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Are you confused for choosing a perfect web host?

You want to buy a hosting but the whopping number of web hosting companies brought dilemma into your mind that you can’t make a definite choice.

Being a newbie, you can’t select the best hosting provider. That’s why you should pay heed to the reviews.

Here, I am going to review DreamHost to check whether it’s worth the price or not. Once you finish reading, you will get to know the quality of their hosting plans.

So are you ready to get into the business? Here you go!

DreamHost Review – Intro

Being started way back in 1996, DreamHost is one of the pioneers in the web hosting business. According to the company itself, they have more than 400,000 customers with 1.5 million+ websites.

Why DreamHost (Review)

In this review, I focus more on shared, VPS and dedicated hosting. But before I bring you to their services, I want you to have a look at their features.

Features of DreamHost

I have found the following features of DreamHost enticing.

#1. Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth

Unlimited storage is no always a deal breaker but bandwidth is. DreamHost imposes no limits on both the aspects (unlimited storage is applicable only for the selected plans).

You can upload as much files as you want. And, bring uncountable eyeballs as well. You will never face any downtime.

I want to say another feature of DreamHost here. They offer a flat 100% uptime! Yeah, you heard it right! Unlike other hosting companies’ 99.9%, I really find it’s a brave and customer-friendly move.

#2. A Bunch of Freebies

Every one of us likes to receive freebies, don’t we?

DreamHost offers a set of freebies that eliminate some extra expenses. The first one is the free domains. In today’s scenario, you have to spend at least $10 – $15 to purchase a domain. But DreamHost gives it for free that you can invest that amount in buying the best hosting plan.

Are you a micro niche blogger who wants to hide your identity? Even if you don’t show your name and details on your website, people can find the same with the help of whois (http://www.whois.com/) details. Is there any way to hide this too? Yeah, the solution is called privacy protection. And, DreamHost gives it for free.

Moreover, they even give away SSL/TLS certificate to get you the extra edge on SERPs.

#3. 97 Days Money Back Guarantee

When you find a service isn’t your cup of tea, you can request for a refund if they have a money back policy. Every service provider sets a specific timeframe beyond which you can’t get refunded.

DreamHost offers a whopping period of 97 days for the money back policy. If you are a person who is familiar with web hosting, you know no provider offers more than 60 days of money back period.

There’s another unique feature that will surely entice you up.

Suppose you experience downtime as a DreamHost customer. Then, they will give you free hosting in manner that for every interrupted hour, you get a payless day.

DreamHost Hosting Features (Review 2016)

#4. Unlimited Domains and Emails

When you purchase a hosting plan that lacks the capability of withholding more than one domain, you will have to spend even more money to start another project. DreamHost kicks away this issue by giving you unlimited domains support. As far as the resources permit, you can create as many sites as you want.

First, you may think unlimited emails are a gimmicky feature that you want only one custom domain. But consider the future. As your business grows, you will have to hire more people and they need custom domains too. Did you understand the importance of unlimited emails now?

#5. One-Click Installer

Not all of us are geeky enough to manually install software on a server. That’s where you realize the importance of one-click installer, using which you can install a series of software (WordPress, Joomla etc.) like a walk in the park. All you have to do is opening the tool, choosing the software and hitting the install button.

#6. Responsive Customer Support

The customer care team is the backbone of a web hosting company. Newbie web owners need assistance in setting up their websites and, a company should provide it in time.

I have tested their customer care support for their responsiveness. In my case, my query returned a reply within five minutes. Considering the volume of customers they have, the waiting time is lower than expected.

You can get their help any time (24x 7). The only drawback that I found is the lack of telephone support.

#7. Affiliate Program

Are you a digital marketer? Then, you can make a fair amount of money by referring DreamHost to others.
Once you figure out the quality of DH’s service, you should join their affiliate program. If you promote their service in the right way, you will get tons of sales for which DreamHost gives you good commission.
I hope you got enough features in this DreamHost hosting review.

Let’s just move into the hosting products.

Web Hosting Products by DreamHost

In this DreamHost hosting review, you are going to read about all the type of web hosting they provide i.e. shared, VPS, Dedicated, WordPress and Cloud.

Shared Hosting

Are you starting a new website that you don’t have even a slight idea about the amount of upcoming traffic? Then, you should go with the shared hosting. Being the inferior among the lot, shared hosting can’t withstand hell lots of traffic.

Unlike other companies who confuse you with a range of plans, DreamHost has only one package, priced at $7.95 per month (The rate is for a 3 year contract. The charge will be more when the contract period is less). Along with all the standard shared hosting features I have mentioned, you get a $100 free AdWords credits to promote your business as well.

They won’t charge you anything for the setup. In case you need a dedicated IP (for PBN), you need to shell out $5.95/ month to get your hands on it.

Host any website using DreamHost’s shared hosting.

DreamHost Coupon/Promo Codes (October 2016)

You can make use of my DreamHost promo codes to save considerable bucks. Just Click on the link to activate coupon or copy coupon and apply it on the checkout page.

Hosting Plan Offer Description Coupon Code
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VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server aka VPS hosting comes in the middle of shared and dedicated considering the price and features. Even though you share the server with other customers, the part of the server you use will be isolated from others to give you the performance of dedicated hosting.

Here you read a short DreamHost VPS review.

One of the best features about VPS hosting is the scalability. Even though you choose 1 GB RAM, you can upgrade it later when you find the same is insufficient. Every VPS plan from DreamHost includes SSD storage and one dedicated IP.

There are 4 VPS hosting plans.

  • Start Here: You get 1 GB RAM and 30 GB storage for a cost of $15 per month. And, you get every feature of a standard VPS account. I hope this is enough for a typical blog with decent traffic.
  • Most Popular: The other features like storage and number of domains remains the same. But the difference is in the price, storage and RAM. You have to spend $30 per month for 60 GB of SSD storage and 2 GB RAM.
  • Go Bigger: The price is doubled, so as the storage and RAM. You need to shell out a monthly amount of $60 for 120 GB disk space and 4 GB RAM.
  • Max It Out: I hope you guessed the price and features of this plan. Yeah, you are right. The cost is $120 and, you get doubled features as that of the previous plan.
Dedicated Hosting

DreamHost doesn’t have a series of dedicated hosting plans. Instead, they have given a special type of feature selector on the dedicated hosting page.

You can select number of CPU cores, RAM, storage and, the period of payment as well. I recommend you should pay yearly to get some handy discount.

WordPress Hosting

This one is specially crafted for people who want to start their sites on WP. You can choose from two of their plans, which cost $7.95 and $16.95 respectively per month.

Cloud Hosting

There are three cloud hosting plans available. The cost of them depends on the usage. But it will not cross $48 per month.

Dreamhost vs Other Hosting

Source: https://www.dreamhost.com/hosting/

  • Free domain, privacy protection and SSL
  • Responsive customer support
  • Compensation for downtime
  • One-click installer
  • Unlimited domains, emails, storage and bandwidth
  • 97 days money back policy
  • Good VPS offering
  • Best-in-class security features
  • Domain management tools
  • Lack of Windows servers
  • Expensive as compared to other providers
  • No cPanel (an in-house control panel is available, though)
Final Verdict

According to my experience, DreamHost is a web hosting company that really cares about their customers. As far as I am concerned, they stuck to their promises. One of my friends told me that he got the service free for a day due to the downtime he faced. Still, I faced no downtime.

I admit the fact that every DH plan is slightly on the expensive side. But considering the service quality, they deserve it.

What are you waiting for? Head over to DreamHost and purchase a plan right NOW.

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