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You know the only thing worse than doing the coding? Paying someone to do the coding for you. Either way- most would agree that coding is a dreadful thing and should be avoided at all costs. I don’t have any hard-feelings towards code language, but I’m not going to lie; it makes me pull at my own hair.

Not to mention the fact that it’s even more of a horrible experience for those who have not a clue about how to do the coding themselves. Therefore, as a result, the majority of people hire developers to build applications for them.
Let me tell you guys, hiring developers will not only prove to be jaw-dropping expensive, but it will also be a pain in the neck. Only a few handful developers actually know what they’re doing and even those handful ones cannot guarantee to develop exactly the app you want. Also, they’re really costly.

Now how would you feel if I said that I have something which will not require any coding knowledge on your part, and will not even pay you humongous sums of money? I know you will be elated, just as I was when I first discovered Cross UI.

Let’s get started on this review, and let me make your lives a tad bit easier.

CrossUI Intro

CrossUI is a Cross-browser javascript framework with a tremendously brilliant functionality of building web applications for users. Ever since 2004, CrossUI has always performed with cutting-edge technology to create remarkable SPAs (Single Page Applications) that require no coding or developing skills on the customers part whatsoever.

The integrations, usability and the budget-friendly feature set is the reason why CrossUI has come to be one of the most renowned front-end builders in the market. Along with splendid API and many rich GUI components, CrossUI has compatibility with all the global-leading web browsers known to men.

The framework is entirely Open-Source under LGPL3 license, not to mention that CrossUI has a set of enchanting features which one cannot say no to.

Let’s take a look:

CrossUi features

#1. Drag and drop editor

You see, the ease-of-use is the most important aspect every company should offer its customers. No matter how mundane the service may be, any user should be able to understand the interface easily. If you aren’t acutely aware of the application or the modules you are using and don’t know your way around the controls at your fingertips, then what’s the use of using that app? This is just asking for trouble and you may have to contact customer service time and again.

You should always avoid complicated products. CrossUI’s front-end app builder is capable of allowing the user to just drag and drop items and create re-usable modules without a single line of code required.

#2. An extensive code editor

Now for us mere mortals, coding is like a nightmare which we’d rather not face in real life. I’d personally prefer to leave the hard coding work to the professionals. However, if you’re one of those few people who possess a knack for coding, then good for you since CrossUI provides a really powerful and extensive code-editor for all of you code-ninjas.

If you are a code guru, CrossUI grants a lot of features for you to explore. From syntax check and highlighting to code completion; the user can integrate with utmost authority. CrossUI also has a wide array of color schemes with over 30 pallets available anytime.

#3. Many beautiful themes to choose from

Do you know CrossUI has tens of themes readily available? Yes, they are at your leisure and all you have to do is choose whichever theme goes the best according to your application texture. From Vista to Classic, all of CrossUI’s themes are amazingly chic and sophisticated. Exactly like we have our own styles in attire, applications need themes in order to stand out and perform.

You can also create custom themes if the built-in ones aren’t doing the deed for you. Thanks to the Theme Roller, creating custom themes with CrossUI is easier than ever.

CrossUI Examples

#4. Over a hundred editable UI widgets

You need controls over your application in order to give users access to certain things. Widgets can stand for buttons, charts, tabs, dialogues, containers, etc. and are crucially important to your applications for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, these widgets provide your app with an enhanced ability to customize however your user prefers.

CrossUI grants the user to add bulks of widgets for users to configure integrations on their web applications.

#5. Remarkable compatibility

I was personally very pleased to discover that CrossUI has the kind of compatibility very few software happen to possess. We all have our own preferences and everyone has their own ways of doing things. With that being said, limiting a software’s abilities can turn out to be a huge bummer on the provider’s part.

Thankfully, no such thing could be said about CrossUI. It is capable of publishing anywhere with wide-cross browser technology and is compatible with all desktop operating systems like Mac, Windows and even Linux.


CrossUI’s Front-end builder for Single Developer license is payable at $999 for commercial use and $399 for non-profit use.

CrossUI Front-end builder for Team License is payable at $3,999 for commercial use and $1,599 for non-profit use.

  • Interaction and Animations can be easily configured
  • WYSIWYG designer and several exported APIs
  • Easy integration without any coding required
  • Countless Icons and template to choose from
  • The only product in the market that can create custom reusable modules with D&D builder (Use your words). And it will be better if you add a paragraph about this feature.
  • Comparing to existing prototyping tools of focused on graphic or page design, CrossUI is a better interactive prototyping tool for logical concepts, especially complex ones.
  • CrossUI isn’t as broad as other alternatives but still a strong competitor
Final Verdict

So there you have it. I listed down all the reasons why CrossUI can be the apt software for you if you wish to create a front-end application without doing any coding or hiring a developer.

However, I will once again summarize all the important features for you one last time in order to ease any doubts that may still be lingering. CrossUI offers a wide range of benefits such as the drag & drop editor, extensive themes, templates, icons and a lot of widgets as well. Its pricing is competitive and its compatibility is mind-boggling.

If you take my word for it, CrossUI is definitely worth making a purchase.

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