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Proxies have become the guardian fairies of the Internet World. Just like Cinderella asked the fairy to make her a princess and give her the ability to roam the ball and meet the prince without getting detected from the evil stepmother, Proxies help users like you and me to surf the Internet and scrape through our projects without being traced by lurking eyes.

There’s nothing called private space over the Internet anymore. If you want to ensure privacy or complete isolation from other users, you need external software or tools to provide you just that. Amidst all of that, proxy and VPN service providers have made a tremendous amount of profit over the last few years, and for good reason. After all, they are making our lives a lot easier, aren’t they?

Speaking of, very recently I came across Blazing SEO, one of the best service providers and initially thought that Blazing SEO only offered proxy services but soon I encountered that they bestow much more than mere mediocre privacy solutions.

Without further a do, let’s get acquainted with Blazing SEO and take a look at everything that it’s got to offer us-

Blazing SEO About

Blazing SEO was formed in 2012 by a single person. As years slowly progressed and the company starting thriving, more and more individuals joined Blazing SEO to make it even better than before. As of 2020, it comprises of well over 40 people working to give the customers an enhanced and affordable proxies, VPN products, and server solutions.

Blazing SEO excels as a proxy provider and is considered as one of the best in the proxy market. Their IP dedicated and semi-dedicated IPs lured me to them the first time around. In addition to that, they also provide Windows VPS and dedicated servers at amazingly economic prices. They have an extensive clientele of over 10,000 happy customers and this definitely adds to their popularity.
Now that you know what Blazing SEO is and where it stands in the market, let’s narrow down the features-


Blazing SEO Features (Review)

#1. Instant and almost immediate activation

I hate the waiting period where after you pay for an online service, the provider usually takes a few minutes in gathering up information before giving you free rein to the product. I prefer to utilize the stuff I purchase immediately. I’m not one with patience, unfortunately.

That is why I always end up getting frustrated with any provider that doesn’t lend me instant activation. Whether I’m purchasing a web hosting, a VPN, or even a proxy, my product should be within my grasp and ready to work in two minutes at most.

Blazing SEO, thankfully, provides instant delivery of proxy services. As soon as you buy it, it’ll be ready to go in just two minutes.

#2. Blazing-fast speeds

Whether you go for their proxy services or lease a server with them, the company claims to have 1GBPS of lightning-fast speed without any limits. The bandwidth is efficiently unmetered and it helps you to boost your performance.
Slow speeds are a pain in the neck. Long gone are the days when it used to take several minutes to load websites. Users nowadays don’t have that kind of patience, thus you really can’t afford to optimize a service that serves sluggish speed. It could result in utter chaos and loss in your online reach.

It’s nice of Blazing SEO to assure the customers and put their minds at ease by ensuring blazing-fast speed as kind of a package deal.

#3. All three protocols supported

When we talk about proxies, I have noticed quite often that most proxy providers fail to support all online protocols. You’d be hard-pressed to find a provider that supports HTTP, HTTPS, as well as SOCKS. This is one of the reasons why Blazing SEO is so renowned in the proxy market.
Before coming across Blazing SEO, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered another provider supporting all of these three protocols. When I saw the guarantee on their website, I was quick to purchase the IP to see if it was legit or not. Sure enough, it was.

#4. 9 countries to choose from

Blazing SEO offers proxies from not one or two but nine countries. You have a lot of options to choose from. The preferable country can vary in terms of your personal or organizational requirements. The companies include the USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, Brazil, UK, India, as well as Vietnam.

Furthermore, you can conveniently buy proxies from any or all of these countries and receive brilliant performance and speed on all the locations.
In addition to that, Blazing SEO offers its server products in the same locations that you get for proxies. The 9 data centers are also located in the USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, Brazil, UK, India, and Vietnam.

#5. Around-the-clock support

Blazing SEO’s customer support system is another one of their specialties. To check the average response time of the support team, I proceeded to send three emails throughout my package validity; the first email was replied within an hour. The second email took a while and I heard from the team the next day regarding my query.

The third reply, however, was also quick. It took two hours for the team to respond and I’ve made sure to email them at odd hours to check their availability. Suffice to say, the support team was quite dedicated and always responded in kind. I was pleased with the support, just as I was with the services.


Blazing SEO offers three varieties of proxy; semi-dedicated, dedicated and rotating. The prices depend on the country one chooses.

If you select the USA, the semi-dedicated, dedicated, and rotating proxy starts at $2.50/mo and $11.00/mo respectively.

For Germany Brazil, it starts at $3.00/mo, $8.00/mo, and $13.00/mo respectively.

Blazing SEO Proxy Pricing

The other countries contain only dedicated IPs and you can check out the prices at your convenience from here.

Note: Above mentioned prices are for per 5 proxies.


Blazing SEO’s Windows VPS is starting at just $29.00/mo and dedicated servers are starting at $90.00/mo.

Blazing SEO Servers

  • Free automatic proxy replacement
  • Hundreds of Subnets
  • Unlimited and unmetered bandwidth & threads
  • 1GBPS network lines
  • IP authentication
  • 100% owned hardware
  • None that I could find
Final Verdict

Blazing SEO is everything you need and more to stay hidden over the Internet. The company is in great demand and for good reason. Their affordable prices, 24/7 support, instant activation, and lightning-fast speed are all praise-worthy.

I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t like Blazing SEO. Give it a try and see for yourself how it meets all of your proxy and server needs.

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