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Every month over the past year, seeking to expand new push traffic outlets that can help the sum of money we’re actually making. I want to report on new networks that are in the works or the networks that are delivering elevated volumes of traffic to see if they react to demand. Today, we will discuss how works as a first-party native push ad network. Socially referred to as “push ads,” “teasers,” or “teaser URLs,” these tactics have recently swept the affiliate marketing sector and earned strong reputations. There are also instances of this model being adopted by various ad networks. Because ads are delivered to users’ devices as reminders, one of the primary benefits of this advertising style is that users never miss them. Many people click on these ads for new product updates, but the push alerts have a conversion rate of four times that of ordinary messages. Push alerts are distinct from conventional ads in that they don’t have toggling you back and forth between the page and your screen, but they are delivered directly to you on your device or tablet. That explains why the personalization of push notification marketing is something that many brands have found to be unhelpful and effective and may lead to generic results, depending on how you want to expand push notification details and deliver them.

AdOperator Intro

They are one of the expanding networks of advertising agencies that have chosen to use this type of ad format and are becoming larger in the entire market share. They have a self-service website that allows you to buy Web Push Marketing from the biggest locations in the world. This media buying platform has over 2.800 million regular views on mobile and desktop web. Different kinds of websites use advertising as a medium used for different applications. They have only been in the business since 2017, but they’ve already gained trust in the buyers and the vendors by having formed relationships with each of the team and their employees in the first half of the year. It indicates they are on top of the problem! In order to broaden their customer base, lower their promotional prices, and reach new audiences, they choose to invest in a large distribution. The CPC volumes are somewhat close to those I’ve seen in the past, and vary in regions based on the country’s Android use. Nevertheless, it makes sense to maximize the number of places where people use Android over countries where people use iOS.

Why Adoperator (Review) offers other push subscriptions, which many ad networks shy away from providing nowadays. In addition to that, they also have other format options such as popunders/clickunders and onsite web push messages. What’s even more noteworthy is that has a three way monetization for publishers and payouts can be processed by the platform on requests without them going on hold. In addition to that, the platform also offers an agency program and it will help you avail 7% of the total amount you’ve spend on their campaigns.

#1. Creating campaign is convenient

The role of designing a push campaign is as straightforward as using the The first phase in your campaign is choosing the ad format that the platform offers. You can select push messages, popunder, or Inpage push formats. You can create more than 1 ad for native formats (up to 4) in one ad campaign by using our built-in IMG editor. If you choose to optimize this URL, add the dynamic tokens. You can also monitor multiple conversions by referring to the URL below. This is also needed to be explored in Voluum later, so we’ll work it out there. To summarize your search results, you must also compose your title and definition to 45 characters for push and inpage push formats.

AdaOperator Review (Ad Networks)

#2. Friendly navigation and payments

Users have access to a Campaigns tab where they can also build new campaigns and control any established ones they are already using. Actions such as Reports, Visitors, Campaigns, Tracking, and Reports Manager are all available on the Reports and Settings panel. If you select the “date,” “Country,” or “SubID,” you may expand the list to display the subset of the display. The Funding and Expenditure page offers a customer the opportunity to monitor their spending background, and the added functionality of transferring funds to their account. Insurrogator allows accepting of payment from the following payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and some other Cryptocurrencies, Paxum, Webmoney, PayPal, Wire transfer, and credit cards. Their platform offers flexible payment systems where the minimum threshold is $20.00. You can also request for payments conveniently from your account for Payoneer or Capitalist payment methods. Users would be allowed to change their personal details, such as their email address and password, on the My Account settings link.

#3. Reliable and affordable campaigns gives two budget options for you to choose from; ‘ as soon as possible’ and ‘during the day’. It makes it easier for you to spend your money cautiously and also monitor your spendings. They are renowned for selling 98% accurate traffic which you can monetize and you can also block unwanted clicks as their security parameters are also noteworthy. To monetize the traffic, all you’ve got to do is register as a Publisher and add your website to the campaign. The available formats to do this include pushAd, popAd and in-page. You can make a suspicious IP list and blacklist the IP addresses that seem fraudulent to you. Suffice to say, is a trust-worthy ad network and its extensive list of features is what makes the platform outshine others.

  • High-quality traffic

  • Convenient CPC and CPM models

  • Broad compatibility

  • Multiple country coverage
  • Easy registration and campaign creation
  • User-friendly UI

  • 24/7 live chat
  • Wide range of payments method
  • Strong advantages for publishers

  • None so far
Final Verdict

Push ads are one of the most successful we have encountered so far, and we consider AdOperator to be one of the strongest for such ad networks. Team recommends this kind of traffic for popular affiliate marketing niches and verticals like Sweepstakes, Nutra, BizOp (Bitcoin, Binary Options,), App Cleaners, etc. The campaign customization features allow consumers to increase their return on investment dramatically. Around the same time, you can’t meet the limits on normal or cumulative traffic or overall budget. You should not lose out on an opportunity to gather traffic because it might be important. Much of the time it’s good enough to thoroughly examine a product’s capabilities before taking it up for help. It’s also quite beneficial to talk to support their team if you are having difficulties with it. Support is available around the clock. Give it a shot and let us know what you think of

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