CloudFaces Review – Resell Mobile Apps to Earn Handsome Bucks

We are living in a mobile era, right! If you check the number of people who uses the internet via their smartphone, you will get a brief idea of what I am talking about.

As the world tries to limit itself into a five inch screen, every business owner should move with the trend. That’s exactly why each service provider developed a mobile app along with the websites.

Tons of mobile applications are being developed every day. And, guess what? It widely opens an unending streak of opportunities for the developers.

What if you don’t know mobile app development and you want to make money from the same field?

Well, I have got a solution for you.

CloudFaces Review – Intro

If you made your mind to make money from app development field, you would get only one choice; learn app development. Do you think you are not geeky enough to learn coding?

CloudFaces Review 2016

Then, I am increasing the number of solutions to two. CloudFaces is the next solution. They work as a third-party to help you develop the apps using your client requirements.

Features of CloudFaces

We evaluate the quality of everything by analyzing the spec sheet. So, it’s your time to have a quick tour through the important features of CloudFaces’ service.

#1. Easier Steps

You don’t have to open a command prompt-like window and start hitting vigorously on the keyboard to come up with complicated code snippets to develop an application anymore.

CloudFaces has simplified the steps needed to make an app as you only have to fill a few fields in the given form. Then, there are a number of predesigned modules that can be used for any applications to increase the functionalities. You need to choose any of them to be seen on your app. Later the selection of the design comes. Finally, you have to approve the launch.

See how simpler developing an app has become. If CloudFaces wasn’t here, you wouldn’t have realized the easiest way of developing mobile apps.

#2. 78+ Custom Modules

They have a wide range of modules to be used on the applications, which adds additional functions like notifications, social buttons, menu, gallery, membership form etc.

CloudFaces Custom Modules

Check all Modules

You get every extra feature you want in the form of modules. As they ask everyone to select between the available modules, the integration becomes seamless.

CloudFaces release new modules regularly that you can renovate your mobile app with additional functions every time you want to develop one.

On their modules page, they have arranged a facility to preview the feature that works as a demo to find out whether you need it or not.

#3. Live Chat Feature

I am not actually talking about the live chat feature you can inject into the apps you want to develop. Of course, you can give such a function.

But what I mean here is the live chat box you can see on their website. Whenever you want to solve a doubt, you need to click on the box. It will unleash a new field before you using which, you can ask any question you need answer for.

As they maintain a responsive support team, you don’t have to wait hours after hours to get your query solved. They will reach out to you in a few minutes.

#4. Huge Earning Potential

Anyone can develop an app using CloudFaces. That widely opens opportunities for businessmen. If you have a few bucks for the initial investment, you must subscribe to a CloudFaces plan. As it won’t charge you much, you can resell the final product to your client for a higher price to make profit.

That’s what I meant by earning potential. You can run the same business after hiring a developer. But the amount you get after spending all the expenses (including the payment for the developer) will be much less than what you get through CloudFaces app reselling.

#5. 30 Days Money Back Policy

What if CloudFaces doesn’t work for you? You have this doubt in your mind, don’t you?

That’s why the company has introduced a 30 days money back policy. Once you find it not worthy after subscribing to a plan, you can request for a refund without even a slight hesitation. Unless your account has an age more than a month, you will get the refund.

So, what do you think?

#6. Availability of a Marketplace

You think it’s impossible for you to perform well in the stream of unlimited number of apps on the Play Store or iTunes store? Then, you should take a membership in CloudFaces marketplace.

There, you will be featured as one of their partners. They will give you a space for showcasing your logo and a few texts that describe your company. Whoever visits the marketplace, comes to know about the service you provide.

CloudFaces Review

  • A lot of modules
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Easier development steps
  • Availability of the marketplace
  • No demo

CloudFaces has a pricing in three different packages; Services, Partner and Development. You can choose either of them that suit you the best. If you want CloudFaces for development only, you must buy the last one that costs 25 Euro per hour.

For the rest of the subscription plans, you have to contact them directly to know about the pricing.

Final Verdict

That’s it. I hope you have got a clear idea of CloudFaces.

What do you think? If you ask me, I can’t help but go on with CloudFaces over any other services.

The simple steps they offers for the development, shows how much effort the company took to make the experience of their users seamless. Moreover, they are working regularly for launching new modules that increases the functionality of apps.

Are you still hesitant? Well, you shouldn’t. They have a money back policy and you will get your money back in 30 days if you don’t like their service. So try them once. You will stick to them, I swear.

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