Certa Hosting Review – Trusted Web Hosting Provider in UK

Settling upon a hot-shot, plus a reliable web-host is tough. Believe me, I know. The more you seek a trust-worthy web hosting service provider, the bigger dilemma you are in. Opting for a dreadful web-host, which could eventually end up being a loss for the website is everybody’s worst nightmare. We’ve all been there.

That is why you need a dependable and consistent web-hosting service source. Don’t worry; I’ve got a gem of a web-hosting provider at your leisure. Carry on reading and find out on your own whether Certa Hosting is worth your money or not.

Introduction of Certa Hosting

Certa Hosting Review (Clients)

Certa Hosting has been providing excellent web-hosting services for over a decade. With years and years of proficiency, they have continually nurtured their customer approval and have expanded their business reach with exactly the right approach.

In spite of withstanding severe competition, Certa Hosting never ceases to shine at the peak. Their topmost mission is to bestow premium quality hosting which exceeds the customer’s expectations and helping the clients enhancing their business.

Certa Hosting has been proved to be reliable for all sorts and sizes of business and people. From bloggers to interior designers, anyone who has opted for Certa wasn’t let down in terms of reliability.


Certa Hosting Features (Review)

#1. Entirely administered and monitored

There isn’t a second that goes by during which your website isn’t monitored by Certa Hosting’s team in order to secure and enhance the site’s outcomes. Everything will be taken care of for you; hence, you needn’t worry about the maintenance of your site and just concentrate on running your business.

#2. Super speedy hosting

There’s no hassle for your site viewers to get stuck up on a page which keeps on loading until the viewers are annoyed and leave your site. Certa’s Premium hosting is so eminent given that they implement the latest server technology, therefore ensuring super fast speed with utmost quality.

#3. 30-day money back assurance

I am a hundred percent sure that your website’s performance and efficiency will be really enforced after you opt for Certa Hosting, but to check that if they’re really worth it or not, you could give their hosting services at least a try, and if you aren’t entirely happy, then you can get the total sum of your money back within the first 30 days.

#4. Immensely fast SSD

We’ve already established the fact that Certa Hosting’s page loading aspect is amazingly rapid; however, Certa Hosting also offers all SSD storage with the quickest yet efficient page loading times you could ever imagine. Certa Hosting’s SSD storage is made of three separate layers which ensure even a single trace of an error or fault could not be found.

#5. Dominant Security

The automatic weekly security scans are enabled by Certa Hosting’s excellent services plans which will ensure the extraction of all kinds of threats and errors. Thanks to Certa’s exceptional firewall security, the clients will have nothing to concerned about since the protection of the site from any sort of misbehavior or bad malware will be handled proficiently.

#6. Customer welcoming Interface

Navigation on Certa Hosting is absolutely and effortlessly trouble-free. Just set up an account with Certa and get back to your business. Selecting the options and adopting the correct resources to optimize the site’s performance is so ridiculously easy that management of the services provided to you will feel like a hassle-free cake walk.

#7. Individually cPanel Access

Certa grants clients the access to their own cPanel admin account. You can easily sign up and log in to acquire the task of monitoring the progress of your website. You will also have total ability to trigger or completely withdraw other accounts through the significant WHM platform.

#8. Inexpensive Pricing

The pricing packages for each of the service provided by Certa Hosting are remarkably cheap as well as reliable. Other web-hosts in the market offering the same features and benefits charge competitively higher compared to what Certa Hosting charges.

Without a trace of any doubt, I would consider Certa because of their economical pricing and all those other enchanting benefits as well.


We have just established the fact that Certa Hosting certainly excels in offering the most welcoming features to their clients. However, there are many other competitive web-hosts in the business constantly expanding their offering.

Certa Hosting Pricing

Although I am utterly certain no other web-host endows these superior services at such economical prices than Certa Hosting does, you should definitely take a look at their pricing packages for every service they are currently offering.

See for yourself that Certa Hosting will efficiently boost up your business game at really reasonable prices.

#1. Shared Hosting Plans

Certa Hosting’s Shared hosting package ranges from €1.20 to €10.79 per month, including VAT.

To see the full specs and features of all four plans of Certa’s Shared Hosting service, click here.

#2. VPS Hosting Plans

Certa Hosting’s VPS hosting package ranges from €11.18 to €325.25 per month, including VAT.

To see the full specs and features of all six plans of Certa’s VPS Hosting service, click here.

#3. Reseller Hosting

Certa Hosting’s Reseller hosting package ranges from €10.79 to €35.99 per month, including VAT.

To see the full specs and features of all three plans of Certa’s Reseller Hosting service, click here.

#4. E-mail Hosting

Certa Hosting’s Email hosting package ranges from €1.19 to €17.99 per month, including VAT.
To see the full specs and features of all three plans of Certa’s E-mail Hosting service, click here.

  • A free 256-bit SSL certificate included for any website or e-commerce
  • Both Windows and Linux compatibility
  • 24/7 support available for clients
  • One-click installer
  • Unlimited email accounts and databases
  • Virus and spam filters on email accounts
  • I didn’t find any cons in Certa hosting. Do share if you experience any issues with them.
Final Verdict

Certa Hosting strives to offer their clients the maximum satisfaction. They have vowed that Certa’s team will keep trying to provide the finest hosting in the industry by adopting the latest technology and innovation.

If you haven’t already made up your mind about Certa’s astonishingly efficient hosting, well what are you waiting for? Give us your feedback and let us know about your views. If you have a query in mind, leave a comment, we will certainly get back to you regarding it.

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