ActiveTrail Review (2020) – Simplistic and Customizable Email Marketing Platform

You might have heard the saying, ‘money is in the list’.

What does it mean? It points to the maximum return on investment your email list can bring. You know there are multiple methods in online marketing. Of all those ways, email marketing certainly is the best one, offering you the maximum ROI.

You need the perfect solution for your email marketing needs. If you opt for the wrong selection, you will end up testing the patience of all your subscribers and as a result, the size of your list will shrink.
Here, I am introducing you to an email marketing platform, ActiveTrail. Let’s find out whether it worth your money or not.

ActiveTrail Review

ActiveTrail has been around the web since 2004. Given the fact they are here even now in 2017, you can imagine they have done something well. In order to check what made ActiveTrail gain their customers’ trust over a decade, let’s have a look at what they can offer.

ActiveTrail Features (Review)

#1. Intuitive Web Builder to Design Impressive Emails

You have to capture the minds of your subscribers with an impressive email design to convince them to do what you want. Provided every email marketer is not a designer to play with code snippets to come up with attractive design profiles, we need something like a WYSIWYG builder.

Well, you got it! ActiveTrail comes up with an intuitive web builder to create amazing emails that drags in the attention of your audience.

To my surprise, they even have an image editor. ActiveTrail astonished me to my bones when I saw the options their image editor has. You can add some special effects and make any image look like the way you want.

#2. Availability of Many Stunning Templates

Even though we have a WYSIWYG editor, sometimes, you may feel your mind runs out of new ideas to create an email template. For the same reason, you call for some stunning readymade templates to start with. Not a few templates do the trick because we use email marketing for different purposes.

ActiveTrail offers dozens of astonishing templates for email designs. When you find a template that partly suits your need and you think it needs to be edited, you can alter the design to fit the purpose.

As you just read above, the editing on the ActiveTrail platform is a sheer pleasure due to the advanced and unlimited offers it provides.

#3. Easy-to-Use Landing Page Builder

As a marketer, I am sure you know what a landing page is. It simply is a webpage that persuades the visitors in a friendly manner to do one thing (be it buying a product, subscribing to a service, or anything else).

ActiveTrail Landing Pages

I have already introduced you to the intuitive editor and dozens of templates ActiveTrail has. Once you select a template and make the necessary changes you want, you can choose a URL and publish it right away. Then, you can share the link with your subscribers in any email you send. Given the way you designed the page with all the resources ActiveTrail gives, I am sure you will have an impressive conversion rate.

#4. SMS Campaigns

You might have fed up with tons of emails coming right into your SMS inbox after buying a domain name, right? If done right, you can make conversions out of text message campaigns. Given that the majority of people use smartphones nowadays, you won’t find it tough to drive people from your text message to your landing page. It’s the matter of putting a single link.

You can build a list of phone numbers and group them according to the purpose. Moreover, ActiveTrail helps you automate the complete process so that you won’t have to have the headache of sending a thousand SMSs at different times.

And, they guarantee immediate delivery. Due to the personalization options it provides, you will see more than 90% of your messages getting opened.

#5. Ability to Create Online Surveys

Surveys or polls are something internet marketers use to collect the opinion from their audiences without making them uncomfortable. You might have already seen some polls popping into the YouTube player.

The truth is, you can conveniently make surveys in a way your visitors don’t even want to overlook. You can add different types of questions and multiple choices so that the person on the other end doesn’t feel like racking up his/her brain.

#6. Complete Automation

You know many marketers use welcome emails right after when we sign up for their list, don’t you? Some of them even sent us some incentives as a gift for being a part of their email marketing campaigns. Do you know how they do it? I am sure you don’t think they do it manually. Because they can’t always be in front of a computer, let alone keep the email marketing platform opened.

ActiveTrail Automation

They rely upon the email platform to automate the process. ActiveTrail helps you do the same. You can completely automate the delivery and enable the autoresponder, so that your subscriber doesn’t feel like left alone.

#7. Integration with Other Systems

Are you a WordPress user? Then, I know what makes your life easier? The plugins! Yeah, so you may like to go with an email marketing solution that offers or supports plugin integration. And, there ActiveTrail has your back. You can install their plugin, create a sign-up form and place the form wherever you want on your site to grab new leads.

The integration ranges from PayPal to Facebook. Moreover, you can use their API to display the data from ActiveTrail on custom platforms as well.

ActiveTrail Pricing

The pricing differs from plan to plan and it solely depends upon the size of your list. Starting from $7 for 500 contacts, you can even get a custom quote if you have a massive list with a lot of subscribers to serve. They also provide you with the options to go with only email or SMS as well.

ActiveTrail Pricing

  • WYSIWYG intuitive web builder
  • Stunning templates
  • Availability of landing page builder
  • Marketing automation
  • WordPress integration
  • Free trial
  • Haven’t found an option to import contacts from another platform.
Final Verdict

Do you want an intuitive platform that doesn’t make your life as an email marketer tough? And, do you want a cheap platform for all the email marketing needs?

Then, you should go for ActiveTrail. They provide both email and SMS marketing features within a budget you can’t ever imagine. Don’t worry! If you are in hesitation, you can try their service without providing any payment details as well.

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