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Everything you need to know about AdNow

AdNow is a native advertising platform that allows bloggers and website owners to show ads on their blogs and websites. There are more than 150,000 partners working with AdNow at present. They claim to deliver 5 billion monthly impressions across more than 107 countries. AdNow has been started in 2014 and gains a great amount of mileage till now that shows the integrity of their team towards their work. Native Ads are a kind of paid media ads that seem like natural content that is why a user more likely will click on it. Usually Native media are used by viral content websites. One can also place native advertising in order to use it as an additional income source from their blogs. Below we show an image of ads that will help you to identify what is native advertising.

AdNow Ad Network Review

In the above image the link covered by red line is an example of native ads. It looks like a part of original content and similar to other articles on the website.

Features of AdNow Advertising Platform
#1. Fast Payouts

Mostly Native Ad platforms allows payout after reaching the threshold of 100$, along with that there are so many other complex procedures that one need to follow in order to join their platforms and get the first payments. Though the help of AdNow, you can eschew all these problems and one can sign up instantly without any problem of getting approval and all. They make your first payment on reaching the threshold of 20$. You can get paid on PayPal, wire money or e-payments. This makes complete process quite easy for publishers and one can make handsome money with this kind of networks.

#2. Improved algorithms

Any ad network can survive in market presently if they show user-friendly ads to their audience, It is the only place where most of the ad networks fail drastically. If you are showing the ads of weight loss on any technology website then the CTR would always be less that will hardly make money for publishers and conversions for advertisers. It ultimately leads to loss of ad networks. With AdNow you will not face such problems and they keep on improving their algorithms in order to improve the user experience and make efficient results for both publishers and advertisers.

#3. Minimum threshold deposit for advertisers

AdNow is working with publishers as well with advertisers. They allow very minimum threshold deposit for advertisers. This minimum deposit is $30. One needs to deposit $30 as a deposit to start campaigns. In other platforms advertisers need to pay higher deposits that results in blockage of cash that one can use for their business. These minimum threshold makes the difference between AdNow and other native advertising platforms. One can deposit money using PayPal, internet banking or with the help of credit cards.

#4. Allowed for Non-English sites

Nearly more than 20% of websites are in non-English language like German, Spanish etc. There are very few methods for these websites to make money as most of the ad networks and affiliate platforms don’t allow non-English sites. AdNow allows non-English websites a golden opportunity to monetize themselves and make good amount of money depending upon the number of visitors these websites are getting.

AdNow Ad Types

#5. Referral systems

If you are referring them as a preferred native ads platform among your audience, your friends and your visitors for their particular websites, on every signup you will get recurring 5% of their total earnings that can work as a passive income for you. More websites your referrals add, bigger the revenue will become. That will always help you to get some amount of income and for that you don’t need to depend upon your own traffic and websites. Referral marketing is always one of the best sources for marketers to make money.

#6. Improving day by day

With every day since 2014 AdNow is improving as they are constantly getting new partners, increasing ad impressions and enlarging their presence in different countries. This shows that AdNow is improving day by day and behaves consciously towards their partners. Though they need to improve few more things like user experience and they also should allow almost every kind of websites.

Pros and Cons of AdNow

Like everything has some advantages and disadvantages AdNow has also some pros and cons. All of them are presented below:

  • Low threshold amount for payouts
  • Good CTR (up to 1.5%)
  • Non-English sites are allowed
  • You can use other ad networks on your website
  • New partners keep on joining AdNow and coverage among countries is also increasing
  • Their algorithms are getting improved daily
  • Low referral commission
Final Verdict of AdNow

AdNow is constantly growing platform and they are working on every aspect to improve the quality of their product and service. One can join it without any doubts. They pay on every 20$ that also means that your money will not be blocked for a long time.

Hope this article would help you, If you have any suggestion or doubts regarding AdNow please let us know through comments we will add it in our comments section to make people aware about AdNow.

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