AltusHost Review : Pricing, Features, Pros, Cons & Expert Advice

Almost every business needs a premium web host provider that proves to be entirely worthy of every single penny it is charging, which is why each one of us should opt for an adequate web-hosting service providing company that will accomplish all of our web-hosting necessities with utmost ease and contentment.

The biggest dilemma of choosing for a tolerable web host is that it could turn your website into a total nightmare due to insufficient quality and eminence. But don’t worry; we wouldn’t let that nightmare become your living reality.
With that intention, we present to you the most satisfactory and acceptable web hosting service provider in the market, which will boost and heighten your business both swiftly and effectively.

AltusHost Intro

AltusHost is a European web hosting company which provides premium services to all sorts of clients from different regions of the world. With three main headquarters in Amsterdam, Stockholm and Sofia, AltusHost has been in the hosting business since 2008. For more than a decade, they have dealt with more than 10,000 clients and served them with supreme approval and satisfaction.

Even though there are, like, nearly a gazillion web hosts in the business, over the years, I’ve noticed that most of the web hosts claim superiority but lack the most important thing — Quality. And AltusHost proved to be never short on it.

Why AltusHost

Alongside the ultimate excellence, it offers many amazing benefits and features.

#1. Specialised Network Infrastructure

One of the core features of AltusHost is the supreme quality of their network infrastructure and hardware. Absolute 99.9 percent of network uptime is guaranteed by AltusHost with much confidence and delicacy. All of the services offered by them — whether that are Dedicated servers, VPS hosting or Shared hosting — are served with such sheer distinction in their uptime quality, that every single client of AltusHost has positive responses to furnish.

#2. All-Time Support

AltusHost ensures that clients face no complications or difficulties while using their services; with that intention, they are bestowing full 24/7 technical support to be at the customers’ leisure in case a query arises. A client never has to bother or be concerned about any technicality pops up, because prime AltusHost team will sort out a complexity before it stalls any progress.

#3. Money Back Guarantee

I am really confident in AltusHost’s premium quality and trust it with all my heart, though that doesn’t mean that you have to as well. Every customer is given the choice to decide if AltusHost is worth each penny or not, which is why they are offering 45 days money back guarantee with Shared Hosting plans and 15 days money back guarantee with VPS hosting plans. You are totally able to decide gradually and unhurriedly if AltusHost is trustworthy or not, without any pressure.

#4. Completely Free Migration

Have you already hosted your business somewhere else with some other host in the market and wish to swap with AltusHost? Then let me tell you that AltusHost will switch your website with them for absolutely free of cost. You can easily opt for AltusHost and migrate your website to their brilliant servers without having to go through any trouble with it charging you.

#5. Safest & Most Secure

As an individual or as a company, your biggest asset happens to be your data. Data protection should be the utmost priority for every organization. Among many superb benefits, AltusHost provides with extreme security and protection over your company’s data. In addition to the foremost data protection, AltusHost grants software and Legal security as well to make your experience with web-hosting the safest.

#6. Trustworthy & Hardworking Team

You can always rely on AltusHost’s hardworking team. Their prime team consists of highly trained and proficient intellectuals who are always working with a single aim; paramount satisfaction for the customers. The clients can approach AltusHost’s team about a query anytime of the day and the complication will be sorted out immediately.

7. Full Owned Network Hardware

AltusHost consists of a network hardware which is entirely owned by them, which means they don’t rent it from a “landlord” and that no other server can approach or log into their network hardware. The network infrastructure is made only for the clients who are engaged with AltusHost. Their private network hardware will ensure the supreme protection of your data from all the third parties.


AltusHost Pricing (Review)

VPS Hosting

AltusHost’s Virtual Private Servers are unique and made with chief reliability on their powerful main nodules which ensures supreme quality in both performance and flexibility. Each of the VPS transports fine optimizations that would make your website healthy and 100 % risk-free. Install and run hefty third-party applications with absolute ease with fully managed VPS hosting plans.

AltusHost’s Linux VPS hosting plan starts from €11.96/mo and Windows VPS hosting plan starts from €31.96/mo with XEN virtualization.

Dedicated Servers

AltusHost is offering a broad scope of dedicated servers with Standard Servers packages ranging from €119.95/mo to €199.95/mo, including free setup and Unmetered plans starting from €199.5/mo.

SSD Web Hosting

For those of you, who are seeking utmost proficiency, reliability, consistency as well as the aptitude for your professional web atmosphere, AltusHost provides with stupendously premium Web Hosting plans, catered just for your expert business requirements.

AltusHost’s web hosting package starts from €4.95/mo to €14.95/mo. The Basic plan offers unlimited bandwidth with SSD space of 10GB and complete DDoS Protection. The Standard plan offers unlimited bandwidth with SSD space of 20GB, while the Pro plan offers unlimited bandwidth with SSD space of 30GB.

  • User-friendly and uncomplicated cPanel
  • Premium European network with big names as their clients from the industry
  • Best value on market and budget friendly
  • Highest level of control and fully managed VPS
  • DDoS Protection included
  • Free backup with Shared hosting plans
  • No money back guarantee with Dedicated server plans
  • Main data center located “only” in Amsterdam, Stockholm and Sweden
Final Verdict

I’ve suggested AltusHost to a lot of my colleagues and almost all of them had positive responses to give. It is budget-friendly, flexible and entirely safe and sound. The proficient makers of AltusHost work with one criterion as their chief goal, that is to provide topmost premium quality, therefore you can always rely on AltusHost to provide you effectively risk-free outcomes.

In a nutshell, calling AltusHost entirely trustworthy and efficient would be most fitting.

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