CPK Web Services Review : Pricing, Features, Pros, Cons & Expert Advice

Websites have gradually become as important for a business as breathing is for a human. If you wish to ensure that your online brand presence is thriving, there’s no better way to put your business out there than websites.

Amidst all the competition, it doesn’t come as a shocker when you see a new web hosting company emerging each day. Everyone wants websites in today’s era and to make your website live, you need web hosting.

The real dilemma every website owner faces these days is which web hosting provider to go for. There are just so many of them that it even makes my head spin sometimes. I am an avid hosting admirer so I have been acquainted with tens of web hosts over the last few years. Looking at all the competition surrounding the hosting market, I make it my personal mission to review only the best web hosts so it’s a tad easier for my viewers to choose.

I am sick of having to manage the content of my own websites. I’d rather take care of other pressing matters while a web host completely understands my website requirements and takes care of my web presence for me.

There are very few web hosts that offer fully managed hosting services. A lot of providers claim that they provide it, but I have witnessed one too many of them not living up to their claims. In this article, I’m about to review a quality hosting and web services provider that is true to its word. CPK Web Services offers brilliant, fully managed solutions at highly affordable prices.

CPK Web Services Intro

CPK Web Services is a premium provider that has well over a decade’s worth of hard-earned experience in website development and hosting industry. The company consists of a group of highly trained individuals with a singular goal of making websites seem more attainable with their services.

CPK Web Services assists you from the very beginning to make your business thrive and ensures that your website performs exceedingly, and well beyond your expectations. They have a clientele that consists of some leading names in the market. Moreover, CPK Web Services is one of those providers that take security into account. It prevents your content from getting hacked and takes every initiative to make every customer feel at ease.

CPK Web Services Review (Features)


Without further ado, let’s take a look at CPK’s amazing set of features and everything else that it has got to offer-

#1. Fully managed

I know you’re one of those users that is sick and tired of managing your content yourself. The stuff that you put out there for the world to see may look appealing to your viewers, but it is quite difficult to manage, especially for the ones that don’t know much about websites, to begin with. If you have no interest in handling your website, the best thing you could do to keep your sanity intact is allowing the web host to manage everything for you from scratch.

There are very few web hosts that are even capable of that, but thankfully, CPK Web Services does that and more. Their fully managed hosting solutions enable you to focus on your business or matters that require your undivided attention.

The best thing about CPK is that they are dedicated. The team manages your website not just for a few days after you purchase a hosting or server plan with them but indefinitely. They stay with you and assist in making your business thrive for as long as your decide to continue with them as your provider.

#2. 99.9% uptime response

Not only does CPK Web Services make your business presence live around-the-clock, but it intends to keep it that way. CPK serves a solid 99.9% uptime SLA which is quite commendable in comparison with several other hosts in the market.
If the provider is serving you 99.9% uptime with guarantee, then you can rest back and relax because your website is bound to stay online at almost every minute of the day. Even when on an off chance when CPK’s servers are down, I’ve firsthand witnessed the technical team working on getting the sites live again quite conveniently.

#3. Security is a primary concern

Like I’ve already stated, security is one of the main reasons why I like CPK Web Services fiercely. One of my greatest nightmares would be to have my data stolen, or worse hacked or tampered into. I cannot stand being at unease. I needed proper protective measures and fortunately, CPK Web Services took care of all the basic security norms.

The hosting solutions come power-packed with an entirely free anti-DDoS protection that prevents your content from falling under a DDoS attack. Furthermore, it also has the best hack prevention I’ve ever come across. As I said, I couldn’t afford to lose my content and CPK made me feel at total ease. I wouldn’t exactly call it the safest in the market but it’s definitely more secure than other alternatives in this price range.

#4. Automatic updates and support

Having to manually update systems, applications and plugins is an utter pain in the neck. If you go for web hosting that is not fully managed, the amount of time you’re going to have to spend on keeping your software and CMS up-to-date will boggle your mind.

CPK Web Services ensures that everything is updated and running as smoothly as butter. Customer convenience is what CPK thrives for.

Small business web hosting

CPK’s hosting services for small businesses are ranging between $360/per year and $660/per year.

CPK small business web hosting

Large business hosting

CPK’s business bundles for larger websites range between $50/mo and $300/mo.
CPK business hosting

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Fully managed website hosting
  • Economic website solutions
  • Automated updates
  • Free anti-DDoS
  • Hack and other malware-free
  • 24/7 support only for enterprise customers.
Final Verdict

I’ve known a lot of web hosts throughout the years. I have admired quite a few of them. There were some which were brilliant, some amazing but with a few quirks, some good, and some just downright pathetic.

I’m going to say that CPK Web Services falls somewhere under the category of an amazing web host. Along with great hosting packages that are good for both small and large businesses, CPK also serves as a complete website solution for you.

I would recommend it, without a doubt. Give it a go and let me know what you think of it.

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