Boosterberg Review – A Smart Solution for Facebook Post Boosting

In the present day, social media has become one of the most important part of our day-to-day life. We got most of the news, information from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These social media platforms are quite interesting when we see them from the different perspective where a proper business and Facebook paid services like paid reach, paid campaigns to come under the scene.

Facebook is a dominating social media platform among all with more than 85% of users. Brands like Buzzfeed, WordPress, etc. whom entire business is dependent upon social media nearly spend a huge amount in these Facebook campaigns that requires a lot of efforts apart from running the ads like proper image optimization, Facebook post time interval, etc. To make your work hassle free, we got a new tool known as Boosterberg that put your Facebook post boosting on automation.

About Boosterberg

Boosterberg is a Facebook automation tool that manages all your Facebook page posts boosting. It is developed mainly for Digital Agencies, Facebook marketers who use Facebook pages on a very large scale and big publishers who post tens of posts a day.

Features of Boosterberg

Boosterberg Features (Review)

#1. Time-saving

Using App like Boosterberg allows you to access all your Facebook page campaigns from one single dashboard that can easily increase your efficiency and effectiveness simultaneously. You don’t need multiple accounts for multiple pages and don’t even need to visit each and every page separately to set the campaigns. You can do all these works from a single dashboard that makes your job easier up to a great extent.

#2. Maximized reach and effectiveness

While managing multiple Facebook campaigns, it is not tough to identify which campaign is working successfully while which campaign need some amendments. Using Boosterberg, you don’t need to get worried about those problems and issues as it boosts your successful posts automatically. Along with this, you can use the option of custom boosting that allow you to select different boosting options depending upon your posts. These 2 features will help a lot for maximum utilization of your funds and it will also help you in getting maximum reach and desired results.

#3. Single account to use all your campaigns

Boosterberg allows you one single account to manage all your campaigns simultaneously. You can get all your invoice, information, and notifications on a single dashboard. It helps you in easy management.

#4. Multiple users

You can add your coworkers in your Boosterberg account as it will allow them to boost the postings using a single login. They will get the activation link and can boost your Facebook posts with one single login using the boosterberg app.

#5. Multiple ad-sets at the same time

You can import your pre-defined ad sets in your Boosterberg account, or create new ones. One can target all posts, and another one can give more campaign budget to the best posts.

You can create your Boosterberg account immediately in their trial offer, and use the services of Boosterberg under their 30 days trial offer that is more than enough to judge the benefits of this particular tool.

#1. How to use Free trial account
  • You need to click upon try it for free.
  • Here you will get a login and signup page.
  • You can create your account over there.

Once you logged in you can connect your Facebook account to your Boosterberg account, and it will connect all your pages under your dashboard as given below in the image.

Due to some privacy concerns, we would not be able to disclose the name of pages.

Pricing Structure of Boosterberg

There are 4 type of paid plans that are mentioned below:

Boosterberg Pricing

Starter Plan

Their starter plan initiates with 25$ per month, and you will allow accessing one single page with complete email support. Along with this, you can add the unlimited users or coworkers in this plan provided with custom boosting options. They are also providing you the option of auto-boosting for your Facebook campaigns. To get more details about their starter plan you can click here.

Standard Plan

Standard plan starts from 99$ per month with a support of 5 facebook pages. You can also use this plan in their trial offer of 30 days. On using this plan one can save 20% and you will get complete email support with custom boosting options. To get more information about standard plan click here.

Premium Plan

Their premium plan provide support upto 20 facebook pages and you can get savings of 40%. Along with email support they also provide you skype support that will help you to solve all your problems instantly. Its premium plan will cost you 299$/- month. You will get custom boosting option and presets. To get more information about their premium plan you can click here.

Agency Plan

Agency plan will provide you savings of 60%. It will cost you 499$/month and you will get support for total of 50 pages. They will also provide you priority email support and Skype hotline support with custom boosting options. For more details about their plan you can click here.

  • Automated work
  • Easy Management
  • Time saving
  • Easy to track
  • Free Trial of 30 days
  • Not allowed for unlimited pages
Final Verdict of Boosterberg

Boosterberg is a very powerful Facebook automation tool that can make your work much easier. They are providing 30 days free trial offer that can help you to judge its effectiveness. Though I must suggest to try this tool since it will make all your work on automation and put all the things easily manageable and save your time, efforts and money.

Tracking is one most of the most important factor in determining the success and failure of your campaign and Boosterberg are quite good in tracking. One should try Boosterberg, you can also opt for their free plan that gives you the full insight of this tool, and once you find it useful, you can upgrade to the plan anytime.

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