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The most mundane thing possible is never-ending documentation. Of course, certain documents need maintaining and especially if you are a working-person or running a business, I’m sure hundreds of documents must pile up every day. That doesn’t mean the whole process of having to document every single detail isn’t a little less dull.

People appoint employees who do documentation for them, but if you ask me, employing someone for documentation is equivalent to tossing excess money in the bin. You could use that money for something more productive instead.

If you wish to avoid the humdrum procedure of documenting yourself and do not want to employ someone to do it for you either, the only alternative better than both the former ones is finding an online documentation tool which is not only reasonable but also makes your life a whole lot better.

In this article, I’ll be reviewing ClickHelp, a splendid documentation software which was made just for people like us who prefer quick and easy docs creation, editing and management.

Business opportunities with ClickHelp

ClickHelp is a modern browser-based cloud technical writing tool where you can create and manage various types of online help such as knowledge bases, policies and procedures, tutorials, user guides, FAQs and more. It’s a perfect solution for both freelancers and full-time technical writers.

ClickHelp Benefits

ClickHelp has established a reputation of a secure and reliable solution for documentation authoring. As of 2018, it has successfully settled in over 78 countries and more than 20,000 users have been satisfied with ClickHelp help authoring tool in quick and easy steps.

Let’s take a glimpse at ClickHelp features and what else makes it irresistible to the customers.

#1. Effortless to migrate your content

ClickHelp ensures that the migration of your manuals and files is done in the most efficient way possible. It allows importing content from Microsoft Word, HTML, RTF, CHM, ODT, as well as exporting to CHM, HTML 5 Web Help, PDF, DOCX, and others. It doesn’t matter which format you store your files in, ClickHelp supports the most and the least widespread of them. Just sit back and relax, ClickHelp will switch your data with them in a span of a minute.

#2. Provides help to enhance your content

I think you might be familiar with the term ‘the better the content, the better will be the response’. It’s no secret that poor quality content scares away most viewers. You wouldn’t be reading this article right now if I wrote total gibberish.

ClickHelp tool will not only improve visual components, structure, navigation and branding of your documents, such as manuals, but it will also come to your aid so that you can beneficially make your content all the more appealing to your viewers.

#3. Utmost security and data encryption

Of course, trust is something which doesn’t come easy. You cannot just ask a person to hand over their trust; you actually have to earn it. Similarly, putting all your faith into ClickHelp will take patience. After all, in this age of frauds, you simply can’t believe in anything until you’re 100% certain.

ClickHelp Features

Trust is a critical building block for every business. So ClickHelp however has proved that it’s one of the most reliable and trustworthy solutions out in the market. You can be sure that your data will never be accessible to any third party whatsoever. Each and every document that you decide to trust with ClickHelp will be encrypted with SSL and rest assure, you can attain your peace of mind.

#4. Totally flexible content management

Along with content assistance, you get a Microsoft Office Word like editor which will make you feel right at home. ClickHelp gives you an opportunity to fully customize whatever you like, create custom templates, automate full-text searches, and much more so the user does not feel right out of his league.

If you are leaning towards more technical aspects, you also get an HTML code editor from which you can take upon the reigns of your manuals in your own hands completely. Along with all of that, another bonus is that you can always reuse the same content as many times as necessary.

#5. Password-protected documentation portals

In this age of severe competition, I’m sure you will have several people lurking to steal your hard work. Stalkers always find a way to get in and invade without permission. You need utmost security and protection against those who wish to drag you down from the ladder of success. With ClickHelp, you need not worry about any of those things. Just create your manuals and protect it with a password so accessing it without your authority will be simply impossible.

#6. Responsive customer support

If there’s one thing which is absolutely certain, it’s that ClickHelp’s customer support is effortlessly mind-blowing and responsive. If the customer is ever stuck with a query, the proficient team of ClickHelp will immediately rush to their aid.


ClickHelp offers two options to allow their customers to be billed either monthly or annually.

To be billed on a monthly basis, packages are starting at $50/mo, all the way to $600/mo.

To be billed on a yearly basis, packages are starting at $43/mo, all the way to $500/mo.

ClickHelp Pricing (Review)

ClickHelp also offers several pricing plans as well as opportunity to create a custom plan that will serve your needs.

  • Content migration opportunities
  • Provides SEO features
  • HTML WebHelp output
  • Mobile and tablet compatibility
  • Custom topic templates
  • Cross-platform and multi-format support
  • Responsive support team
  • Only a handful ready templates to use, unless you create them yourself
Final Verdict

After everything is said and done and after you’ve actually optimized ClickHelp’s services, I’m pretty positive that you will only experience the feelings of contentment and satisfaction. It’s a powerful online documentation tool that definitely serves as a benefit to you and your business.

Order a free 30-day trial to try out all ClickHelp’s 200+ features and experience all the advantages of modern online help authoring.

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