App Radar Review : All-in-one App Marketing & App Store Optimization Tool

Are you an app developer, who strives to make your apps popular? You know programming your app in the best possible way doesn’t help you make it favorite among the users. You must try some out-of-the-box to do that.

Obviously, not every great app developer is a great internet marketer. For the same reason, you will feel it disappointing to have no eyes towards your application. Don’t worry! I have got something to cheer you up.

App Radar Review

App Radar is a life saver for every application developer as it comes with some useful tools to research and optimize the app store listings. I know you might not have heard of the platform. Given the inadequacy of a perfect tool for the app developers, I decided to give it a try and share my experience with you.

App Optimization Tool (App Radar)

Let’s have a look at the features of App Radar now.

Features of App Radar

As a web developer myself, I found the following features of the platform the most useful.

#1. All-in-One Place for iOS and Android

If you go with the official platforms to publish applications, you have to work with a couple of them because the official solutions don’t allow you to manage both Android and iOS applications at one place. For the same reason, you will find it difficult to jump between one to another.

App Radar has been built with this inconvenience in mind and they have made it the one stop place to publish and manage all your app store listings both for Android and iOS. Moreover, the process is straightforward and faster than that of the official options available on the web.

#2. Keyword Tracking

You know the digital marketing is all about the keywords. If you manage to find an untapped and popular keyword, you can use it to fuel your marketing campaigns. Effectively using such a keyword can fill your bank account (that’s ultimately everyone looks forward to doing, right?).

App Radar - Keyword Tracking

Once you use a keyword, you have to be updated about where you stand for that particular one. For example, let’s assume your keyword is to do list. Then, you need to track the position for your app on both stores when someone searches for to do list.

App Radar offers regular keyword tracking reports, so that you can understand how your marketing campaigns work. Not only does it offer the tracking data for US stores, you can choose to get the report for any nation-wise market at your fingertips.

#3. No SDK Required

As a programmer, you know the importance of SDKs, don’t you? Whenever you get out to developing an application, you have to import tons of SDK to make it work fine. I am sure you find it hazardous.

Luckily, App Radar doesn’t make you do the same. And, it just works very well out of the box that you don’t have to install or import any SDK. All you should do is signing up for a developer account. Once you do that, you are good to go forward.

#4. Upload Screenshots like a Cakewalk

When a user lands on an app listing on the store, he/she definitely takes a look at the screenshots to understand how the interface is. You shouldn’t publish an application without screenshots as well.

In case you want to upload screenshots for different types of devices, you will have to spend hours and hours sorting them if you opt for the official app publishing solutions. On the other hand, App Radar publication platform makes it easy for you sort, localize, and upload your screenshots.

#5. Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is an essential tactic in digital marketing. You can spy on competitors to know which keywords they are cashing in on. Using those in a much better way than your competitor did will take you to the top golden spot.

Not only does App Radar allow you to track your keywords, but it also helps you analyze your competitor apps, so that you can use gems of their app marketing campaigns. App Radar also gives you options to input the potential keywords easily.

The advanced keyword manager of App Radar assists you in finding profitable keywords. You can also get an estimation of the popularity and traffic count as well.

#6. 14 Days Trial Period

App Radar is a paid platform and you may not want to jump right into it without trying. And, that’s why App Radar provides a trial period of two weeks. You know you don’t want more than that to find out how the platform works.
In case you don’t like their service, you can cancel it anytime you want.

So, you have read the major features of App Radar here. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons in a nutshell.


  • Keyword research and tracking
  • Competitor analysis
  • Supports both iOS and Android apps
  • No SDK
  • Easy screenshots uploading

  • A bit expensive

App Radar is a bundle of two products; ASO tool and Publisher. You can buy both of them for $3.98 per day.

App Radar Pricing - Review

In case you don’t want two of them, a single one costs $1.99 per day each.

App Radar Pricing

Final Verdict

So, what do you think?

Are you confident enough to bring tens of thousands of downloads for your application without any help? Then, you don’t need this tool.

Or else, you can opt for App Radar to make your applications popular by finding profitable keywords and using them effectively into your listing. Provided they have a trial period of two weeks, you won’t lose anything by trying out their service. You should hurry up right now, because the trial period is not going to be there after August 31.

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