eShopsGalore Review (2016) – Best eCommerce Store Builder

No, it’s not a Herculean task!

You won’t have to sit before the computer for infinite hours and write hard-to-digest snippets of codes that go on like the Pacific Ocean.

If you have set yourself to start an e-commerce website, I have a solution to aid you in the process of developing without getting your hands filthy by the codes.

I hope you are on a shoestring budget to hire a developer who charges $$$$ for the development.

Then, what should you do? Read on further to checkout.

Introducing eShopsGalore

eShopsGalore is a one-stop place for aspiring e-commerce business owners. They are promised in giving a seamless solution to create online stores and sell your stuff like a cakewalk.

I know you are impatient to explore the features of eShopsGalore. So without further a do, let’s get into the business.

eCommerce Site Buider

Features of eShopsGalore

Restricting their features into a blog article is a mammoth task because they have many. But let’s try to show their major features here.

#1. No Transaction Fee

The major problem with most of the e-commerce site builders out there is their whopping transaction fee, which results in zero ROI for the site owner.

But eShopsGalore didn’t incorporate unreasonable charges for the service you give. You pay them the price, make the website, collect orders and earn the cost of the product without submitting the forced fee. That’s it.

So, you will get the entire profit (excluding the tax amount).

#2. Buyer Friendly, Feature-Rich Sites

Take any prolific e-commerce site as the model and consider a custom-made online store for a comparison. Does it have all the customer-friendly features like printable invoices, sales reports, and multi-language support to name a few?

A straight NO. Only if the comparison doesn’t involve eShopsGalore.

Yeah, the company has integrated a large number of buyer-friendly features to be included in every store made from their site builder.

Shipping weight calculation is one such feature that automatically calculates the weight of the delivering package to show you the transportation charges. And, it avoids unnecessary confusions that may sprout in your mind.

Multiple payment gateways are another such feature. I have seen many custom-made shops with only PayPal as the mode of payment. If your aim is to make money, you should not limit the payment gateway to one or two. (PayPal has 188 million global accounts whereas the number of e-commerce buyers in the US itself is 211 million).

As in every online shop builder, you can enable star rating and review system here as well. Multi-currency support and tax rates reduce the bounce rate by keeping the potential buyers in the loop.

Best eCommerce Store Buider Features

#3. Possible to Offer Downloadable Products

Here comes the great news for bloggers.

Do you want to sell an e-book? Don’t know how to create a site and incorporate necessary features to automate the delivery on accepting the funds?

Then, eShopsGalore is the best thing to you as it comes with a feature to integrate your digital product to the sales page.

#4. Live Chat

A live chat button on an e-commerce site is a necessary addition with which, people can reach out to you or your team for clearing their doubts. You don’t have to worry about adding one on your store as eShopsGalore gives you a ready-made one.

#5. Discount Coupon System

Don’t tell me you hate product discounts! Everyone loves it and eCommerce titans use the desire for discounts to make more sales.

You can also try out the same strategy using the dedicated discount coupon system of eShopsGalore. The gift card system is yet another remarkable feature.

#6. Extensive Knowledgebase

Their website has a knowledgebase section showing each and every aspect of creating an online store using the site builder.

Even if you get a doubt, the documentation page is more than enough to solve them within no time.

#7. Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Usability determines the easiness of utilization. Hence, you must consider it whenever you buy anything.

Here the dashboard of eShopsGalore resembles a WP blog dashboard and you won’t find it hard to use all the options there.

#8. 24x 7 Support

You are about to indulge in a serious business too after investing your hard-earned bucks.

Having doubts or confusions is common. In case the knowledgebase is unable to solve the problem in your particular situation, you can contact eShopsGalore’s customer support. The live chat button on the right-bottom part brings your concern to the assigned person.

It is possible to reach out to them from the Contact page as well.


They have four different plans of which the last one involves direct contact with the team.

With the first and second plan, the number of products is limited (up to 100 and 1000 respectively). The third plan doesn’t have any limitations regarding the number of products. On the other hand, all the features are present within all the plans. But for the last, Enterprise Plan, everything is different. You get outsource management options and a lot more.

eShopsGalore eCommerce Builder Pricing

  • Responsive customer care
  • Feature-rich dashboard
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • No transaction fee
  • Mulltiple currecncies
  • Backup & restore
  • Search engine-friendly
  • Related products section to make your audience stick to the site.
  • Unlimited storage
  • Multi-language support
  • 30 days free trial period.
  • I don’t think there is any cons to use eShopsGalore. (You can share your feedback in comment section)
Final Verdict

What do you think about it as a wannabe-eCommerce-businessman?

If you ask me, eShopsGalore is one of the best e-commerce site builders out there and, it’s the rarest regarding zero transaction fee too.

The pricing is not even close to its competitions. If you take the price to features ratio, you can’t help but press the Buy button from their site.

They have 30 days free trial period. So get yourself out there, create an online store and earn profit. You will end up getting multiple orders on the same day if done well.

What are you waiting for? Do it NOW.

Help me spread the word with a simple click on any of the sharing buttons.

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