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If you’ve been reading my articles for a while, you’d be aware that I happen to run a lot of websites and a couple of blogs. The problem with having multiple sites and blogs is that it often gets tricky to derive traffic on them. I mean I should know, my livelihood is earned because of this blog and its revenue.

People often ask me how I gain traffic on my website and what my main source of income is. I could try to act all smart and what not; but the truth is, I garner the majority of my viewers through ads.

After using AdSense, I couldn’t bring myself to trust any other ad network apart from it. However, AdSense’s regulations are unnecessarily strict and it only accepts contextual ads. Good thing I found Clickadu when I did, because my blogs were in turmoil without proper traffic optimization.

Without further a do, I shall get going with my review of Clickadu.

Clickadu Intro

Clickadu was founded in 2014 and ever since has run more than 6500 campaigns with around 4500 active publishers. A study claims that there are more than 270K conversions recorded on a daily basis which is a huge number when compared to other ordinary ad networks.

Clickadu is optimized with both mobile and web channels so you can easily monetize your traffic at a quick pace. A lot of advertising formats are offered and it’s the reason behind Clickadu’s rapid success, given to the fact that even the most recognized ad networks don’t provide multi-format advertising.

If you’re looking for higher CP rates, Clickadu is the one. It boosts your conversions and tests the campaigns first in order to find the best combinations for the audience.

Let’s take a look at what makes Clickadu stand out:

#1. Clickadu for Advertisers and Publishers

The ad servers that Clickadu optimizes on are unbelievably remarkable. Servers play an important role when the provider wants to grant topmost performance. Also, the latest approach of pop-under ads to reach the highest amount of audience and boost conversion rates is why Clickadu is popular with advertisers. Furthermore, the video pre-roll format is considered to be the most beneficial ad format and generates the highest CPM rates. Clickadu also allows you to control capping of the frequency.

Why Choose Clickadu (For Advertisers)

For Publishers, no barriers are set. Entry-level publishers can also take admission and there are no traffic requirements to be a publisher on Clickadu. The dashboard gives you proper statistic of the number of Clicks, Impressions, Earnings and CPM rates garnered by you.

Why choose Clickadu (For Publishers)

#2. Restrictions and security

Publishers don’t get free reign in Clickadu, I’ll give them that. However, unlike AdSense, it does give access to many questionable websites, such as casino sites, adult or graphic sites, and even some controversial blogs.

I was a bit wary in the beginning but despite Clickadu’s open support to such websites, it does not allow gambling or frauds of any kind. Prohibited websites are strictly banned and any dishonest attempt to garner clicks will not be allowed. In an event that you somehow try to violate these basic regulations, without foreclosure Clickadu will simply deactivate your account indefinitely.

#3. Campaign creation

Creating a campaign with Clickadu is much simpler than any other ad network I’ve tried. When we try to create a campaign, we get to choose from two modules; CPM and SmartCPA.

I usually go for the CPM campaigns since I find bidding for a larger sum more convenient instead of paying manually for everything.

However, the SmartCPA channel offers a very intuitive feature; it runs tests through your campaign to derive which websites and offers will be most beneficial for your niche. You can also adjust the Slice and frequency limits yourself. Optimizing a campaign is proven to be reliable since it continues to bring in traffic.

#4. Multi-format advertising

Clickadu happens to be one of the very few ad networks out there which is capable of providing a variety of advertising formats.

Clickadu Features (Review)

I) Video pre-roll ads
Do you ever open an app or a website and a 10 sec video just starts playing out of the blue? That’s video pre-roll advertising. They have taken over the world like a storm and are in immense demand since they are easily more effective than any other form of advertising.

Clickadu operates with the latest IAB VAST 3.0 protocol which makes pre-roll videos to perform staggeringly better. I was also pleased to notice that pretty much all popular video formats were supported, such as MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, and FLV so there’s no need to switch your video’s format at the last moment.

II) Pop-under ads
Have you ever been browsing on the Internet and found an interesting link to a website, though when you click on the link, the site opens in a new tab but a separate browser window opens at the same time?

That pretty much sums what a pop-under ad is. It’s been consistent for me since I prefer to go for ads on a CPM basis.

III) Push Up dialog ads
The mobile dialog ad formats are Clickadu’s forte, I’ll give them that. Every corner you turn, you’ll find people on their phones. Smartphones are for browsing the Internet, so we might as well make the most of it, right?

Clickadu’s Google-friendly push up dialog ad is compatible with all mobile phones.

If you want to boost those numbers up, SKIM is the key. If you’re an advertiser, your conversion rates are guaranteed to be enhanced and if you are a publisher, the CPM level will be massively improved.

V) Push Notifications
All you have to do is get the user to subscribe, after which the subscribed user will keep on receiving notification ads. This enables you do the advertising even when the user isn’t on the web. This particular ad format does wonders in bringing in 100% conversion rates.

Payment methods

Publishers are paid through a wide variety of payment channels. Platforms such as PayPal, Web Money, Bitcoins, Epese, Paxum, ePayments, First Choice Pay, Payoneer, and even wire transfer are supported with Clickadu.

However, each of these has its own quirk. All of these payment modes are different in their own unique ways and therefore, have their own requirements for minimum payouts. Most of these channels have a minimum payout of $10, except for BTC which has a minimum payout of $50. A lot of competitive ad networks out there don’t have payouts this low.

Wire transfers, on the other hand, scale up to $160 per transfer and the minimum payout is $1000.

A few additional charges may apply in some modes.

  • Mobile dialog ad
  • Filtration of bots and frauds
  • 360-degree ad coverage
  • Virus and malware protected
  • 100% fill rate and quality traffic
  • 24/7 Support via email and Skype
  • GEO targeting
  • Still fresh in the market
Final verdict

You’re looking for a way to monetize your traffic? I can assure you there is nothing better than ad networks. Not only do they bring constant traffic but they also boost conversion rates up a notch.

Clickadu is a brilliant platform for advertisers and publishers to find common ground and benefit themselves. Clickadu enables advertisers to gain maximum fill rates and publishers are guaranteed a larger payout margin than most ad networks out there.

I personally prefer pop-under ads but critics would strongly suggest that video pre-roll advertising, since it is gradually taking over the Internet like a storm. Pop-under ads are great for browser integrations; however the video-pre roll format is especially beneficial for mobile channeling modes.

Whether your site is small or humongous, Clickadu embraces you with open arms. You don’t need to have a certain traffic reach on your website to get acquainted with Clickadu. Launching campaigns is easier than ever and those sites which were rejected by AdSense can find refugee with Clickadu.

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