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Over the years, I have sufficiently garnered my fair share of experience with website hosting; some good, some bad, and some exceptionally poor. I have lost count of the number of different hosting packages I’ve purchased. I have undertaken all types of hosting services the world has to offer. From business hosting to private servers, you say it, I’ve had it all.

Trying out new web hosts so I can suggest only the best options for you guys is something I love to do. I can just as easily suggest several web hosts which offer their services at surprisingly cheap prices. The list of shared and web hosting providers is a mile long.

However, I must say, there aren’t many web hosts who offer their Reseller hosting plans in reasonable prices. Pretty much every company I’ve encountered had Reseller plans in jaw-dropping expensive rates. Now it might become a tad challenging for someone who runs a small business and is in need of economical Reseller hosting services.
You’ve got nothing to fret; I have just the right solution for you.

Brixly Intro

Brixly has been listed as one of UK’s most trusted Hosting experts. They are remarkably fit for serving excellent products suitable for both their clients, as well as the clients of their clients. For well over 6 years, Brixly has continued to evolve as a company and derived a certain expertise in producing premium products specifically designed for Reseller hosting market.

They offer a wide variety of hosting services, suitable for all sizes of businesses. However, when it comes to reseller and cloud hosting, Brixly remains unmatched and outshines all competition the industry throws at them.

As of 2018, Brixly is seen as an oasis of hosting platforms and hardware for more than 65,000 websites. Brixly’s very proficient team, with each member having at least 2 years worth of experience, makes sure that every single one of their client is ensured only positive outcomes for their business.

Now let’s take a look at Brixly’s superlative features-

Brixly Hosting Features

#1. Free migration services

The first and foremost aspect I always look for while finding a new web hosting provider is if the provider in question is going to offer me free migration facilities or not. We all have our own reasons for switching web hosts. Whether the web hosting services are expensive, or they aren’t living up to your expectations, you are going to be in need of switching your existing website with a new web host.

Now, you don’t want migration services to be costly. After already purchasing the hosting, will you be pleased by paying for the migration as well? I don’t think so.

Brixly offers absolutely free of cost migration and effortlessly switches all your resources with their servers within mere minutes.

#2. Utmost security and sound environment

When it comes to your website, believe me when I say this; you don’t want to compromise in terms of security. The world of the Internet is evolving and so are people. You would be surprised how smart people have gotten over a short course of time. Although, when I say smart, I mean it in a rather negative way.

The Internet has given an advantage to hundreds of hackers and spammers and these people are relentless. They would go out of their way to access your important data and snatch away your peace of mind.

Brixly offers an automatic virus/malware scanning and a very reliable spam filtering, thus ensuring safest outcomes for your website.

#3. Around-the-clock support

Brixly has a team of experts always on standby to help customers and always come to their aid in times of a query. I was elated to realize that Brixly providestop-notch technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 356 days a year.

Technical support is something which almost everyone requires at some point if you’re having your site hosted. Whether you need assistance during the installation, prior to the installation, or even after being completely hosted, Brixly will provide whatever help you may need and ensure that their team members are accessible to the customers at all times of the day.

#4. Lightning fast web hosting

If there’s one thing I’m unconditionally sure about Brixly, is that in terms of performance, Brixly certainly knows how to surpass the competition. I was mind-blown after optimizing their reselling hosting services and after seeing the way my website was functioning, I felt content.

They offer amazing high-speed hosting and 99.9% uptime response. With features like that- there’s hardly any chance for your website to lag or face downtime. Hence, when we’re talking about reliability, there’s no doubt that Brixly blew every other host out of the water.

#5. Unlimited Hosting experience

The word ‘unlimited’ is not being used metaphorically here. Brixly actually provides unlimited web hosting to all the users worldwide. There’s a reason why Brixly is a trusted service provider and why thousands of sites rely on their platform. That reason is no secret; all the credit goes to the top-notch quality that they offer.

On top of the premium quality, they don’t care about their own profits and ensure that the customer’s needs are seen first.


Brixly Hosting Pricing

Brixly’s infamous reseller hosting plans are starting at just €8.95/mo.

Brixly’s website hosting plans are starting at just €3.95/mo.

Brixly’s VPS services are starting from €4.95/mo.

Brixly’s WordPress hosting is starting at just €14.95/mo.

Brixly’s Elastic cloud plans are ranging from €14.95/mo to €59.95/mo.

  • Free SSL certification
  • Free daily backups
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Entirely white-label
  • Unlimited hosting packages
  • Free custom-nameservers
  • 50% discount on buying additional Reseller accounts
  • Anti-DDoS solutions are not as strict as they ought to be.
Final Verdict

Well, I must say- when I first found Brixly, I wasn’t as confident over its services initially. It is a UK based service provider and at first, I was under the assumption that this might prove to be complicated for non-UK users, including me.

However, as time progressed and after being acquainted with Brixly’s Reseller programs and cloud platform, I honestly couldn’t get enough of them. They are by far the best Reseller Hosting provider I’ve ever come across. I don’t say this for every host, but Brixly lived up to all my expectations, and then some.

They offer amazingly awesome services in such considerate prices and that, in itself, is a pretty huge deal. They offer several added benefits along with their unlimited hosting plans such as Free Migration, daily backups, SSL certifications, top-notch support system, super fast hosting speed, and much more.

If you are still in doubt, just take a trial at only €1 and see for yourself how great of a web host Brixly actually is.

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