Admost Review – Maximize Your App Revenue with Mediation Router

Are you an app owner? If you say yes, I know you have registered for multiple ad networks.

Still, you are disappointed. You place maximum ads on your applications. Still, you are not able to maximize your earning.

Does this sound familiar? Then, you are not alone. Plenty of web admins are out there, who have no clue on upping the revenue.

So, how can you increase your ad revenue? If you ask me, I will spell one word, mediation. I know you are new to this. And, that’s why we have got this review to help you integrate mediation for your mobile apps.

Admost Mediation Router Review

Most probably, you may think, what on the earth is this mediation? And, how can it help me increase my ad revenue?

Hence, let’s have a look at what this new term is.

What is Ad Mediation?

Simply put, mobile ad mediation is a technique, using which a central platform provides ad requests to different networks. Apparently, you won’t have to struggle with low earning issue because the central platform ranks the networks on the order of profitability.

On the contrary, if you go with one particular ad network, you can get what they offer. When it comes to mediation, what you get is the best.

As your app provides an ad request, the main platform compares the specifications of each network and delivers the best that matches your priorities.

I hope you have got a clear idea of ad mediation. Majority of people use this technique to monetize mobile traffic.
Now that you know what ad mediation is, let’s have a look at Admost.

Introduction to Admost

You might have figured it out by now. Admost is a mediation router. You can sign up for Admost to maximize the earning from your mobile apps.

Why Admost (Detailed Review)

Even though the company hasn’t become a popular choice yet, you will be amazed to see the growth it brings.

Next, we are going to have a look at the overview of Admost.

Features of Admost Mediation Router

The following are the features of Admost that impressed me the most.

#1. A Single Dashboard for All the Networks

As I said earlier, the ad mediation involves different advertising networks. You must use them to maximize your profit. If you prefer to stick to a single network, you will suffer from low CPM, CPC issues.

Admost Review (Ad Networks)

On the other hand, mediation gets you the best among the lot. So the question arises. How can you manage all the ad networks?

Well, you don’t have to worry about it. Admost Mediation Router brings all the networks streamlined into a single platform. You can analyze the stats fom there. In fact, you can forget visiting separate websites to check the earnings of the day.

#2. Easy to Setup

I hope you are an app developer. Some people hire app developers to bring their ideas into reality. In such cases, they may not even know the basics of app development.

When it comes to setting up something related to ads, you have to know at least the basics of coding. Well, I know you don’t know it. How can you integrate Admost on your games and apps?

Don’t worry! They have made it easier. Addmost has an SDK, which you can integrate on your apps without sweating much. Once you do that, you can access all the stats from the single dashboard.

#3. Manual ECPM Calculation

Most of the times, we have to blindly believe ad networks when it comes to ECPM. Do you have any doubts about it? Do you want to find the real ECPM rates of traffic you get on your apps?

Then, you must sign up for Admost now. They allow you to manually calculate ECPM. Admost counts every impression on its data base and pulls out the revenue data from ad networks. Using both the details, you can calculate ECPM like a walk in the park.

#4. Automatic Sorting

I have already told you this. But Admost follows a unique technology called waterfall sorting to arrange the ad networks.

Waterfall sorting is an algorithm that acts separately for different apps. What it basically does is arranging the ad networks in order to offer the best ECPM rates. The algorithm is so powerful that the sorted list varies from country to country, ad zone to ad zone, and client to client.

The three-metric system (eCPM, fill rate and diversity of ad) of Admost helps you spreading your traffic to the networks with the best yields.

#5. Flexible Ad Units

One of the primary criteria to decide the mediation router is the support for ad types. You have to compare your requirements with the offering to stumble upon the best solution.

Admost offers support for almost every type of ads. You can insert text ads, banners, interstitials, videos, and even offerwall. As native ads are trending today, they have added support for it as well.

#6. 100% Fill Rate

When you dedicate ad slots and choose a mediation router, you have to make sure that it fills all the slots so that nothing remains as void.

If you want 100% fill rate, you must go with Admost. It ensures no ad slots on your app remains empty. For the same reason, you get the best conversion ever.

  • Free for three months
  • Support all types of ads
  • 100% fill rate
  • All-in-one dashboard
  • Intelligent network sorting
  • Nothing as such

You can use the service for free in the first three months. Obviously, you get to know whether Admost works for you or not within this period. Once you decide to use it further, you have to pay 5% of your revenue as the fee.

Final Verdict

So, Admost is worth it?

If you are a mobile app owner who badly wants to increase your revenue, you must go for Admost. For all the reasons you read above, you will get a boost.

And, you won’t lose anything given that they offer the service free for the first three months.

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