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In this day and age, almost every intellectual aspires of working or studying in a foreign institute and dreams of making big. Are you one among those dreamers? If so, then you must be aware of a very crucial obstacle, TOEFL. The Test of English as a Foreign Language is essential for your academic if you are seeking to make it into large educational institutes or companies overseas.

However, qualifying TOEFL with above average score is a task not a lot of people can accomplish. The test takes exceptional skills and dedication to score well, especially for those of us whose native language is not English.
But you’ve got nothing to fret. If you wish to qualify TOEFL hassle-free, though aren’t confident of scoring well on your own, then we’re here to make all your worries vanish. In this article, I’ll be reviewing BestMyTest, the ultimate guide to master all parts of TOEFL with the utmost of ease.

BestMyTest Intro

Just like a lot of you people, the founder of BestMyTest once took the TOEFL and his experience and knowledge ended up being the positive cause for his next endeavor of initiating BestMyTest, so the fellow achievers could be able to reach glory just like he did.

In light of all the hard work one has to put, BestMyTest understands the efforts it takes to pass TOEFL, hence it’s easily the best service which helps in nailing TOEFL like it’s a cake walk.


Along with the interactive sessions at your leisure whenever you fancy, BestMyTest has stored several other enchanting features up their sleeve.

BestMyTest Review - Features

#1. TOEFL Reading

The key to gain well in TOEFL is perfecting all main four elements. BestMyTest ensures the utmost excellence and assistance in getting high marks in the reading component of TOEFL. The tutors at BestMyTest cover all major aspects, starting from academic topics and themes, improvisation of glossary and language, in addition to enhancing the reading potential. Reading comprehension consists of the development of reading speed, interpretation skills as well as building effective time-management skills.

#2. TOEFL Listening

The second most important element of TOEFL is Listening. BestMyTest believes the most effective way to achieve your goal is by constantly developing your potential. They guide your way through getting familiar with basic listening academic topics and learning effective time-management. The interactive sessions help you in increasing your vocabulary level, listening capabilities, and other advanced methods to excel while obtaining to score well.

#3. TOEFL Speaking

Here comes the tricky part. The Speaking element of TOEFL is rather complicated than other aspects of TOEFL. However, with BestMyTest, you needn’t worry about a single thing since the highly professional tutors and instructors are always on standby to ensure splendid scores and performance. BestMyTest helps you get familiar with fluid pronunciation, speaking flexibility, and intonation. They also help you master the art of coherence and cohesion, thus ensuring topmost performance whilst the test.

BestMyTest Features

#4. TOEFL Writing

Not a lot of people are blessed with effective writing skills. If you’re not one of the few who can write extensive paragraphs, then your chances of scoring high marks in the writing part of TOEFL on your own are pretty low. Conversely, if you are enrolled with BestMyTest, learning basic and advanced writing structures to gain maximum score in the most efficient way is guaranteed. Essay writing techniques, paragraph formation, and overall ability to write properly and coherently will be massively enhanced.

#5. Interactive Lessons

The Test of English as Foreign Language is a tad bit tough due to the gigantic amount of competition. However, the students enrolled with BestMyTest have an elite advantage. You are rewarded with advanced technological instructions and each lesson is highly informative and enlightening. You can effectively point out your queries or doubts during a session so they could be immediately sorted. This way of learning ensures better understanding level among students as well as tutors.

#6. Teacher’s Advice & 24×7 Support

The good thing about BestMyTest is that the tutors and instructors are wonderfully supportive and understanding. If you ever seek them out for advice regarding anything academic related, they will never turn a blind eye towards you. All the teachers are always bestowing both moral and scholarly support to their students to ensure better communication between student and teacher.

#7. Video Lessons Included

BestMyTest grants with the best videos which you can watch anytime, in order to master the course of TOEFL. Video lessons are proved to be more helpful in grasping the concepts and learning the material in a more superior approach. Video sessions help the brain to remain interested and engrossed in the content, thus the student becomes easily accustomed to the complete syllabus and curriculum to score excellent marks.

#8. Improvisation By 7+ Points Guranteed

BestMyTest endows a guarantee of scoring with an increase of more than 7 TOEFL points to each and every student enrolled with them. The tutors are passionate about your success and work hard on each scholar to make sure that the comprehensive courses are well rehearsed and understood. If you aren’t met with positive outcomes and could not score as ensured, then you can ask for your money to be returned by the BestMyTest team.


BestMyTest is currently offering four pricing plans with time-frame of 7 days, 1 month, 6 months and 1 year respectively.

The first package of 7 days is chargeable at $29 USD; 1 month packages pricing is $59 USD, and the third package of 6 months is chargeable at $89 USD, and last 1 year package priced at $189 USD.

BestMyTest Pricing (Review)

  • An exclusive and free 7 days trail offered.
  • In-depth completion of TOEFL course program.
  • Mobile-Optimized
  • Access lessons anytime of the day
  • Tutor support at Ask-an-instructor at all times
  • You do not get customized practice.
Final Verdict

I asked a lot of my colleagues and readers, whether BestMyTest is a worthy website or not. And guess what? Literally everybody who had heard of it responded positively. I researched online as well and there too I was satisfied with the results I was shown. After all, Google doesn’t lie, right?

I suggest BestMyTest to everyone who is trying to achieve an excellent score in TOEFL. It is not only ensuring great score but also improving your English language by great level. Great English means superior imagine in front of colleagues and friends.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get enrolled with BestMyTest now!

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