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So I went online and asked around about time tracking to see how many people were aware of what it actually means. I was disheartened to discover that only a handful were aware of this term with a business approach. Time tracking is much broader than the phase suggests.

It can be perfectly defined as an element that enables you to keep a check on the time you or your employees spend on certain projects and tasks in your business.

Time tracking took over the internet like a storm when users realized that they can effectively save a lot of exertion when they keep a check on their activities. This ensures that you are doing everything possible to satisfy the customers you already have by providing them excellent services, at the same time taking out enough time to gain new customers and satisfying them as well.

Also, it’s especially effective when you hire workers on a timely basis. Not just businesses but most freelancers use time tracking so they can bill their client by the hour. Suffice to say, if you want to improve efficiency and productively in your work, there’s not a better solution than time tracking.

My favorite time tracking tool in the market and the one I’ve worked with the longest is 14Dayz. This one’s worth giving a shot at and I’ll tell you why.

14Dayz Intro

14Dazy Review (Features)

14Dayz is a web-based time and productivity tracking software that is prominent in over 30 countries. This software has a solid clientele of over 40,000 happy customers and I’m pleased to announce that I’m one of them.

14Dayz was founded way back in 2006 and has been headquartered in the Netherlands ever since. Initially, it was considered a pretty mediocre company since people hadn’t yet realized the true importance of easy time tracking. However, as good judgment prevailed over the years, 14Dayz has thus established its name in the world of Internet.
The reason why users love 14Dayz is because this tool is so effortlessly simple and hassle-free. It’s easy-to-use and everyone who utilizes it, relies on 14Dayz because of its accuracy.

Now without further ado, let’s take a look at everything that 14Dayz has got to offer to the customers.

#1. Compatibility
14Dayz is easy to use because it can be optimized on any device you want. You can use it on your desktop, laptop, or even a smartphone. There are tools that don’t offer the smartphone compatibility and it makes them all the more unapproachable. After all, you can’t always have your laptop with you at all times, can you?

Smartphone compatibility is considered highly effective in maximizing your productivity on 14Dayz since you can always keep a track of your projects and how much time you have spent on them. Having 14Dayz on your smartphone is quite handy and it’s been claimed that most users prefer using 14Dayz on their phones instead of their laptops. Even while you’re away from the office, you can keep an eye on your employees to see if they’re working as productively as they should in the time-frame allotted to them.

You can download the 14Dayz app for free and it’s available for both Android and iOS users.

14Dayz Features

#2. Accurate Reporting
One of the best things about 14Dayz is its reporting. You can track your activities and the reports are real-time and accurate. When you have access to the statistics of all of your tasks, it becomes abundantly easier to get even more productive with your work.

The reports will be sorted into pies, lists, and or any other format that you fancy. In addition to that, you can also apply filters as you go to manage and track certain activities even more efficiently.

If you wish to show the reports to some of your clients or even an employee, and at the same time, there are certain elements in the reports that you’d rather keep to yourself, then 14Dayz allows you to generate customizable reports. Therefore, the reports will adapted the way you want to present them.

#3. Easy Management and Comparison
Comparison becomes very handy when you can differentiate one task from another and you could see for yourself which tasks you spent time on effectively and the ones you didn’t.

Even as a freelancer, comparing projects is proven to be quite productive. Suppose you guest-wrote a couple of blogposts for a friend. One of them derived more views than you’d anticipated and one didn’t live up to the expectations.

Now with the help of 14Dayz, you can manage and compare your work progress and see how much time you spent on each article, therefore deriving which blogpost you showed the maximum productivity in. You can thus repeat the same energy on all articles from then onwards.


New accounts always get a FREE 30 day trial period with full functionality, from then onwards you pay $10.16/mo. The package includes unlimited clients and projects, and it’s usable for three users.

In order to add an extra user, you are obliged to pay $3.38 along with the monthly subscription.

  • Extended reports XLS/PDF
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Easy-to-use time sheets
  • Simplified and easily navigable dashboard
  • One- click play/pause time tracking
  • Doesn’t offer an unlimited number of users.
Final Verdict

I have been optimizing 14Dayz for quite some months now. I usually try a tool only weeks before reviewing it on my blog. When I say that I’ve been using 14Dayz for a long time, it ensures that I am a fan of this software.

If you aren’t yet sure whether you should go for 14Dayz or not, take a loop of faith. This is one of those rare tools that will make your life a lot more better. It was built just so people like you and I can get more productive and keep track of all the precious minutes we spend on different tasks.

14Dayz offers everything you can possibly expect from a time tracking tool and much more. It certainly exceeded my expectations, and I’m sure it will surely surpass yours as well. Here’s more information on using the application: https://14dayz.com/14dayz-efficiency-kapadovanoti

Try 14Dayz out; it wont cost you a single penny for the first 30 days. If you end up not liking this tool, you are not obliged by any means to pay for it.

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