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If you are somehow one of those people which are under the assumption that eBay isn’t one of the most popular online marketplaces, then let me burst your fantasy bubble real quick here; eBay Inc is one of the largest multinational e-commerce corporation that has been in the business ever since 1995.

In fact, eBay is one of the very few online marketplaces which not only deals in clothing or daily necessities, but also vehicles as well as electronics. From new to refurbished items; you get everything you could ever want on eBay.
So naturally those who decide to do their trades on eBay aren’t barking up the wrong tree. In fact, eBay is proven to be amazingly profitable for its merchants. But to be a successful trader, you need a strategy so you could utilize your sales affair efficiently.

To earn maximum revenue out of your eBay trades, a dropshipping tool is all you need. Speaking of, in this article, I will be reviewing one such brilliant dropshipping platform called AutoDS, a tool made just to make your eBay sales more thriving and profitable.

AutoDS Intro

AutoDS is a dropshipping platform which excels in handling the trader’s orders and manages the sales, customers’ messages and queries, handles the returns as well as various filters and orders, apart from optimizing the inventory. AutoDS has automated controls which spares the seller a lot of energy and losses due to managing the orders individually. It optimizes everything from prices, stock, sales, as well as the returns so it could track everything down and avoids any negative results in your trading deals.

AutoDS is effortlessly flexible for all types of traders; whether you’re a freelancer or run a large organization, it is wholly capable of maintaining your dropshipping business.

There are many cool things you should know about AutoDS, so let’s kick off with its splendid set of features.

#1. All-in-one optimization

One of the best things about AutoDS is of course, its flexibility of quickly learning about the customer’s requirements and adopting the filters accordingly. First and foremost, let’s talk about the money.

Being the most important thing in everyone’s life, money stands tall at the prime peak. AutoDS enables you to raise/drop prices on your products as per the demands, allows you to mark your listings as low as $0.99, and even lets you separate your own listings or settings.

The second most crucial aspect for a trader is the inventory. There’s the whole question of the stock going to waste, right? We all dread that particular scenario; after all, naturally all customers demand fresh products.

AutoDS keeps track of your entire inventory and handles the items which rarely bring in any sales and suggests discarding them with the help of the Profitability monitor. Another cool feature is AutoDS’s shipping policy which helps keeping the ‘Out of Stock’ listings away from the customer’s eyes.

#2. The most advanced listings filter

AutoDS allows you to filter your listings by any feature you want. You could track and manage your stock status, the quality of products, the order summaries, the estimated profits on each sale and even the loss on each product return.

You even have the option to add tags to your listings if you want. Intriguing, eh? Also, you can optimize the listings as per your preference. Change more than 1 listing in a single go via the bulk change setting.

#3. Dropshipping Finder

AutoDS offers a very unique feature which enables the system to scan thousands of fellow drop shippers on a daily basis in order to track the best selling products. Due to the AutoDS Finder, you can have access to only the best items depending on their selling frame.

You can easily upload the highest selling products with your added charm in order to intensify your sales tenfold. AutoDS also has a scheduler through which you can program the uploads at a particular time for enhanced results.

#4. Automation of orders

Automating orders is where a dropping business could go wrong. Automation is the most crucial step for eBay traders. Everything from orders, updates, and messages, almost all controls are automated in AutoDS. You can automatically track your sales and enhance the communication between you and your customers.

When the automation is active, the number of the sales will naturally be better than before. Enhance the response by at least 60% with the help of AutoDS.

#5. Top-notch customer service system

Satisfying the customers is every businessman’s topmost priority. Happy customer means a satisfactory trade. In order to make the customer happy, you need to ensure that whenever they reach out regarding the orders, you must respond back to them immediately.

I know how hectic it can get to periodically open eBay in order to reply to the customers’ messages or cases. Well, now you don’t need to open ebay since AutoDS allows you to respond to the customers through its own system.
You can send them the 3 automated messages, or choose from the premade templates, or talk directly to the clients regarding the orders, cancellations, and return cases.


AutoDS’s pricing is starting at just $0.99/week for 100 listings and goes as high as $3215.98/month for 1,00,000 listings.

AutoDS Pricing Trial (Review)

AutoDS Pricing King (Review)

  • Auto ordering and tracking
  • All-in-one automated system
  • Advanced bulk listers
  • Schedule and update products
  • Automatically update tracking numbers
  • Performance analysis and monitoring
  • Multiple accounts dropshipping
  • Interface could use enhancement
Final Verdict

I can go on and on about why AutoDS can be the best dropshipping platform if you wish to boost your sales tenfold. But first, you need to understand why it is different than other tools in the market. First of all, AutoDS is for traders from all over the world. Whether you do business on either Amazon or AliExpress, it doesn’t matter. You can still use the dropshipping tool and manage all of your orders.

AutoDS is considerate in terms of the pricing and offers thousands of listings for you to choose from. It even has a chrome extension which pretty much does all the deed for you. Save your time and let AutoDS manage your stock, orders as well the customers with a single flick of a wand.

If you wish to increase your sales revenue by 60%, let AutoDS do the work.

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