Cometchat Review – Reliable Platform For Ideal Chat Solution For Your Website and App

If you are looking for the ideal chat solution for your website then CometChat is a great solution for you. It helps you to fulfill your business’ chat solution in a proper manner. Below you can find the detailed information about CometChat and in what way it helps you.

What is CometChat?

CometChat is a chat software for website and works cross-platform on web, desktop, mobile and cloud. CometChat integrates with well-know content management systems like WordPress, BuddyPress, Drupal and etc. Check the entire list of integrations here. CometChat is loaded along with a horde of excellent features that will improve your website’sinteractivity immediately,and will help you keep your users glued to your website for hours. This chat software will assist you in creating an amazing experience with your users / visitors. CometChat will inform your users whilst their friends or other users are online and allows them to chat with each other. Further, Cometchat incorporates seamlessly into your website as well as your mobile app.
CometChat Review 2016

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Features of CometChat

Here are some of the key features which makes CometChat such a powerful chat software:

i) Video Conference

The users can make their individual virtual hangout space by utilizing the excellent features of a video conference in chatroom. A user can initiate a video conference with other members those who wish to connect to a conference by clicking on the link which is available in the chatroom.

ii) Video Call

Video Calls make individual chats more personal. The user needs to click on the icon of video call to send a request, or they can approve a call request by clicking on the corresponding link that displays in the chat which opens the chat window to begin the video call immediately.

iii) Real-time Translation

With this feature, your users can easily convert a text which is in a different language to their native language and understand the message which is sent to them. This will allow all your users, spread across the globe, to communicate with eachother with ease and over come the language barrier.

iv) File Sharing

CometChat allows your website users to send documents, photos, spreadsheets and various other files. This way, your users can continue to chat with each other and exchange ideas, without having to leave your website.

CometChat Review 2016

v) Emojis and Stickers

It is great when your users can express themselves through emoticons or smileys. With Emojis and Stickers, CometChat allows you to send fun, interesting and vibrant emoticons and stickers to make the conversation more lively.

Advantages of CometChat:

1. Games

The gaming feature in Cometchat ensures that your users are highly entertained and glued to your site. Your user can indulge in a host of single as well as multiplayer games that offers them a competitive edge.

i) Single Player game

The limitless record of the single player game ensures that your users don’t spend an inoperative period on your website, rather indulge in these addictive as well as recreational games. Your users would surely prefer to spend time making a high score than to be kept waiting for other users to come online.

ii) Multi-player games

It allows your users to unleash their sporting side along with the multi-player games, your users would definitely love to play these games while they need to indulge a fun activity or begin their conversation. All they have to do is simply open a game by sending or accepting a game request from their friends or from other online users.

2. Social Networking

CometChat offers a bundle of social plugins accessible in order to obtain focus on your site which it deserves in the virtual globe. Ensure that your site stands by permitting your users to arrive out on various social media platforms as well as be in the attention.

i) Stay tuned with your Facebook fans

Of course, your Facebook social media fans can view your current posts or any other development from your site throughout CometChat. The likes displays individuals who love your page, display your release, current posts as well as watch your fan base increase.

ii) Twitter feed on your website

Just make your tweets go viral as well as collect many followers by permitting your users to view your recent tweets via CometChat bar on your sites.


They have 3 different types of plans available let’s look into the briefly of the pricing plans.
CometChat Pricing

i) Professional Plan

This is the initial plan of CometChat, and it is mainly suitable for small sites. In this plan you can get brand free edition, Gtalk friends chat, transliterate plugin, a real-time translation module, broadcast message module. The cost of the plan is $129 only and one time cost.

ii) Premium Plan

The cost of the plan is $249 only and the one-time cost includes everything in the Professional Plan such as Gtalk friend chat, save conversation plug-in, broadcast message module, a real-time translation module, transliterate plugin, brand free edition. Some of the other features included in the Premium Plan are, mobile browser compatible, assured installation, advertisements extension, and mobile browser compatible.

iii) Platinum

The cost of this plan is $499 only and is the top plan of all. It includes all the features fromProfessional and Premium Plan in it. The Professional Plan includes Gtalk friend chat, save conversation plug-in, broadcast message module, real-time translation module; transliterate plugin, brand free edition. Premium Plan includes mobile browser compatible, assured installation, advertisements extension, and mobile browser compatible. In addition, the Platinum Plan includes Audio/video chat Plugin, Broadcast plugin, Screen sharing plugin and video conference plugin.


  • Ability to share handwritten messages, files, collaborative documents.
  • Push notification on mobile, thus users never miss out a message.
  • Audio, text, video chat on web, service available.


  • Full features will be available only in Platinum Plan.

Final Verdict

CometChat is for the individuals who want to increase the level of user engagement on their site and enhance the user experience of their visitors. Thus, choosing a proper and well suitable plan depends on the requirements of your website and gain several additional merits by using CometChat on your site.

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