Appsbar Review – Make a Mobile App within an Hour [FREE]

Have you ever been told that you need to have exhilarated coding skills to develop a mobile application? It’s all wrong!

And, you don’t have to spend money for hiring a developer or buying an app builder either.

The unique tool I am going to share here is going to walk you through the entire process from building to publishing.

Are you ready to check it out? Well, here we go!

About Appsbar

Appsbar began its exquisite journey in 2011. Appsbar were pioneers in DIY app building and they were the first patented system. Appsbar reportedly has over 1.5 million users to date.

Appsbar Features
#1. Free of Cost

Say you have an amazing idea for an application but you are short of funds. What do you do in such an occasion? You need to borrow the money to hire a developer, don’t you? Or you will develop the app yourself using an app builder. But sadly no app builders are free except one about what you are reading right now.

Yeah, you heard it right! Appsbar is a completely free service. You don’t have to spend even a dime get access to their feature rich design panel.

#2. Easy to Use

I have seen quite a number of app builders in the past. The so-called easy to use builders turn out to be more complicated for a non-coder as go deep into it.

Appsbar has about 40 premade modules to start with. The modules are actually categories and I don’t think you will go disappointed without finding your category there.

Appsbar Review 2016

The step-by-step app building will not confuse you as the steps involved are more than simple.

#3. Build Apps for Multiple Platforms

If you are serious about app building, you must publish both on Android and iOS. And, if you can adopt right strategies for virality, you can try out Facebook apps too. A business should target audience with different tastes. That’s why Appsbar offers the support for Android iOS, Facebook and web app as well.

You will never go unnoticed as you will be building and publishing the app for different versions and also social media.

#4. Publish Your Apps without Sweating

Most of the app builders don’t help you publish the app. And, the interesting fact is all of them are paid.
For a beginner developer, the app publishing should be a real issue. He or she doesn’t even know how to make the procedures rolling. There comes Appsbar for the rescue.

Like I said, they never charge you for using their service to develop an app. The same goes on with app publishing too.

#5. Develop Apps on Your Mobiles

We always keep our cell phones with us. But it is not the same with PCs or laptops. So, whenever you have to make a quick app within hours, you may not be in the closer vicinity of any computer. That’s when you have to rely upon application development on your phone using Appsbar.
We don’t really see this feature on every app builder. But Appsbar has it, a much more unsophisticated app builder on Android.

#6. Reference Guide

App development is some sort of geeky task. So, you need the help of an expert or tutorials.

The Appsbar website has a set of help articles. You should definitely check it out to get hold of what is going on with the builder.

They have got a blog too where the team updates details on updates, new features, bug fixes etc.

How to Build an App using Appsbar?

Appsbar Review

Step 1: Sign up for Appsbar and pick the app type you want to go with.

Step 2: Customize the design to have a perfect UI.

Step 3: Share your app publically. That’s all.

Video Tutorial

Video Credits: Appsbar

Absolutely Free!

No cards or net banking credential is needed here.

  • Appsbar is available for free
  • Can create Android, iOS, Facebook and web apps
  • Online publishing is free
  • Easy to use interface
  • Premade modules to ease the process
  • Can develop apps on mobiles
  • Real time testing with emulator on the road
  • You will have to spend money for publishing on Play Store and iTunes.
Final Verdict

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to develop and publish your apps? Then Appsbar is the perfect free app building solution you can ever get. So don’t waste your time, just sign up for Appsbar and start developing NOW.

You will get support for Android, iOS, Facebook and Web apps. And, the preset modules are there to help you out as well.

So, Join Appsbar for free today. You don’t need to spend a single penny and can soon have your own app.

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