[High Paying] 10 Best CPC/PPC/CPM Ad Networks to Make Your Bank Manager Jealous

You can’t deny it! You want to make money online.

I know you have created a blog, published many articles and followed every guidelines those SEO pros recommend. Still, you can’t even generate a single penny from the web.

That’s the point when you doubt if it really possible to make money online. Yes, it is possible! And, your failure lies in the wrong selection of money making methods.

Don’t worry! I have got good news for you. In this article, you are going to read about 10 high paying CPC/PPC and CPM ad networks.

The following are the best ad networks I found to offer the best commissions for their customers.

[HIGH PAYING] 10 Best CPC/PPC/CPM Ad Networks (2016)

AD NetworksAD TypesMin. PayoutSign Up Now
Google AdsenseText Ads, Banner Ads,
Rich Media, Link Ads
$100 (Checks, EFT, Wire Transfer)Sign Up Now
InfolinksInArticle, InFold,
InScreen, InFrame,
InText, InTag
$50 (PayPal, eCheck, ACH, Payoneer)
$100 (Bank Wire Transfer)
Sign Up Now
ChitikaText Ads, List Unit, Mobile Ads$10 (PayPal)Sign Up Now
BidvertiserBanners, Buttons,
Inline Ads
$10 (PayPal)
$100 (Checks)
Sign Up Now
ClicksorInline Text Links, Text Banners,
Display Banners, Pop-Unders,
Interstitial Ads
$50 (PayPal, Checks)
$1000 (Wire Transfer)
Sign Up Now
Media.NetDisplay & Text Ads,
Mobile Ads
$100 (PayPal, Wire Transfer)Sign Up Now
RevenueHitsDisplay & Rich Media,
XML Feeds, Pop Ups/Unders
$20 (PayPal, Payoneer)
$500 (Wire Transfer)
Sign Up Now
Propeller AdsDisplay Banners, Text Ads,
Video Ads, Mobile Ads,
Slider Ads, Layer Ads,
OnClick PopUnder Ads
$50 (Paypal)
$100 (Payoneer)
$500 (Wire Transfer)
Sign Up Now
ExoClickPre-roll in-stream video,
Sticky Banner,
Notification Bar Ads,
Display Banner, Popunders,
Instant Message Ads
$20 (PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum)
$1000 (Wire Transfer)
Sign Up Now
Affinity AdsDisplay & Text Ads
(In-Footer, In-Page,
$50 (PayPal)
$1000 (Wire Transfer)
Sign Up Now
#1. Google Adsense

I can’t help myself from including Adsense into this list. Among all the networks, Adsense is the highest paying ad network.

Highest Paying Ad Network

You get complete control over the advertisements shown on your site. It is possible to block certain advertisers by their URLs. The same feature can be used to block low CPC ads.

They have a strict moderation team that you need to apply for it and get approved to start using. Just like any other ad network, you should have decent number of monthly visitors.

Sign Up Now

#2. Infolinks

If you analyze the amount of money getting paid to publishers by ad networks, you will spot Infolinks in the third position right after Adsense and Amazon Associates. In short, it is one of the best PPC networks.

They have got more than 200,000 publishers from 130 countries. And, the same diversity can be found in the number of advertisers as well. Infolinks doesn’t offer banner ads. Instead, it will convert certain words on your website into a hyperlink. Hovering over the same reveals the ad.

Best PPC Network

If you are a WordPress blogger, you can make use of their plugin as well. Infolinks is compatible with other ad networks too.

Sign Up Now

#3. Chitika

Adsense is not a convenient ad network for those who play in risk. If you spam a lot or do anything against their terms, Google will ban you from using the ads.

There comes Chitika. They don’t have many strict standards. Still, you have to wait a maximum of one week to get your account approved. Once your account gets approved, you can use ads on all your websites.

Chitika One of the Best CPC Ad Network

The CPC is somewhat lower than other networks in this list. But they kept the threshold payment minimum that you can withdraw money via PayPal once it comes up to $10. That’s why I included it as a best ad network for bloggers.

Sign Up Now

#4. Bidvertiser

Next up in this list of best ad networks for publishers is Bidvertiser. Given that they don’t have many advertisers under their roof, you may not see ads relevant to your topic if you are on a narrow niche.

The approval process is the quickest among the lot. They don’t have any traffic constraint or language limitations.
One of the best things about Bidvertiser is you get paid for conversions along with clicks as well.

High Paying Ad Network

Sign Up Now

#5. Clicksor

Have you heard of Clicksor? It is well-known as the best alternative to Adsense.

If you are in love with Adsense ads, you will not find this one interesting as Cliksor doesn’t offer similar ads. Nonetheless, you can choose from different ad types available on the dashboard.

For WP, Blogger and Joomla websites, the plugin comes handy to implement ads.

Best Ad Network for Bloggers

You can use it with other networks as well. Still, they limit you from using more than three ad units (from Clicksor) per page.

Sign Up Now

#6. Media.Net

Media Net is the Adsense competitor that comes from an alliance of Microsoft and Yahoo.

The approval process is tough for international bloggers and, you need to have maximum US traffic to make considerable process from your site.

They have decent number of advertisers and it can show relevant ads on your site as well. Just like Adsense, you can analyze the performance of your ads in real time on the dashboard.

The preview option for units is also available. You should use English as the primary language of your site to get approval.

Best ad Network for Publishers

Sign Up Now

#7. RevenueHits

RevenueHits may not be the oldest in this list. Still, it has awesome earning potential. I have seen bloggers making even millions with RevenueHits only.

If you are looking for a way to monetize your blog with one of the best PPC ad networks, and you overlook Adsense, I can’t recommend another best choice. Go for RevenueHits.

Best CPC/PPC Ad Network

They have display, text, popup and pop-under ads. In order to make the maximum profit, you can use diversified formats.

The threshold payment is $50. You can receive the same via PayPal.

Sign Up Now

#8. Propeller Ads

Though they present themselves as a CPM ad network, you can make money in different methods.

Propeller Ads is one of the fast growing networks considering the increase in the number of their advertisers and publishers.

Best CPM Ad Netwok

You can avail individual optimization guidelines to maximize your profit. The earning models are different like CPM, CPA, CPC and CPL. It is possible to display video ads as well.

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#9. ExoClick

If you are on fashion or lifestyle niche, Google Adsense may ban your website. There’s no denying that you can’t use it on your adult website as well. There comes ExoClick as one of the best CPC networks for such sites.

High Paying CPC Ad Network

They offer more than twenty ad formats including banners, interstitials, pop-unders etc. for computers, and mobiles. The threshold payment is $20.

Sign Up Now

#10. Affinity Ads

When it comes to offering extra ways to insert advertisements, Affinity Ads tops the list. You can implement them in toolbars, widgets, search suggestions and content as well.

Best CPC PPC Ad Network

Affinity has CPC, CPA and CPM models. And, it offers decent eRPM too. It shares about 95% of revenue with their publishers.

Sign Up Now

Wrapping Up

You have now got 10 best CPC/PPC/CPM ad networks that an Adsense ban won’t intimidate you anymore.

If you have tried any other network and got good results, don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section down below.

I hope you will share this article with your friends and followers on social media.

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