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I have taken a keen interest in dropshipping platforms as of lately. If you’re a regular reader, then you might have noticed I’ve been reviewing them quite frequently nowadays. Well, what can I say; dropshipping business seems to have grown on me.

Everyone wishes to make money online, including me. I’m a firm believer that the world of the Internet gives us unlimited potential to thrive and shine. Like any other intelligent person, of course, my first instinct would be to open an e-commerce business. There was indeed a time when I wanted nothing more than to sell my products online.

However, the more I looked into the big picture, the more it dawned on me that it appears rather easier than it actually is. That’s right; opening an e-commerce store from scratch isn’t a walk in the park. It’s much, much harder than it seems.

When I thought all hope was lost, someone finally told me about drop shipping platforms and I was literally in awe. I couldn’t believe that I can make money from someone else’s products by selling them myself, that there’s no requirement of spending thousands of dollars on inventory and it can even enable me to showcase my own brand. One such platform I’ve very recently stumbled across named BaapStore.

BaapStore has everything I was looking for and more. I’ve been using their services for a few months now and decided that it was worth reviewing.

BaapStore Intro

BaapStore was launched in 2011, it was as non-branded firm and registered the brand name “BaapStore” in 2016 under the “Uptail Private Limited” company. And for well over 8 years, it has grown tremendously in the market. As huge stores such as Amazon, Flipcart, etc. were taking over; it was increasingly difficult for small retailers to try their luck in the e-commerce business.

BaapStore has over $400,000 worth of products and more than 26,000+ pin codes covered by their delivery networks, which is more than any dropshipping platform I’ve ever tried.

With the aim of maximizing the customer’s profit and giving access to tens of thousands of products for them to sell under their name, BaapStore was born. With BaapStore, the users shall put their exertion towards the sales and revenue only and everything from inventory to delivery will be taken care for them.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at BaapStore’s enchanting list of features:

BaapStore Features (Review)

#1. Thousands of free products with auto-refilling

When you open an e-commerce business from scratch, you need to purchase thousands of products. To buy inventory, you must invest humongous amounts of money. There’s also the whole issue of losses. The more products you have, the more chances there are for them not being sold.

What I liked best about BaapStore was that it gave me access to over Rs.50,00,000 worth of products. At first, I thought it was fair since I paid for the Diamond plan. Shortly afterward I was astonished to discover that BaapStore provides free inventory worth lacs to every single user, irrespective of their chosen package.

BaapStore automatically refills the products which sell best in the market and keeps on adding new inventory on their database over a regular interval of time.

#2. White-labeling and listing of products

Since BaapStore enables me to sell the products under my own brand, it also allows me to set my personal selling rate and provides the products to me on wholesale price. This way, my customers don’t get to see that BaapStore, in reality, provides me the products. Instead, the customers get to see my brand’s name in the shipments and orders they place.

There’s one more thing I absolutely adored; before I bought the dropshipping package, I went through their list of products. It was remarkable how they don’t restrict who sees their wide variety of products.

Listing capabilities were also incredible. There are multiple categories one could choose from and listing a particular product manually is as simple as listing all the products at once.

#3. E-commerce website, Hosting, and marketing

I paid for the diamond package, so naturally, I was rewarded with my own e-commerce website. Bronze members don’t get a website.

Along with that, I also got a free domain and I could choose my website’s layout from several different themes and skins. I was happy to see that the website was mobile responsive, otherwise, it would have been a bummer. Payment and shipping integrations were also decent. I had no problem with the payment gateway since I had 100% admin access to the website. Also, BaapStore offers free web hosting with SSD storage and SEO services to diamond users.

BaapStore has a splendid marketing approach. According to me, the tool which is most worthy of praise is the unlimited access to free banner images. Banners alone cost thousands at a time to have them made. Being an Indian, I require different banners for all occasions and festivities. So it sure spared me losing a fortune over banner images. We could also create our unique coupon codes to lure more customers and attract them with e-gift vouchers as well.

BaapStore Premium Banners

BaapStore Premium Themes

BaapStore Website Templates

#4. Delivery and shipment integrations

I’m not going to lie; I was blown away by BaapStore’s delivery options. It covers more than 19,000 pin codes across India and they also provide International shipment overseas too.

Delivery across India is absolutely free of cost, though there might be delivery charges for the customers living abroad to have the product delivered at their doorstep.

BaapStore’s shipping integrations are above average as they have made acquaintances with some amazing courier companies all over the world. The products are guaranteed to be shipped within the same day of order, thanks to the ever-availability of inventory and each customer get his shipment tracking id when the order is confirmed.


BaapStore has three dropshipping packages available, namely Bronze, Gold, and Diamond. Each is payable at Rs.17,495, Rs.35,988, and Rs.59,899 respectively at a one-time billing. You can renew the package after a year at lower prices.

BaapStore Pricing


  • Free SSL certificate
  • Return and exchange management
  • Courier via Delhivery, FedEX, Ecom Express, Speed Post, etc
  • Cross-platform sales via Amazon, eBay, Flipcart, etc
  • Cash on delivery option available
  • 24/7 ticket and phone support
  • Unlimited products at wholesale price


  • None that I could find

Final Verdict

The real question here; is BaapStore worth it or not? You see, there are very few services in which I couldn’t find one fault. BaapStore was one of them. There was nothing to complain about and this is why BaapStore is considered as one of the top three dropshipping platforms in India.

I strongly suggest you try BaapStore if you want to do business online without having to deal with inventory, unsold products, losses, delivery, or marketing. BaapStore takes care of everything, top to bottom.

In my opinion, it’s one of the best dropshipping platforms I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of. It’s got everything one needs to do e-commerce business and earn maximum profit without actually having to invest in the products.

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