BuzzSumo Review – The Ultimate Tool for Content Discovery

Google has released the new Panda update, and it made clear that new core update will be a part of search engine ranking and results. These will the step Google waiting for years to rank the best quality content possible higher in search results. With Manual action and this new advancement will make it more complicated to maintain a site. With the more weight age given to social signals, it is important to have a good amount of social signals under your bag.

Social signals are the important factor of SEO but how to get them? How to write a viral content? On what topic to write content?

The answer to all those above questions is BuzzSumo, which is the tool for researching the content which has more social shares.

What is BuzzSumo?

BuzzSumo is a tool for content research and discovery, with BuzzSumo you are going to see which content works well in this social media. You may publish some great and excellent content, but you may not get that required social shares the reason for that is that your content is great but not the required one. So which content works well? That’s what BuzzSumo finds out. James Blackwell, Henley Wing, and the rest of the team have done a fantastic job with BuzzSumo. It displays the top content with the most number of social shares.

BuzzSumo will help you to get the best content on the web and also what influencers are stressing more to make their work go. BuzzSumo is a handy tool when you are in a region of writer’s block (where you don’t know what to write and struck up with no ideas).

Why You Should Buy BuzzSumo?

  • Find content that is most shared on social media channels.
  • Best Content Research Tool

  • You can enter your own domain or another domain, and see what has been shared socially.
  • BuzzSumo Review

  • Find influencers related to particular topics.
  • Get alerts based on keywords, brand name, links, author name or domain.
  • Track competitors and do an analysis based on their content.
  • BuzzSumo Review

  • You can check trending posts from all around the world and for almost all categories.
  • BuzzSumo Trending Posts

  • You can also find Twitter influencers related to anything. ( Type in the required keywords and the results which are Twitter accounts will be displayed).
  • Resource option is provided on their website, where you can get topics explained in PPT format, and also you will be given the chance to finalize slot in their webinars.
  • In knowledge base section(resources), you can get almost anything related to content analysis and BuzzSumo.
  • In blog section, you will be getting updates related to case studies and trending topics in content writing.
  • I think these points are enough and can make you get your attention towards BuzzSumo and we will get into the details of pricing of this excellent tool which will make your content work. When Brands like Yahoo, Spotify, Kaspersky, Vimeo, Buzz feed are using Buzzsumo, you need not need anything to check up on this tool.
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    Plans & Pricing

    Everything fired up, and the tool looks great. Now we will discuss the Pricing & Plans of this BuzzSumo after this everyone’s eyes rolls over this section. There are 3 pricing plans of BuzzSumo tool and here are the explicit details about them.

    Let’s discuss in detail about this pricing plans and there are 3 plans as of now, which varies according to the usage and also the price.
    BuzzSumo Pricing

    i) Pro Plan:

    This is the basic plan of BuzzSumo, which costs $99 per month this plan is ideal for bloggers. With this plan you will get access to 1-5 users with unrestricted searches and content analysis and domain comparison reports. If you go for Annual payment then it will cost $79 per month which will save you 240$.
    You will get 14 days free trial before beginning your actual period.

    ii) Agency Plan:

    As the name suggests it suits the best for agencies and with pre included all the pro features, and an additional feature of the Facebook analyzer is what it makes it worth. With also the inclusion of more features and capacity of 10 users with 50 alerts and 50 trending feeds. Agency Plan will cost you $299 per month and as in pro plan, you will save 20% while you pay it annually which will cost you $ 239 per month.

    iii) Enterprise Plan:

    The above 2 plans are for limited functionality and if you are a publisher or an owner of the brand, then this is the plan for you. Enterprise plan is one such massive plan with lot more advanced features and that too in bulk. Stand out feature in it, is the webinar training session. Enterprise plan costs around $999 per month and no savings on annual pay.


    • Gives more information on content that works. (Which will make Google happy).
    • You can follow the influencers and watch for their strategy and the things on they are working.
    • You can view back links, which will be a gold mine.
    • With different categories and much-sorted interface, this will boost your work time.


    • Influencers list available only with their Twitter handles. If there will be more options for more social networking it would be better.


    With the daily changes in Google core algorithm, it’s important to stay updated and this can be done with minimal effort by following influencers in respective niches. BuzzSumo will cut out the complex work for you and presents it neat and clean. It is a handy tool and will help you to get the best content on the web and also what influencers are stressing more.

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