Binom Tracker Review : Pricing, Features, Pros, Cons & Expert Advice

If you’ve ever worked in the affiliate marketing industry, you would be well aware of the fact that it’s huge. In fact, calling it huge is just an understatement. It’s actually rather humongous. The biggest obstacle any affiliate marketer faces in the CPA campaigns is tracking from where and how the main source of revenue is actually coming.

In case you’re yet unfamiliar with the ways of the affiliate market, let me enlighten you. The best way to follow the trail of all your income and conversions is through the Trackers. They are the only way in which you can effectively eliminate any errors or faults beforehand.

The world of affiliate marketing gives you access to a wide array of impressive tools and software. However, according to me, one of the most important solutions is none other than a tracking tool.

In this article, I’ll be reviewing Binom, a splendid tracking software for professionals and narrow down all of its features and characteristics for a better verdict.

Binom Intro

Binom is a renowned self-hosted tracking platform used by professional affiliate marketers. Its built and optimized for managing page clicks, CPA campaigns, sales reports, costs, revenue, traffic, and much more, in order to track any complications in your marketing plans and eliminate them prior to any blunder.

Binom is a tool which effectively increases your profit margin and makes affiliate marketing easier for you. It’s an advanced solution and the outstanding power with which it operates is the reason why Binom withstands severe competition among several other self-hosted trackers in the market.

Binom Affiliate Marketing Tracking Tool

It offers countless features such as the superb click-processing, report and analytics formation, advanced traffic distribution, multi-level filter system, and rock-solid API.

Here’s a list of attributes which makes Binom one of the most reputed trackers in the world:

#1. Remarkable traffic distribution

One of the very first things I noticed in Binom’s service was its traffic distribution. I was a bit wary of it at first; however, as things progressed I started seeing Binom as what it really was; a splendid traffic distribution source.

Binom’s approach is so advanced that it offers which most tracking tools wouldn’t, in such considerate price range. Thorough research is done to figure out which landing pages aren’t getting much recognition and aren’t getting the conversions and it gives those pages more attention to increase your frequency caps.

Binom also carries out an A/B and MVT-testing before redirecting through the proxy traffic. It has solid Traffic distribution rules in which you can track over 20 metrics to ensure maximum profit in your marketing campaigns.

Binom Campaign Optimization

#2. Tracking and analytics

One of the core features for which Binom is known for is, of course, its unwavering tracking and reporting capabilities. First and foremost, let’s talk about tracking.

Binom operates on amazing functionality which allows the user to access totally integrated landing pages without any redirects required. It records when a viewer came across your landing page and also notes their exit to generate better reports. Binom has City tracking attributes and also checks the conversion rates of the viewers. You can avail the unlimited domains and keep the tracking business going on for days at a time.

Now, when it comes to forming reports, Binom ensures the highest speed of analytics formation which means you can have a thorough analysis for your traffic, clicks, and conversions in a process of over 30 metrics.

Get constant statistics narrowed out by rules and rotations for every hour and day basis. You can also export the reports to CSV files for enhanced team management and share the detailed reports for campaigns and traffic sources with your staff.

Binom Tracking Reports

#3. Click processing and time

The speed in which Binom processes each click is rather impressive. It really doesn’t matter whether the number of clicks generated through your landing page is big or small. There may be thousands of clicks in the database and Binom is still capable of processing each click within 5-30ms at most.

Binom’s speed is its superpower and it does not sidetrack the main tracking process of the clicks at all. In fact, Binom guarantees there will be no issue of any loss in the database. The processing speed does not depend on the tracking and reporting, but is a different head entirely.

#4. Solid API

It’s really a bummer if you were to use a tracking software for all your affiliate operations and yet weren’t being provided with the most up-to-date information regarding the CPA campaigns and other events.

There’s really no point of paying for a tracking tool if it fails to frequent your caps and cannot increase your revenue tenfold. Binom will make sure that the user receives complete knowledge regarding the campaigns and the information about the clicks, landing pages, and other offers will be first provided to you.

#5. Note-worthy customer support

Let’s just get one thing straight; even though you may have been in the affiliate market; you weren’t born with excessive technical knowledge. You can be an affiliate genius and yet, there will be a few stones unturned here and there.

No need to fuss. Binom provides excellent support for the customers. It has a very detailed FAQ with over 100+ questions through which the user can get acquainted with the service. If you wish to reach the support team at Binom, all you have to do is contact them via tickets, email, skype or even telegram. Their average response time is an hour and you shall have no trouble as they’re effortlessly friendly.


You can avail Binom’s brilliant tracking functionalities in just $69/mo.

Binom Review (Pricing)

  • 14-day free trial
  • Unlimited clicks and domains
  • Smart and multi-level filter system
  • Lifetime one-click updates
  • Rotation of traffic distribution in any campaign
  • Direct traffic through LP Pixel
  • It is a self-hosted tracker (however, they assist with installation if necessary)
  • Could use some improvement in the interface
Final Verdict

Well, there you have it. The details I’ve narrowed out should be enough to make your mind up about Binom. If you’re still unsure, here’s a quick recap of everything Binom offers.

It has seamless traffic distribution, can track and manage your affiliate operations without any redirects, provides in-depth reports every hour about the conversions and clicks. The API allows you to access the latest information about the landing pages and campaigns.

It’s one of the most premium tracking software in the market and if you’ve got a query, you can reach Binom’s support and the team will ease any doubt you may have whatsoever.

Do give it a try if you wish to walk on the path to affiliate success.

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