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Digital monetization is continually becoming more complicated and diversified. There is a vast range of skills and a comprehensive long-term business knowledge required to effectively use ad space and keep up with the latest industry developments. Maximizing revenues is not as easy as taking a stroll in the park. That is why you might need some help down the line. That’s where Adapex comes into the picture. a sophisticated automated adopt team which offers valuable consulting expertise for the publisher, and assistance in increasing their earnings and advertising revenue. If you really care about delivering content and features that your customers like, you can put in the time and effort. To define, test, and introduce the most profitable forms of ads for the website, is the business Adapex does. Even, as they have shown, you can trust them with the technological, customer, company and relational know-how to improve your sales capacity.

Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about Adapex-

Adapex Intro

We partner alongside the world’s best publishers to increase their revenue and at the same time protecting customer experience. Our proprietary product and service package of software and resources provides publishers with opportunities to expand their advertising revenue. A header bid raises the priority as to how much money it is going to be contributed. customized programmatic advertising network expanded the abilities and performance capabilities, including special features such as custom functionalities that are built in to benefit publishers including a premium Google AdX and AdX EBDA. Integration and natively implemented bidding options are also entirely automated. 100% proprietary performance monitoring and analytics tool that provides deep understanding of the business, makes the whole workflow process more efficient, simple, with one unified dashboard that helps to balance and interpret complex data guaranteed CPMs as well as brand partner promotions which will increase the base and recurring revenue. and administration, in-to-house business marketing arrangements functionality that helps you to take maximum advantage of established networks and services All is on our side; we don’t have to think about how potential changes and optimizations would impact our ads in the design and implementation phase. Adapex staff cooperates with customers when required and figure out their preferences, so the monetization can be continued and Adapex can proceed to increase their revenue up a notch.

About Adapex (Detailed Review)

Now let’s take a look at Adapex’s amazing set of features and everything else that the company has got to offer you.

#1. Seamless and user-friendly integration

Integration plays a bigger role than you think. I’ve been acquainted with many ad monetization networks in the last few years. I can safely claim that there are very few ad networks that I haven’t heard of or better yet, optimized it myself. The biggest drawback in most them was complicated integration. Advertisers as well as the publishers with existing infrastructure don’t need complex ad network integration piled up on top of their already stressful schedule. Fortunately, Adapex came and saved the day. It has hands down one of the easiest integrations I’ve ever encountered. Implementing code on Adapex seemed like a cakewalk and their platform was astoundingly responsive. These are the top two features that I appreciate before anything else. I cannot compromise with my site’s responsiveness either and the same goes for the ad networks I’m optimizing my ads with.

#2. Ad configurations

It would be an understatement to say that Adapex is good in terms of optimization. Truth to be told, it is pure-class. It has an ad refresh rate on 5 variables, which is not quite immense, but the platform is extremely reliable. Therefore, I was satisfied. Adapex even has a unique ads injection which ensures which help to maximize the cpms and increase the revenue. Suffice to say, Adapex is a platform that was made to satisfy the user, whether a publisher or an advertiser. It comes with a customer header bidder solutions as well.

#3. Video optimization

Video optimization is an important feature in today’s time. To ensure the highest bidders, I implemented a video header bidder that helped me increase my revenue. When I first came across Adapex, I was not aware that this platform offered pre-roll and outstream video header optimization. When bidding for an outstream video header, Adapex will ensure that our fills are maximized. I’ve been monetizing my ads with Adapex for quite some time now and I’m yet to be disappointed.

#4. Exceptional Campaign Management

Adapex has well over 50 demand partners. Therefore, management of the campaigns is easier than ever with Adapex. The platform allows the user to get the in-house direct deals which you wouldn’t easily get with alternative ad network. Believe me when I say this, I’ve worked with various platforms and the most revenue I’ve generated for my website was with Adapex. It offers convenient CPM models as Adapex is already partnered with tons of programmatic players.

Adapex Features (Review)

  • User-friendly integration
  • 24/7 support
  • 20+ monthly impressions
  • Custom header bidder solution
  • Google AdX and AdX EBDA
  • GDPR and CCPA compliance
  • None that I could find so far

Well there you have it, a quite comprehensive and a sufficiently detailed review of Adapex. This platform has been tried and tested by me and I am not just saying that it is one of the best platforms to monetize your ads, just for the sake of sales. It really it one of the best and I would definitely put Adapex amongst the top adops companies I’ve come across.

It has amazing optimization capabilities, outstream header bidding, video configuration, and many more enchanting features. Managing the campaigns is also a convenient task, the same cannot be said for other ad networks in the market.

Adapex is definitely worth a shot and more. I’ve certainly benefitted a great deal with it, and I’m quite sure that you will as well!

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