more subscribers efficiently equals to more sale.

Manage your contacts by sorting them into different categories so it would be easier for you to target your audience more precisely. You can segment custom fields such as Gender, Company, City, Website, etc.

#3. Subscription Form Editor

There is a certain necessity of Subscription forms in email marketing. It plays a very crucial role in building your client base since a subscription form is the very thing which ultimately helps in increasing the email lists and reaching out to the customer.

Ether Mailer allows you to add a premium subscription page on your website in order to attract your viewers to subscribe to your newsletters. You can simply collect the users’ signups and start building potential customer base more conveniently.

#4. Remarkable Email Creator

Ether Mailer is providing a feature of email editing to design splendid looking emails with utmost ease and clarity. It helps carry out high-level campaigns professionally. Use Ether Mails’ email editor and start designing smart templates as per your organization’s style and preference, and the rest will be taken care for you.

Ether Mailer ensures the most relevant newsletters are being carried out; therefore, you are assured to witness definite and positive outcomes.

#5. Easy HTML Editor

You certainly don’t have to be a tech geek to use Ether Mailer’s HTML editor. It’s uncomplicated and effortlessly simple. If you are an advanced user you get access to the HTML and CSS which allows you to customize anything over your newsletters personally.

This is especially effective if you’ve got massive creativity skills up your sleeve, and you are willing to take them out to execute it, then you’re on the right path to success.

#6. Relevant Targeted Groups

I’m positively happy to say that Ether Mailer carries out exactly the proper campaign tactics. There is nothing to fret about having inappropriate audience and subscribers in your mailing list. Ether Mailer initiates in a way to assure their customers that only the preferred groups are targeted, and the right message is always provided to the right people.

Target groups will aid you to convey significant messages to only those people who are to derive some gain from your company.

#7. All-time Monitoring

Ether Mailer allows you access to keep track on your campaigns through the real-time and handy reporting. You can monitor the statistics and make sure everything is being executed as smoothly as you had planned. These insights also support you in maintaining complete authority over your marketing campaigns.


Ether Mailer Pricing

One of the good things about opting for Ether Mailer is that they are offering several pricing options. All of the packages are varying in order to be considerate to all sizes of companies.

Ether Mailer’s pricing plans are ranging from €10/mo to €875/mo. Each plan is offering different amount of contacts and emails. You can simply go for the one best suitable for your business.

To check Ether Mailer’s pricing plans in detail, click here.

  • Simplistic interface and management
  • Free good looking hosted pages
  • Relevant content of emails
  • Premium security and spam check
  • For small and large companies both
  • No auto-responders
Final Verdict

According to me, every organization is in need of online marketing. In order to initiate effective campaigns which will bring massive sales and profit, you also require an adequate approach to email marketing. The best way to optimize that approach is Ether Mailer.

I’ve tried this remarkable email marketing tool and I can proudly claim that it is by far the best Mailing solution I’ve ever come across. It instantly grows your mailing list and attracts the most relevant subscribers with much excellence.

It’s smart and it’s easily affordable. What else can you ask for? I highly recommend Ether Mailer, and I think this is a deal worth making. I can guarantee you wouldn’t be disappointed.

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