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Ad networks have become a significant part of my work life. Why is that you ask? Well, I earn most of my income from my blog. It starts with driving traffic on my blog through the content I create and show them ads as they interact with my content and website.

Here, ad networks help me generate demand for my ads amongst advertisers. So, I can say it plays a significant role in my blog’s growth. Ads are one the most effective method to make revenue out of content. I’ve been relying heavily on ads ever since my blog started thriving about a couple years ago.

When the readers started clicking on my affiliate links, it dawned upon me that I needed ad networks to keep the revenue flowing freely across my blog. I have used several different ad networks over the years, but most of them require a hefty number of pageviews in order to optimize ad revenue. In my search for a decent ad network which would my needs, I recently stumbled upon AdPushup.

AdPushup Intro

AdPushup Dashboard (Review)

AdPushp is a revenue optimization platform founded in 2014. Over the years, the company has also evolved as a demand partner for web publishers and bloggers. AdPushup also leverages its suite of features and technologies to help publishers grow and optimize their ad performance and revenue.

Their features include automated A/B testing and ad layout optimization technology, innovative ad formats, header bidding, ad mediation, ad recovery, and AMP. I’ll be explaining the purpose and efficiency of these features in this post basis of my own experience and understanding of their technology.

Facts of publishers:

  • Minimum requirements: $1000 monthly ad revenue
  • Offer types: CPM, CPC
  • Advertising type: Display, Native, Text Ads
  • Minimum Payout Threshold: $50
  • Frequency: Net-45
  • Payment Options: Wire, Paypal
  • Support: Dedicated Account Manager
  • Contact: [email protected]m


  • IAB Member
  • Google Partner
  • Finalist of Microsoft Partner of the Year award
  • AgencyCon’s Ad Network of the Year
  • 300+ Publisher Partners
  • 10+ Premium Demand Partners
  • Serving more than 4 billion monthly ad impressions
  • Average ad revenue uplift between 30-40%

Going by the numbers

Currently, AdPushup works with over 300 publishers, helping them increase their revenue, ad CPMs, CTR, and demand. The technology platform serves over 4 billion monthly ad impressions and helps publishers capitalize on their website ads. The platform is suitable for small- and medium-sized publishers (minimum $1000 monthly ad revenue) while also offering tailored solutions for enterprises.

With the right optimization technology solutions in place, AdPushup has helped publishers increase their ad revenue from 30 to 40% on average with continuous improvement in ad performance. Upon more research about AdPushup, I found that one of their publisher partners witnessed as much as a 534% revenue uplift using their solutions.

Exploring the technology

#1. Ad Layout Optimization

In running a website, I am always looking for solutions that could help me conduct A/B tests and let me know what’s working best for me, and what’s not. AdPushup as a platform allowed me to create multiple ad layout variants so I could edit them according to my own preference as and when I require.

The visual manager enables users (publishers) to create multiple but unique ad layouts on different parameters. A USP is that the automated A/B testing feature does all the manual legwork for the users by continuously running tests, collecting data, and generating performance reports.

The testing and optimization divide and delegate your incoming traffic to the running ad layouts to decide which variant has been performing better. Publishers who are not sure which ad layout would be best suited for them could use this feature to grow their revenue sustainably.

#2. AMP Converter

Google’s AMP framework was created to speed up webpages on the mobile web. But implementing AMP can be difficult for publishers with no development experience or resources, especially making sure that the layout of AMP pages remains consistent with the main website and setting up monetization.

AdPushup’s automated AMP converter ensures that the design and branding elements of your webpages will be maintained; while still benefiting from the reduced page load time offered by AMP. AMP-enabled webpages can load as much as 5 times quicker compared to standard HTML pages on a mobile device.

Pages converted into AMP tend to rank better on the search engines too. Most of all, the converter minimizes the page load and ad rendering time, which eventually helps achieve a better viewability score.

#3. Adblock Recovery

Ad-blocking is one of the major challenges publishers face. When ads are blocked, it’s inevitable for you to lose revenue. AdPushup’s ad-block recovery solution works using ad reinsertion technology.

This ensures that all the ads served meet the highest UX standards under the Acceptable Ads program and successfully serve impressions to ad block users so publishers don’t end up losing revenue.

#4. Header Bidding

AdPushup’s header bidding integration allows several demand partners to bid on your ad impressions in real time. Publishers have seen up to 70% revenue uplifts with header bidding. Their header bidding system developed by AdPushup uses data science and machine learning to drive superior performance.

The key features include automatic demand partner selection, automatic timeout management, native demand integration, bid monitoring and discrepancy resolution, multi ad-size support, and more.

#5. Ad Mediation

Ad Mediation helps publishers optimize yield from closed and non-RTB ad networks (where real-time auctions don’t exist). The feature categorizes website traffic in over 600 audience segments based on country, device, data, and others to get historical performance data.

Ad mediation processes traffic data with over fifteen parameters to check which network is best-fit for the ad impression. This entire process is automated, but users do get the option to manually override it.

#6. Innovative Ad Formats

Given the declining CTRs on ads, AdPushup has introduced innovative ad formats with the intent of improving the click and engagement metrics for publishers. Here are the ad formats they offer:

In-Image ads: An innovative format where the system scans your content and adds contextual ads for better relevance.

Sticky Ads: Sticky ads have been around for some time and they work. With this ad format, chances of conversion increase as ads are always in view, no matter where the users scroll.

In-view Ads: These ads remain dormant within the content area until the user interacts with the page. They expand themselves only when users scroll down to the section where these ads are placed.

Docked Ads: These are similar to sticky ads, however, they are not fixed to a specific location. They get triggered when users scroll down the page beyond them and then become sticky.

Getting up and running

AdPushup is easy to get started with. It follows a two-step onboarding process which goes like this:

  • Start by signing up in the AdPushup console and adding his/her website.
  • AdPushup Add Site (Reviews)

  • Next, insert the code snippet in the website header and hit ‘Save.’
  • AdPushup Code (Detailed Review)

This two-step process is simple to perform on your own. For further onboarding, AdPushup assigns a dedicated account manager who look after the ad operations on behalf of publishers.

Final Verdict

The one thing which made AdPushup stand out for me is the support team. The support (ad ops) team helped me out a great deal. It’s one of the very few ad tech services which provides a dedicated account manager to customers. It means that when you become a web publisher with AdPushup, you get your very own manager who will act as your advisor to using the platform.

Other than that, I was thoroughly happy with the A/B testing, which enabled me to find the best performing layouts. Having multiple layouts variants sure played part in boosting my ad optimization. One more feature which played a crucial part in boosting ad revenue was the header bidding. AdPushup was rewarded with the NASSCOM EMERGE 50 award and AgencyCon’s Ad Network of the Year 2019 award.

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