Duty Free Hosting Review – One of the Best Web Hosting with 5 Data Centers

In the digital era, it is important for any business owner to have a website. When people need to know about something, their go-to-place is the web.

Oh! Don’t you have an official website for your business? Are you thinking of starting one?

You know you want to buy hosting, right? When it comes to purchasing a hosting plan, there will have confusion. There are tons of hosting companies on the web. How do you know which one is the best to go with?

Don’t worry! I am on a mission to review all web hosting providers on my blog. Today, I am reviewing Duty Free Hosting.

Duty Free Hosting Review

As you might have guessed, Duty Free Hosting[DFH] is fairly new to the business, established in 2008. Let’s find out whether they are worth buying or not.

Features of Duty Free Hosting

The following are a set of at least 10features I found enticing about Duty Free Hosting.

Duty Free Hosting Review(Features)

#1. Choose your datacenter from 5 global datacenters

Duty Free Hosting offers you the choice ‘at signup’ of hosting your website[s] on any of their 5 global datacenters.
They currently operate datacenters in;

  • USA – Steadfast, Chicago IL
  • UK – Maidenhead, Berksire UK
  • AU – SIS Group, Sydney Australia
  • BG – Telepoint, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • FI – Ficcolo/Pori, Findland

So no mater where you are located on the planet you can host your website[s] on fast servers within a ‘state of the art’ datacenter nearest you.

#2. Installation of your chosen software

Also when signing up for your hosting plan, Duty Free Hosting offers you the option to install your chosen software saving you the time and effort.
You can choose from over 40+ software programs including, CMS programs like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla etc. Plus Ecommerceprgrams, image galleries, blogs, forums, guest books and mailing lists.

#3. Free Website Transfer

What if you have a site and you want to migrate to Duty Free Hosting? Do you think how awful it is to transfer your website from one host to another for the first time?
Sometimes your images may look broken. And, you have to deal with the permalink as well. Do you think you are able to pull it off?
Don’t worry! Duty Free Hosting helps you transfer your website from other host to their servers. How awesome is that?
You sit back, relax and enjoy the process behind the scene.
Note: some sites like WIX websites for example, can’t be transferred due to them being created with the hosts ‘in house’ software.

#4. Various Types of Hosting

People develop websites for different purposes. Some people need a site for their websites, some for their portfolios and some others for making it a blog.

As the purpose changes, the reach also differs. An official site of a business may not want a powerful hosting as a popular blog, simply because the latter gets loads of traffic than the former.

That’s exactly why Duty Free Hosting provides you with different types of hosting. They offer shared, VPS, dedicated, and semi-dedicated hosting.

Moreover, you can also buy domain names from them. Isn’t it the best to manage both your domain and hosting from a single dashboard?

You know Google give preference to sites with SSL certificates, don’t you? The interesting fact is Duty Free Hosting sells those as well.

#5. 1 Click Install – Site Builder with Templates

I reckon web designing is havoc in terms of effort and money. If you insist on doing it on your own, you will find it hard given that you know no coding.

In case you want to hire a professional to develop the design, it will cost you loads of money. That’s where the significance of Duty Free Hosting’s 1 click install website builders kicks in.

Install popular programs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShopand dozens more for free, with simply 1 Click of your mouse.

They also provide hundreds of free templates as well. Using those, you can design a site altering the necessary elements.

#6. Multi-domain hosting.

Do you have more than one website to host and are currently paying for a hosting plan for each?

Duty Free Hosting can save you a lot of money by offering multi-domain hosting plans where you can host all your websites within the one plan. That also means one easy login to access all your sites.

For example their Business Plan allows you to host up to 5 websites and currently costs only $6.99 USD per month and a Corporate Plan, which allows an unlimited number of websites to be hosted for only $10.99 USD per month.

#7. Easy to use control panel.

Unlike most hosts who use cpanel as their web hosting control panel – Duty Free Hosting use what they claim is the much easier to use Hepsia control panel.
Everything is laid out in an easy to find and use format, requiring only the one login to manage your websites, email accounts, ssl certificates and domains and more.
Their control panel also boasts help topics within every section to guide you through operating all aspects of your online site management.

#8. Free Domain

Yeah, you get a free domain! A top level domain name costs at least $15 per year. That would add up to the cost of hosting for even half a year. People behind Duty Free Hosting know that may look expensive to you.
So, they offer a top level domain with their multi-domain shared hosting packages. You get to choose any domain and any extension. Moreover, it would be awesome managing both your hosting and domain name as well.
Sadly, they don’t offer a free domain with their Starter Plan – but at under $40USD per year – this plan is cheap enough to buy a domain when registering.

#9. Free Dedicated IP Address

For every VPS hosting plan you buy from Duty Free Hosting, they will give you a dedicated IP address. It will help you stay not affected by the wrongdoings or bans of other sites of the same server.
Most of the hosting providers ask you for additional payment if you want dedicated IP address. DFH on the other hand, is literally giving it away.
You won’t have to do pretty much anything. Choose OS, control panel, and they will set up your account with a dedicated IP address.

#10. 99.9% Uptime

Yeah, they proclaim and deliver 99.9% uptime. Some hosting providers boast about their uptime and do the exact reverse when it comes to action.

Are you thinking of getting 100%? It is impossible! Let me tell you why.

Companies do server migration and maintenance and it is likely for your site to go offline at least for a few minutes in every year. That’s why Duty Free Hosting provides 99.9%, not 100%.

#11. 30 Days Trial Period

You heard of money back period in hosting. Have you ever heard of trial period?

Yeah, Duty Free Hosting offers that. For the first 30 days, you can enjoy their service for free. You can keep on using it only if you are impressed by their service.

I assure you; they won’t ask you for any payment methods.

Plus they still offer you a 30 day money back period once you do decide to pay. Beat that!

  • Instant activation of all shared hosting plans
  • 30 days trial period
  • Plus a 30 day money back guarantee after payment
  • Choice of hosting from 5 global datacenters
  • Option to have your website transferred or software installed for you
  • Responsive customer support – under 1 hr support ticket response times guaranteed 24/7
  • Offers all types of hosting, domains and SSL
  • All controlled from their exclusive easy to use control panel
  • Free dedicated IPon some plans
  • 1 click installation of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla plus dozens more free website builders with hundreds of free templates
  • No live chat option – but support tickets answered in under 1 hour 24/7 guaranteed
  • Free domain offer is limitedto multi-domain shared hosting plans

As I said earlier, Duty Free Hosting not only sells hosting, but domains and SSLs as well.

Let me briefly explain their pricing structure.

The shared hosting plan starts at $3.33 per month whereas OpenVZ Linux VPS plan can start from only $1 for the first month. When it comes to dedicated servers, you have to pay at least $70 per month.

A .com domain costs $10.99 and, you can buy SSL for one year by paying only $25.

Final Verdict

Their website may not be as fancy as their competitors’. Still, they have got what it takes to be the best hosting providers.

Their trial period helps you have an insight about their service quality. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a plan, enjoy the service for one month without paying anything, and then decide whether you want their service further or not and even then still get a further 30 day money back guarantee after payment.

The service quality is good, features are great, and prices are affordable. What else do you need?
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