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It’s true that the number of web hosting companies is multiplying tenfold. Thousands of web hosts are out there offering their services for you to take. You may end up thinking that it will be easier for you to choose an adequate web host, after all, there are so many to choose from.

Let me burst your fantasy bubble right here, real quick. Having so many options at your leisure can only turn out to be even more difficult. The ever-increasing competition in the hosting industry is not making things any easier for the users. 

If anything, it’s making it all the more complicated for people to decide which web host is most suitable for them. There’s a constant dilemma one has to face, thanks to having so many options to choose from.

There’s also one more drawback of hosting market nowadays. There are surely hundreds of quality web hosts out there. However, not many are qualified enough to offer a diverse range of hosting solutions.

In other words; most web hosts are offering only limited hosting packages. Suppose you like a web host and it doesn’t give you your desired reselling hosting, it’d be a bummer, to say the least. 

Henceforth, don’t settle for less and don’t go for a web host which doesn’t live up to your expectations as it should. Let me make you acquainted with a beast of a web host which I’m sure will blow you away.

AlphaRacks Intro

AlphaRacks as the name suggests in one of the absolute Alphas in the web hosting industry. It was established in 2006 and has come a really long way ever since. It wasn’t renowned in the market for a long time, but as of recent years, it rose to prominence rapidly. 

The quality and performance of the hosting have increased stead-fast. The customers are increasingly becoming more and more keen to optimize AlphaRacks. Its sort of amazing how one hosting provider can offer so many solutions with utmost ease and stability.

AlphaRacks’s servers are powerful and can easily grant lightning-fast speed to companies which are onshore. They work with the kind of excellence that despite having so much traffic on their networks, there is never a chance of downtime. 

There are lots of enchanting features which AlphaRacks bestows. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of them-

#1. Instantly deployed

Throughout my years in the web hosting market, both as a customer and as a trader, I’ve ended up paying beforehand for my hosting services, and then always lived to regret it. A lot of hosting providers are known for taking the advance payments, then not deploying the servers for a number of days.

This is really a bummer for those of us who wish to instantly operate on our websites. Who would like to wait a few days until the web host finally comes to the senses to grant the services? Not me, certainly.

AlphaRacks, fortunately, isn’t one of those hosts. They grant what they promise. You get instant deployment after making the purchase and get to business in no time.

#2. Absolutely remarkable uptime response

One of the biggest let-downs is facing downtime. Just imagine how discouraging it would be for you if you paid lots money just to ensure that your website stays online around-the-clock, only so your viewers can visit it anytime, anywhere but your web host cannot even manage that.

That scenario is both embarrassing and dissatisfying. You wouldn’t wish it even on your foes.

Therefore, you must always choose a provider which is solid and powerful enough to grant the utmost SLA uptime.  AlphaRacks is one of the very few which believes in permanent stability. Once you get hosted with AlphaRacks, it is ensured that their networks will withstand any complexities that may arise. You will be guaranteed with 99.9% uptime and rest assured, your website will never be down for long.

#3. Constantly upgrading the resources

One of the shortcuts to secure successful outcomes is to enhance one’s own capabilities. AlphaRacks is always keen to go the extra mile for the customers and is dedicated to providing users with the best experience which no other host can provide. 

In order to do that, the team takes a lot of initiatives. These measures are taken solely for the betterment of the whole company. They constantly offer upgrades for their services in order to bestow excellent and up-to-date hosting solutions.

This seamless enhancement may vary from time to time and include quick upgrade/downgrade of the bandwidth allocation according to the user’s necessities. 

#4. Around-the-clock support

Now I’ve got to admit one thing here; I’ve seen companies with tolerable technical support services. Some companies are exclusively giving top-notch customer care solutions, only at the expense of additional charges.

 I have to say AlphaRacks’s support performs better than what I’d expected. They provide around-the-clock customer support which is excellent and very fast. They have a team of over 15 members which is committed to the support department only. 

The team’s estimated reply-back time is within mere minutes; however, the Sales/Billing tickets aren’t as immediate to be responded back as we would prefer them to. Given to the fact that AlphaRocks only has three individuals in total as the Sales representatives, it’s only natural that they should take more time than usual to reach back. 

#5. Good value for money

The best reason for using AlphaRacks is its affordable prices. Their standard of hosting services is certainly unmatched. Yet, at the same time, all of the packages are offered at such economic prices that one can’t help but feel lucky. 

AlphaRacks has a wide range of hosting available and speaking of, let’s take a look at their pricing-


AlphaRacks’ s Shared hosting is starting at $3.50/mo. 

AlphaRacks’s normal Reseller, Master Reseller, and Alpha Reseller Hostings are starting from $6.95/mo, $9.95/mo, and $19.95/mo respectively.


AlphaRacks’s OpenVZ virtual servers, KVM VPS, SSD KVM VPS, and Windows VPS are starting from $4.99/mo, $4.99/mo, $3.99/mo, and $9.95/mo respectively.


AlphaRacks’s dedicated servers are ranging between $38/mo to $138/mo.

  • Affordable prices
  • Splendid functionality and reliability
  • Blazing-fast and secure servers
  • IPMI motherboard compatibility
  • Both SSD and HDD storage
  • Sales/Billing tickets sometimes take more than 24 hours to respond.
Final Verdict

As a company and as a web host, AlphaRacks has come a long way. AlphaRacks was not a known name at the beginning of its launch. However, in regard to the recent years, AlphaRacks has certainly taken the hosting market like a storm.

It’s one beast of a web host in terms of stability, uptime, and performance. There is a variety of hosting packages, all of which are upgradable. They also have a three day money-back policy for those which are still unsure after purchasing.

It sure lacks in some ways, but overall it’s a solid provider, one which I think you should definitely give a try. It’s reliable, and at the same time it’s affordable. Now that’s a combo which you don’t see often.

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