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Push notifications are the next James Bond of the Internet buzz. If you still underestimate the power of push notification traffic, let me eliminate that misconception of yours real quick. You don’t think advertising with push notifications is cool?

Well, push notifications are the only promotional strategy which derives 100% viewer response. You see, push notifs are unavoidable. You have to click on it to open it or tap the cross icon to close it. Either way, your message flashes right across the user’s screen.

You must know which is the correct type of push notification for you and it should send the right message across, must be informative, has to approach the preferred audience, and most importantly the push notif must be optimized by a quality advertising platform.

Recently I came across DatsPush when I was looking for a promotional network for push notifications. After giving DatsPush a shot and trying its services out, I decided to write a detailed review so you guys can get acquainted with it.

DatsPush Intro

DatsPush is a hugely popular ad network which helps in marketing strategies by deriving push notification traffic and helps to monetize websites and blogs. DatsPush is owned by LeadBit, one of the most renowned CPA networks of all time. DatsPush is a self-serving ad platform which enables the user to optimize and put ads on the network, and DatsPush’s job is to send maximum source of live traffic to the ads.

DatsPush Review (Benefits)

DatsPush is an international network which focuses solely on push notification marketing and specializes in selling top-notch quality traffic your way. It has an excellent approach to marketing and knows the nooks and crannies of platforms, browsers, audience, countries, regions, or even which IPs to target.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at all the enchanting features DatsPush offers:

#1. Advertisers and Publishers

DatsPush for Advertisers

You would be pleased to know that DatsPush isn’t just for advertisers. Like any other affiliate platform, DatsPush also benefits both the advertisers as well as the publishers. You can earn easy money via one of their payment models, which are the CPA or Revshare. You get a direct link which sends you to the DatsPush LP after you use one of their push notifications.

You earn a fixed payout for each of your subscribers and when a user clicks on an ad, you get paid for each ad-click as well.

DatsPush for Publishers

#2. Targeting the preferred audience

The number of your ROI rests solely upon the quality of the traffic being derived on your ads. Like any other affiliate marketing platform, DatsPush’s campaigns will only be successful if you know how to optimize your traffic sources to the max. I’ve tried out many push notification ad networks as of recently, very few of them offered a wide variety of audience targeting options.

I am proud to claim DatsPush isn’t one of them; it does not limit you and grants you a lot of targeting choices so you can decide your preferred browser, platform, country, region, city, device type, etc. DatsPush even lets you black/white list audience and IPs.

#3. Optimizing quality traffic

DatsPush is fairly new to the push notif advertising industry. I personally haven’t known them for more than a couple of months. However, in that time frame, I’ve run a sufficient amount of campaigns to be aware that the bids aren’t that high, given to the fact that DatsPush is still new.

It allows you to place bids in over 250 countries and an average bid is set at just $0.0286. You have to deposit at least $50 before creating a campaign and I can assure you, after just a few successful campaigns, you will never regret spending those fifty dollars.

As soon as you log into your panel, you can create a new campaign in just 1 minute. DatsPush allows you to optimize your traffic in the most efficient way possible. There are dozens of options to choose from when configuring your promotional campaign. What else can one ask for?

#4. Design and interface

Push notifications have taken over the world like a storm. As of recently, they’ve become so popular that it’s hard to wrap my head around it sometimes. Of course, they are still new and trendy. So it’s smart of LeadBit to keep DatsPush simplistic and straightforward.

You see, not a lot of people have mastered the art of marketing through push notifications yet and I’m one of them. Like I’ve said, after developing a keen interest for such networks, I decided to give a few of them a shot. DatsPush was the only one whose design and interface I preferred.

It’s a self-serving platform; thus, we have to create our own ads. It’d be a bummer to create campaigns on a platform we didn’t even understand, right? DatsPush is not hard to work and even with limited experience, it’s easy to understand as well as user-friendly.

#5. Support

Support was the only thing I disliked about DatsPush. Since it’s a new platform, the team should be dedicated and at standby around-the-clock. I didn’t know jack about advertising marketing, so naturally, I needed technical assistance. I was relying on DatsPush’s support to put me out of my misery but I was slightly disappointed.

The support ticket takes longer than necessary to respond back and there is no live chat option either.

  • Networks in 250 countries
  • Available in different formats such as Phone push, Web push, and Rich push
  • 120 GEOs with low competition
  • 100% safe and secure
  • Daily payouts of CPA
  • A lot of targeting options
  • Low bids in most of the countries
  • Support takes long to react back
  • No live chat
Final Verdict

“How will I know DatsPush will benefit me?”

Well, if you have a knack for money and want to run successful campaigns in order to boost your ROI, DatsPush is definitely the one for you. It’s got everything an Advertiser or a Publisher could ever ask for. There are a lot of targeting options available and you can place your bids in any country you like!

It’s as easy to create a campaign as snapping your fingers together. In just 1 minute you can have your campaign all ready to optimize live traffic.

The payment models are pretty decent as well. You earn a fixed payout for each subscriber and get paid for each ad-click, the rate depending on the quality of your traffic. DatsPush’s analyses and reports everything back to you regarding the campaign. I personally used third-party tracking tools which gave me information on the lowest bids and got a lot of data in return.

I definitely suggest you give DatsPush a shot. It has earned it after all, no pun intended.

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