Affilight Review – Custom SDK & Mobile Solutions to Monetise Your Site

As more and more people are going digital these days, trend of making money online is also increasing with time. With the growing involvement and huge potential of the market, bigger number of companies are entering into the game and start working as a platform from where one can earn money. Among all such platforms there is one more platform launched recently that is Affilight and we decided to join the portal and share our experience with you. Here in this post we are going to review and explain you about

About Affilight

Affilight is blog monetization platform that allows publishers to utilise their blog mobile traffic and make good money out of it. Affilight provides CPM Ads, Popup Ads, Banner Buttons, Video Stream Ads etc. Along with that you can also upload Android apps and games to integrate ads in them. Sounds to be something new for you? We will also provide you with a guide how to do that.

To start with Affilight you need to signup at their platform that is for free of cost. Their team will check your blog. Once you created your blog you need to create your first platform to start promotion of offers of your choice. You can also promote the offers on mobile apps as well by adding advertising code to Android apps and games in ‘Wrap/SDK’ tab.

Best Mobile CPM AD Network

In the above picture you can see the dashboard of Affilight (Geo: India).

Features of Affilight
#1. Fortnightly Payouts

In digital space with emerging opportunities, there is also a chance of getting scammed by fake companies. There are so many companies and such platforms that never repay back to the publishers and all their efforts get wasted. There are some platforms that pay in every quarter of the year or after reaching some threshold payment. These conditions make the whole process quite complicated. In order to keep it easy and simple Affilight decided to pay on fortnightly basis that is a great step for the benefit of Publishers. It also help them in gaining the trust of publishers. It will connect more and more publishers with them in near future.
A wide range of payment methods is available: bank card, Yandex Money, Wire, Payoneer, WMZ, WME, E-payments, Capitalist, Bitcoin, Litecoin, PAXUM, EPESE, Paypal, QIWI, OKPAY.

#2. Easy to Use Interface

There easy to use interface is one of the best thing they are offering. With their interface you can easily track all the details of your campaigns like Shows, Clicks, CPM, Leads, Launches etc. Along with this you can check all the things in their dashboard. In order to help publishers and to make all the things make easier they are also providing you the live chat support option. It makes things more easy because you will get assistance from real team instead of some IVR

#3. Expert Support

You can always get support from experts from their team. They are always ready to help you with whatever the problem you face. They provide you a personal trafficback manager and personal account manager to help you in making money with Affilight. Along with this, they help you in choosing the right offers and also helps you in suggesting the right offers for your website.

#4. Multiple Opportunities

Here you will get opportunities for multiple kind of traffic. Like if you are having mobile based traffic, organic traffic, social traffic, traffic on your mobile apps etc. You can monetize every single visit with their help. It is surely a great feature. Though, they never allow you incentive traffic on their portal.

#5. Instant Signup

They are providing instant signup, it means you can easily become their member. That meant you don’t need to wait for any kind of approval to start with these guys. You simply sign up with their platform and select the offer that suits you. There are so many platforms that do not allow instant signup and they have a long process that takes a lot of time and lot of complications in order to get approved.

#6. Major Revenue Sharing

Most of the platforms never share more than 50% or 60% in ideal cases. Here you can get up to 80% of revenue that can prove as cutting edge of their programme. No matter what offer you are choosing you can get up to 80% of revenue share and this will surely attract publishers. It is also required that publishers get good amount of commission from the revenue in order to continue in long run.

#7. Lifetime Referrals

The best point of Affilight is they always give you lifetime referral of 5% on joining any other member from your referral link. These types of referral offers always encourage publishers to promote the offers. Plus it is the benefit of both the parties i.e Affilight and the publishers connected with them. It should always help you in getting more and more money from affilight.

Affilight Best CPA Mobile AD Network

Who can Get Associated with Affilight?

  • You must have mobile web traffic or Social Traffic.
  • You are not allowed for incentive traffic.

What kind of Advertisement solution they can Provide you?

  • They have popup ads like mobile
  • Mobile Videostream Ads
  • Fullscreen Ads
  • Mobile Banner Ads and Buttons
No rocket science: earn with free Android apps

Are you still wondering how to make money on the Internet? The answer is literally in your hands.

Do you know that most of people get access to the Internet via their mobile devices? There is no surprise that the mobile market is the best place where anyone can get a piece of a pie. Read this guide and learn how to earn even without any special skills – just by publishing Android apps.

Make money by sharing Android apps

Most of people have Android devices, the market is really huge. In total there are about 3 billion users in the world and the number is growing. All of these people use apps. However, Google play might be not the best option to find something new. People still face restrictions because of their device or geographical position. For this reason a lot of people publish free apps outside the Play store.

People are searching for apps and download them from various groups on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs and specialized apk stores. I guess you want to ask: “how publishers earn with that?”

The answer is straight forward – advertising. They integrate ads into these apps.

Integrate ads into your files

There are advertising networks that give tools to integrate their SDK to Android apps. To put it very simple, SDK is an advertising code. It allows to show ads like in your favorite apps: video, banners, fullscreens and so on.

I will describe this method using the example of the advertising network –

Custom SDK Guide – How to Start
Step 1 – Find your niche

For those who already know something about android apps and have tried to share them via different media, this step will be less interesting. But for others it is a key to success. You should find something that is really attractive for people. You can find the most popular and trending apps via or You can find some good ideas on And finally download the apps that you plan to share.

Step 2 – Find the ways to share your apps

There are many methods to get traffic to your apps: create a site, accounts in social networks, or share them in public Facebook groups. File hosting is another important issue. Direct download link is always more preferable.

Step 3 – Integrate ads into your apps

For this step we will use The best thing you don’t need to get an approval. Sign up and get immediate access. Then take these apps and upload them to the Wrap/SDK converter. It will integrate ads to your files. Be patient and when the files will be ready download them.

Step 4 – Share your apps

Now it’s time to upload files to the file hosting and start to share the apps. Make sure that you give a clear and attractive description of the files you share and some nice screenshots. People should understand why they need to install your apps.

Step 5 – Improve your strategy

Have you received first installs? Now you can relax and track your results. If number of installs and users is growing so you are on the right path. If not, it’s time to review your strategy. Try other games and apps from different categories. Experiment with traffic sources. Even most people think that it is easier to get a lot of installs with games, such traffic is good for the first time. However to earn more you need an app that will be installed on users device for a long time.

Affilight APK Monetisation AD Network

Pros of Affilight:
  • Easy to Join
  • Instant Payouts
  • Low Threshold
  • High Revenue Sharing
  • Lifetime Referral money
  • Personal Support
  • High Paying offers
  • Retargeting
Cons of Affilight:
  • No 24x7support (though you can contact by emails or raising tokens)
  • Incentive Traffic is not allowed
Final Verdict on Affilight:

Affilight is the network that one should try upon. They are working well and are providing lot of facilities to publishers like retargeting, Easy to join, etc though like everything there is scope of improvement with them as well. They have good user to interface that one can easily understands and start with. Though you need to be cautious as well since they are new in market and working very nice at present.

I Hope you like this in-depth review of Affilight. If you have any questions regarding Affilight, you can ask in the comment section given below.

Don’t forget to share with your fellows 🙂

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